The Big Ten has notified Michigan State of a possible unsportsmanlike conduct violation against defensive end William Gholston.

MSU and AD Mark Hollis says it’s an isolated incident and that both the school and the league are reviewing the play. Hollis went onto say that both parties do not have a timeline for their review and findings but that the school takes conduct on the field very seriously.

Mark Dantonio on the Big Ten conference call said the particular instance with Gholston was not a dirty play but rather a reaction. Spartans have a huge game with 6th ranked Wisconsin Saturday night and certainly need Gholston.

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  1. Don says:

    How can Dantonio say that the play by Gholston was not dirty and a reaction? I am not concerned as much about the punch that was a heat of the moment thing but jumping on the pile and twisting the head of Robinson like that was as dirty as they get. Its obvious that the coaches lack of disipline of his players off the field has now moved on the field. Back to when he allowed Winston back on the team only to commit the same offense a second time.

  2. Mike in Michigan says:

    Just one of many, many plays that is typical of Mark Dantonio teams. This coach has no respect for his university, his players or other teams. This year he has made several references that indicate it is he that is the game…not the team.
    Absolutely nothing will come of this, we have seen so many violations that have been dealt with a mere slap on the wrist at MSU. This coach is a disgrace to MSU, the Big Ten, NCAA and college football.

  3. Its a Physical Sport says:

    You U of M Fans are weak. So Gholston roughed up a couple of the U of M Meerkats players. Its football, get over it! Not one person is talking about what the U of M O Tackle was doing during the game. You people have to be the worst type of fooball fans. Crying over spilled milk. Gholston was penalized twice. GET OVER IT! If you are going to be so sensitive, then you should watch U of M play flag football!

  4. Gus Unseld says:

    Yes a physical sport, From the snap of the football til the whistle. Then it is a personal foul and should of ended with an ejection. MSU has an amazing defense, deserved to win the game, but showed typical Spartan Class. All those years of losing never taught them how to win with class. Dantonio is a pus bag ala Jim Tressel.

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