Gator’s Letter To The NFL

Dear NFL,

Upon hearing the League’s statement regarding the egregious mistake in spotting the football during the Lions contest with the 49ers, I believe that I speak on behalf of all fans here in Detroit by saying…and?

We’re waiting for the rest of the statement. What else is coming? I mean, a little apology could go a long way here. We didn’t realize that Roger Goodell or the NFL had the Fonzie Complex where it’s damn near impossible to say the word’s, “I was wrong, I’m sorry.” Its ok you know, to err is human. The admission of the mistake is a start, but to leave it at that is incomplete.

Here’s my suggestion on how to appease the rabid fan base of the Detroit Lions, in a word…Beer! We love beer. In fact, we as Detroiters got hosed a few years ago when then Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick promised the tremendous throng in attendance at the Red Wings Stanley Cup celebration that, “The beer is on me!”, so the bottom line is we deserve this!

Look, it’s bad enough that the NFL is considering playing regular season games over seas or even God forbid a Super Bowl or that the League continues to employ the archaic blackout policy during our current economic depression. Throw us a freaking bone here, we deserve it! It’s not like I’m asking for a brand new boat, though I am deserving. Beer, plain and simple. Plus, Budweiser is a sponsor of the NFL so you know they’d be down with some positive publicity.

Let’s make this happen, or at the very least, hook a brother up with a sixer of Shock Top Pumpkin to help ease my pain.

Thank you in advance,

Scott “Gator” Anderson

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