By Ron Dewey

DEARBORN (WWJ) – In east Dearborn, surprise, anger, relief are all being expressed on word of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi’s capture and death.

WWJ’s Ron Dewey spoke with members of Metro Detroit’s Arab American community who have been paying attention to Al jazeera TV for further developments in Libya, some not quite believeing the news.

muammar qaddafi getty Dearborn Says Good Riddance To Muammar Qaddafi

(Credit:AFP/Getty Images)

At least one man expressed very strong feelings against Qaddafi.

“Qaddafi no good. Bastard, bastard, bastard … dumb, dumb, dumb!” he told Dewey.

Tari Alaki, originally of Saudi Arabia, was also pleased to learn of Qaddafi’s capture.

“What we believe about him, that he’s a crazy man. He’s a very crazy man,” said Alaki.  “Like today he is okay, tomororrow he is not okay, and he can do whatever.”

“He tortured his people and I believe that the Libians, they should have better lives than what was before,” Alaki said.

Another man said Qaddafi was a good leader at first, but turned into a bad one. Others speaking to WWJ said Qaddafi and his legacy will not be missed in the Arab world.

Qaddafi has the blood of a dozen Metro Detroiters on his hands.

Eleven died in the explosion of Pan Am Flite-103 over Lockerbie, Scotland as it flew from Germany to Detroit Metro Airport in 1988. Among the victims was a 3-year-old child from Warren.

Gadhafi also was behind the 1986 terrorist bombing of a West Berlin dance club that killed a U.S. Army Sergeant from Detroit.

– More on this story from CBS News –

  1. Wonder what’ll happen when the UN decides that a US president is a danger to his people.

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