By Jeff Riger

It’s funny how one word is being thrown around the state to describe a couple of teams lately. The word is “dirty” and the clubs that it is being used for are Michigan State and the Detroit Lions….wait, the Lions? Yes, after what William Gholston did to Denard Robinson and Taylor Lewan on Saturday at Spartan Stadium, you can understand that the “dirty” word might be uttered once or twice in regards to the Spartans, but why the Lions? Well it seems ever since Jim Schwartz decided to chase down Jim Harbaugh after a postgame handshake gone wrong, people now are associating the Lions with “dirty” as well, which is a true head scratcher, if you ask me.

Classless, silly, childish, immature, temporary loss of sanity are all terms to describe what happened with Schwartz on Sunday, but “dirty” doesn’t seem to work, not at all! Wait, ohh, they are using the word to describe the defense, you say? OK, well I guess I see that. But I still don’t buy it.

So I decided to go through the locker room on Tuesday after practice to find out what the Lions themselves, especially the defensive ones, prefer to call themselves. I got responses of “nasty” “vicious” and even “aggressive,” but nobody seemed to use that “dirty” little word.

Those same Lions then answered the question if being called “dirty” or a similar term is offensive, or actually a compliment?

Watch the video of Kyle Vanden Bosch below to find out in their own words  the best term that describes this team.

I won’t speak for them, but I would assume that Detroiters everywhere would use their own word….”winners” to illustrate the Lions, who sit at 5 and 1 as they get ready to take on the Falcons on Sunday at Ford Field


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