Poll: Will The World End On Friday?

DETROIT (WWJ) – According to a west-coast Christian group, the world is going to end on Friday.

Earlier this year, the group led by 90-year-old broadcaster Harold Camping inaccurately predicted that Judgement Day would take place on May 21 — the day Camping said 144,000 “righteous” people would be taken up to heaven as God’s elected people.

Camping also inaccurately predicted the same thing would happen on May 21, 1988, and again on September 6, 1994.

Although Camping was reportedly “flabbergasted” when no one was “raptured” in May this year, he now says the Apocalypse will commence on Friday, October 21.

So, why didn’t the rapture come in May? On the group’s website, Camping said that “God accomplished exactly what He wanted to happen,” adding that “on May 21 Christ did come spiritually to put all of the unsaved throughout the world into judgment. But that universal judgment will not be physically seen until the last day of the five month judgment period, on October 21, 2011.”

Camping has said biblical evidence has led him to predict these dates. WWJ Newsradio spoke earlier with Pastor Emery Moss Jr. of Strictly Biblical Bible Teaching Ministries in Detroit about this so-called evidence.

“There’s nothing in studying the Bible that gives you an exact date of when Jesus will come, or when the end will come,” Moss said. “Jesus clearly communicated in the gospels, and Paul writes in First Thessalonians, (verse) five, that he comes as a thief in the night. We will not know the day or the hour.”

So, we have to ask: Are you buying any of this?  Or, do you have plans for your last day on Earth? Comment below.


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