LANSING (WWJ) – In the midst of the sad outcome in Zanesville, Ohio, another animal story emerges. This time, it’s a happy one. Potter Park Zoo in Lansing has adopted three new Amur Tiger cubs — an endangered species.

WWJ’s Chrystal Knight spoke with Payal Ravani, marketing coordinator with the zoo.

“They’re a subspecies of tiger found in the Amur region in Russian,” said Ravani. “In about 2005 I think there were less than 400 surviving in the wild. Now, with the conservation efforts and anti-poaching efforts there are nearly 1,000 out there.”

The 5-week-old cubs, Kira, Savelii and Ameliya, were born at Potter Park and are being hand-raised by the zoo’s animal care staff. They are expected to be on exhibit in December.

You can catch a sneak peek of the baby felines now via webcam at this link.


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