One time hot snack Lindsay Lohan dragged her freckled ass back into court this week to find out her punishment for basically blowing off her obligations for community service. The judge revoked her probation, set her bail at $100,000 and ordered LL to begin serving 32 hours community service at the L.A. County Morgue the following day. Well, Lindsay was scheduled to show up at 8 a.m. and finally arrived at 8:40 a.m. The Morgue sent her away for being late. Her excuse…she couldn’t find the right entrance. Huh? If this were you or me, we would be in jail for 60 days.

Granted, Lilo is an adult and is responsible for her own actions, but she may have the absolute worst parents in the world! First, her dad Michael Lohan (a known DB) goes on television to let the world know that his daughter has either been smoking meth or crack. He doesn’t know this for sure, he’s guessing because her teeth look bad. What a jackass! Way to stick up for your kid. Even if it’s true you don’t need to tell the world about it. Her mom, Dina Lohan also uses her kids to gain fame. She is peddling a tell-all book about Lilo and her troubles. In the book she blames her daughter’s friends, career and handlers for all of her problems. Forget that there have been photos circulating within the last month of mom and daughter partying hard in New York City.

Let’s cut to the chase guys. Yeah, she might smoke crack, her parents are enablers and she more than likely has acted in her last movie. But would you still…?

  1. Craig says:

    Yes, yes I would. Beggers can’t be choosers! :)

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