DETROIT (WWJ) – Volunteers are still needed for Detroit’s Angels’ Night Campaign over the three-night Halloween period. A rally was held on the city’s East Side Saturday to sign up volunteers to patrol the neighborhoods and prevent arson fires.

WWJ’s Beth Fisher spoke with Annie Ellington from Mayor Dave Bing’s office, who described what a typical night looks like for a volunteer.

“We ask people to watch their block, we ask people to turn their porch light on, but most importantly we need volunteers to patrol the communities,” she said.

William Carrington of Birmingham is volunteering for Angels’ Night for the first time.

“I’m from the suburbs, but I actually love Detroit a lot. I think it’s important that suburbanites come into the city and help during these times and try to volunteer as much as possible,” Carrington said, adding that fires hurt the neighborhoods and make it less likely for businesses to locate to the city.

Virginia Willis was excited to sign up, just like she does every year.

“There’s just so much crime out here, you know, I don’t want to see the houses being burned down and stuff like that. And I also do it to help keep the kids safe,” she said.

Ellington said they will continue to accept as many volunteers who want to sign up.

“The people can still sign up and we’re encouraging people to still sign up. Over years past, we’ve had 30,000 and back in the 80’s even 50,000 volunteers, so the need is very, very great.”

This year’s theme is “Watch Your Block,” a push to get residents to turn on porch lights and patrol the streets immediately surrounding their homes.

To volunteer for Detroit’s Angels’ Night Campaign, call 313-224-3450, or visit


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