DETROIT (WWJ) – The menu is getting healthier at Detroit Public Schools.

According to Food Services Executive Director Betti Wiggens, fried foods have disappeared and fresh fruits and vegetables are part of the daily menu.

On Monday, kids were served a turkey burger on a wheat bun, squash, a fruit cup, water and low-fat milk.

“Kids are picky but that’s part of education,” Wiggens told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Florence Walton. “Just like we expose our children to new ways of learning, we also expose our children for new ways of eating healthy.”

“You’ll probably hear kids today saying, oh we got the sweet potato again when it’s acorn squash. When we served asparagus back in April they had to learn to eat the tops of trees,”she said.

Wiggens said they’ve also increased the number of vegetarian offerings and  much of what is served is grown in Michigan.

“The acorn squash that the children are having today, they’re out of Capac, Michigan. And Grand Haven, that’s where the blueberries are from,” she said.

Wiggens said her next challenge will be to get DPS students to replace ranch dressing with fruit- based salad dressing.

Monday is National Food Day.


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