LANSING (WWJ) – The State Attorney General has joined a Macomb County lawsuit to shut down a medical marijuana dispensary.

Macomb County Circuit Judge John Foster has agreed to Bill Schuette’s request to join Chesterfield Township’s lawsuit against Big Daddy’s Hydro.

The move has angered some Big Daddy’s patients, including Michael McShane.

“I truly think that Bill Schuette is working against the will of the people, something that he was elected to protect and serve. He’s really just turned into a one-man freelance Attorney General,” McShane told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Sandra McNeil.

“The only people that are upset about this law are lawmakers and police officers. The same people who kept this [marijuana] away from us for the last 90 years don’t intend to give it back,” said McShane. “They want this law to fail and they’re doing anything they can in their power to make it fail. It’s just terrible,”

McShane has claimed marijuana oil is curing his skin cancer.

The township wants to close Big Daddy’s, saying it violates a recent Court of Appeals ruling against so-called marijuana compassion clubs.

Schuette said local communities have a right to protect themselves against a quote “invasion of pot shops near their schools, homes and churches.”

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  1. Dr. Leo Marvin says:

    Way to go Michael McShane!

  2. Paul M says:

    What’s the problem? If they are not in compliance, shut them down? We do this with almost every regulated product.

  3. steve says:

    This goes beyond local government i would not be surprised state atty.has a connection’s with the federal gov. the fed are the one that need to be convinced it funny how the local authority will let there buddy’s drive drunk and that is ok.

  4. Victor Hansens says:

    Well Paul, that is brilliant, except what is it you want them to be in compliance with??

    You see, that is the the problem, before we passed this Medical Marihuana Law, there was not any need to write any regulations for Dispensary’s because you could not ‘legally possess marihuana’.

    Our idea is supposed to be that what is not ‘prohibited by law’ is allowed. The MMMAct does not mention Dispensary’s and no other law does either.

    If you read the definition of the medical use of marihuana you will understand that acquisition, transfer, delivery and transportation of marihuana is allowed by law for anyone that is a Registered Patient.

    Section 4 will explain that I am protected by law, form arrest, prosecution or penalty in any manner….

    Marihuana is not, never has been a regulated product. Before 1937 and indeed until 1941 it was the number on e item in the pharmacopia of the United States.

    We tried to get them to regulate marihuana, they have taken a pass for over 70 years, choosing instead to let it be controlled by criminals. Everyone seems to understand that if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Why don’t they understand if drugs are outlawed……….VV

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