Celebrity watchers could’ve picked out the bald man with the lush black mustashe standing guard over presidential candidate Herman Cain at his Oct. 21 Detroit stop.

He’s Hollywood bodyguard Kris Herzog — and he’s reportedly a convicted felon.

Celebrity watching news site TMZ posted photos of Herzog guarding Cain when he appeared in Detroit, and again when he appeared at the Republican debate in Las Vegas.

Herzog made a name for himself during the Mel Gibson rant fiasco by becoming the bodyguard and spotlight-hogging constant companion of Gibson’s baby mama Oksana Grigoriev. He later turned on the Russian, claiming he had an affair with Grigorieva and describing her in an outline of his upcoming book as a “sexual sorceress who seduced me.”

So why does this Hollywood story matter in Michigan?

Michigan law forbids any felon from carrying a firearm for at least several years after conviction, according to lawyer Charlie Langton, morning show host on Talk 1270.

“Felons cannot possess a gun for three years, depending on the kind of charge it could be up to five years,” Langton said.
“If the guy’s a felon, and he’s caught with a gun … it’s another felony.”

Herzog was reportedly convicted in 2009 on two counts of impersonating a police officer after turning on police-type lights to pull over a woman and ask her “personal questions,” according to TMZ. He served less than a year in jail.

So, should Cain hire a new bodyguard?

  1. Jen Sat says:

    He wasn’t carrying a gun. Guess liberal press doesn’t believe in redemption. Let ex felons remain on the government plantation.

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