Has Jeff Riger Lost His Man Card?

Yesterday while browsing Facebook, 97.1 The Ticket staff came across Jeff Riger’s engagement photos posted for everyone to see. Mike Valenti and Terry Foster got a hold of these photos and couldn’t believe a man could post these on his Facebook. Lucky for us, our Webmaster Evan Jankens saved the photos so we could share the best ones with the listeners.

  • justin

    oh my god I cant believe he did that. The next ones he should be wearing a dress

  • charles

    Rigers future born grand son has lost his man card. This is an embarassment for generations. Terrys engagement photos can be seen online @Downrivergirlsgoingwild.com

  • L.J.

    These have to be some of the lamest pictures a man could take. I especially like the one where they’re standing in the leaves shaped like a heart. How cute. This is truly a shame. Grow a pair Riger and wipe that cheesy grin off your face too while you’re at it!

  • Janet

    I’m female and there is NO way I would have asked my husband to do these, they
    are a little bit on the sissy side.

  • Sean Ryan

    Look at me, I always push my fiancee in wheelbarrow. What a disaster.

  • Sophia

    Valenti, Foster, and partner in crime stop hating on Riger. You know good and well if your woman wanted you to pose, you would hop to it quick, quick, quick.
    The pictures are just lovely.

  • Mark

    That smile on Riger’s face in the wheelbarrow picture is waaay too big to be fake which makes me want to smack it off his fancy lil feminine face all the more.

  • tom

    W………T………F ! ! ! ! ! !

  • David

    My sisters made her boyfriend take pictures like that all the time. always thought he was a tool for that.

  • Mike

    If this chick was a combo of Minka Kelly, Jessica Biel and Mila Kunis it STILL would not excuse Riger’s inexcusable lapse of masculine judgment. The HORROR!?

  • diane bell

    he’s forever gonna be the Honey Do Man…

  • GP3


  • Dave

    Makes Karsch’s night at Celine Dion look like an MMA event.




    • Mike

      Ur a douch

  • jay

    Any man that says he has never done something humiliating for his wife is liar. The pictures are lame, but hopefully Jeff is laughing all the way to the bedroom. In the end, that’s all that really matters.

    • Robert

      I’d take them. Who cares. Pictures are pictures and I’d do anything for my wife because I have the rest of my life enjoying a nice warm…;-).

      • Jason

        So do I, but I don’t have to get married to do it. Plus, I get older and they stay the same age.

      • Big Al

        Maybe, but don’t put ’em on Facebook!!



  • Dave

    Vic Martinez and Ramone Santiago aren’t the only switch hitters in Detroit !!!

  • Barz from the CTP

    I didn’t even take pictures with my girlfriend at the Prom because I was just forced to take pictures for an hour with 15 other couples, why pose for some stupid Prom photographer?

  • JorgeMSU

    The horror of the Facebook tag. I would have done the photos, but also worked hard to bury them.

  • Larry

    That’s messed up……….

  • Nathan

    All i can say is “you gotta be kidding me”

  • Richard

    I understand wanting to take the pictures but you have to man it up a little.

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  • Tim

    Man card REVOKED!!!

  • PHIL


  • dawn

    he looks more like her girlfriend than her boyfriend/finance. he’ll never live this down. whenever he tries to make fun of one of his friends, all they have to say is “wheelbarrow”.

  • John

    He’s using a wheelbarrow now, but in about 5 yrs. he’s gonna need a front end loader.

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  • conscience

    I saw them yesterday at my hairdresser in matching sweaters. Very cute.

  • Megan

    I think you all are very mean and heartless jelous people. These pictures are beautiful and show a beautiful couple in love! All that say otherwise ate jelous of their obvious love and happiness. Be proud of these of your love and of the blessing of having found each other!! I wish you both the very best. Ignore what all others say because they obviously have very sad pathetic lives to say anything against these pictures.

  • Mary

    Wow, seriously? What’s wrong wtih you people? Get a life! This is just a happy couple who wanted to take some nice engagement pictures. You act like he’s the only guy in the world to have engagement photos taken. I have news for you, I know plenty of men who were happy to take engagement pictures with the woman they love. It may not be on their list of priorities, but they know it will make their ladies happy, and here’s the thing, there is NO HARM in it! Honestly, you all sound like a bunch of jealous jerks who only wish they could get a woman as lovely as his fiance. YOu all should be ashamed.

  • James

    I checked these out and it doesn’t look like he posted them, he was just tagged in them. Who cares if he takes pictures with his fiancee? Looks like it was nice weather and they were lucky to take pictures outside. Besides if any of you have ever been head of heals for a girl, you know you would do anything for her.

  • Meg Darket

    As a wedding photographer it is customary to get engagement photos before your wedding. There is nothing wrong with engagement photos. Remember boys, happy wife, happy life.

  • Elli

    I didn’t know that being a man meant being a complete jack***. The comments on here about being gay or girly? Seriously? Grow up . It’s obvious you don’t have wives or girlfriends and aif you do, I pity them. This couple loves each other. Why ruin it?

  • Keith Stonehouse

    I heard you all talking about this the last couple of days and never imagined them being this ‘bad’ …. wow! when Mike went off on his rant about Jeff I thought he was a bit ovderboard and thats saying a lof coming from me… but, after seeing these he deserves much more! WOW! (shaking my head)

  • Mark Tilley

    Megan, Mary, and Meg. the issue here is that he posted them on his FACEBOOK PAGE. MEN do not put up sentimental pictures of ourselves “frolicking” with or girlfriends,wives, or both up for other men to see. It is immediate grounds for pulling of the Man card. Men may do things like this to keep women happy, but not by choice. Men have different sensibilities. Men post Hunting Pics, our first Born, Sports and there cars or motorcycles. Men know this, and if they are “persuaded” to participate into the type of activity pictured above we deny this to our friends, explain it away as being manipulated into it by the female, or simple “f” off statement to the buddies but Never, Ever post it, talk about it. You are not men, and there for do not understand the male mind. As I do not lay claim to understanding a womens.

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  • Jimmy Kemp

    Riger never had a man card to begin with so therefore there is nothing to revoke. I guess some guys have to do embarrassing things to get laid.

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