LANSING — IDV Solutions Tuesday released Visual Fusion 5.5, innovative data visualization software that unites data sources in a Web-based, visual context for better insight and understanding. The new visualization, interaction, and application-building capabilities in this 5.5 release highlight the main value points Visual Fusion brings to the enterprise: enhanced insight, increased productivity, and business agility.

Visual Fusion is used by the Global 2000 and government to rapidly create applications that empower users with greater visual context and interactivity. IDV customers regularly report strong ROI from their Visual Fusion investment in the form of revenue creation, operational savings, and strategic value. Visual Fusion has solved a wide variety of problems in areas like marketing, supply chain, security, asset tracking, situational awareness, counter-terrorism, asset performance, and crisis response.

Visual Fusion 5.5 delivers new capabilities to the market around two primary goals: empower the business user to gain more insight from data, and make it easier to build great business intelligence applications quickly. Maps, timelines, charts, graphs, and other analytics work together in a coordinated environment to put all relevant data in a rich, full context. These interactive elements are both dynamic, responding instantly to user interaction, and flexible, applying to any data attribute. High quality user experience has long been the differentiator for Visual Fusion in the marketplace, and the 5.5 release extends this lead.

Some of the other highlights in this release include:
* An iPad data viewer to complement the existing Silverlight and Flash data viewers
* iPad app creation for everyone in an organization via a drag-and-drop interface
* Drive time analysis that visualizes temporal reach from a selected location
* Floor plan and other ground overlay integration, simplified for use by anyone in an organization

The floor plan integration capability is of special note, giving business users the power to upload and position any image exactly where they want to on a map.  Additionally, Visual Fusion supports a multi-floor view of the images so that all the floor plans of a multi-story building can be uploaded and visualized on the map.  All of the new capabilities are available out of the box and can be implemented in minutes to build powerful business intelligence tools emphasizing interactivity and data visualization.

“Visual Fusion 5.5 gives our customers great on-the-go visualization with the new iPad capability,” says Ian Clemens, IDV Solutions CTO. “People increasingly take the office into the field, so giving them powerful tools to do their jobs remotely is imperative.  We are meeting that challenge and excited about the positive feedback from our customers.”

This new release of Visual Fusion continues to push the envelope in SharePoint integration as well. Visual Fusion geospatially enables SharePoint 2010 functionality–like Lists, InfoPath Forms, and Alerting–and takes advantage of SharePoint’s broad infrastructure for content management (such as the floor plan upload and geo-positioning capability), security, and rapid application development. New Visual Fusion applications can be built in minutes within SharePoint, using site templates, workflow, and Visual Fusion ribbons and GUIs suitable for anyone in an organization. No other BI, geospatial, data visualization, or mashup product takes advantage of SharePoint the way Visual Fusion does.

IDV Solutions is a business intelligence software company committed to helping organizations gain more insight from data. By repeatedly solving key problems for customers in the Global 2000 and government, IDV and its products have earned a reputation for innovation, speed, and the highest quality user experience. For more information, please visit


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