Earlier this week our Webmaster Evan came across photos of the beautiful Jakki Degg. Evan did some research on Jakki and found out that she is now a DJ in the UK. Jakki who is a former glamour model who has appeared as the “Page 3 Girl” for the Sun Newspaper.

Jeff Riger was able to catch up with DJ Jakkie Degg and talk about what it’s like to be a female DJ along with her comments on if he should have taken engagement photos? Take a listen to the podcast below.

Click HERE for the Jakki Degg photo gallery

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For more information about DJ Jakki Degg you can visit her website
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  1. Anna says:

    This is a first amendment, free press issue. Obviously, the names of the paper’s etirodial staff should have been cast in bronze on a dedication plate, to honor their support in forcing the taxpayers to build the bridge. Since we have failed our betters, we must expect some consequences. All hail the free press. Shut up or you will get it worse.

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