12:29 PM  Mike valenti: Hi Im here lets roll

12:29 PM  DanTos: boom bye ayyyyyy

12:29 PM  Raymerica: What’s happenin

12:29 PM  Seanstrom: say

12:29 PM  DanTos: Mike, Yahoo has the Spartans projected to play the Georgia Bulldogs in the Outback bowl.  Would you be satisfied with this?

12:30 PM  Cmac: Mike, do you feel the Falcons should’ve of shut their mouths and just took it on the field next time they play?

12:30 PM  Mike valenti: At this point dan no I would not

12:30 PM  galpman: Mike, Why is Neb so happy that the Spartans won Sat.

12:30 PM  Mike valenti: galpman Nebraska is talking alot right now, I’m puzzled by it

12:30 PM  Raymerica: Did you get a chance to meet Erin Andrews Saturday?

12:30 PM  itzpstein: Mike, as a Spartan fan i have a question. We have seen three great teams in conferences each year. What would you say our chances of going to a BCS bowl if we lose to Nebraska and win out, versus

12:30 PM  Marcustron: Mike the Wayne State Warriors are now 7-1, do you think they should be ranked?

12:30 PM  Phillydilly: Mike, i think there’s a lot of juicy lines this week, this gonna be a good week for wednesday watchers?

12:30 PM  Dennis: Where to begin???  Are Lions doomed with another Stafford-less run to mediocrity?  What does Sat’s win by State mean for the rest of their season?  Will UM rebound vs Purdont?

12:30 PM  StateSunny: Mike, do you think the Blue Wall could be called out any more on your program?  It got pretty ridiculous during Gholston-gate and will be pretty damned this week with the Bacon book coming out.

12:30 PM  itzpstein ban: winning out and losing to wisconsin

12:31 PM  DanTos ban: damn, how do you keep up with all of this

12:31 PM  Mulebag ban: Mike, what do you think about the move by some college players starting a petition to the NCAA asking for a cut of TV money?

12:31 PM  Mike valenti ban: philly i agree, good card this week, hopefully i can help you guys out

12:31 PM  Dennis ban: Wings loss to Caps just a hiccup?  Is anyone really going to miss the NBA?

12:31 PM  gladdyontherise ban: Mike, with Mike Ilitch’s recent commons about increasing payroll with ‘significant’ additions. What type of stock should be put in that? Any chance to sign a 2nd basemen like Brandon Philips?

12:31 PM  DCspartan ban: Did Sparty D play that good on Saturday or did Russel Wilson just play poorly?

12:31 PM  Cmac ban: Marcustron

12:31 PM  gladdyontherise ban: *comments

12:31 PM  Mike valenti ban: statesunny, i call it like i see it. The pro UM media in this town has been this way since late 70’s, dont deny it

12:31 PM  J Bomber ban: Hey Mike, what is the most glaring defect u see with the Lions and what is the long term fix?

12:32 PM  Marcustron ban: cmac

12:32 PM  Marcustron ban: Mike I have class at 3:02… please inform me at what jeff did that made him lose his mancard.

12:32 PM  Dennis ban: J – I’d go w/ the O-Line

12:32 PM  Mike valenti ban: mulebag i dont think we will ever see kids getting paid, just dont think its possible given title 9

12:32 PM  Mike valenti ban: marcusstrom reiger took brutal engagement photos that are among the worst things ive ever seen. he is now the joke of the office

12:32 PM  StateSunny ban: Not denying it.  Agreeing with you.  Just feel like giving it more air-time at a time of it’s hypocrisy is warranted by the only program (yours) that has the balls to bring it up.

12:33 PM  KennyT ban: If you are Indy with the #1 pick next year, assuming he’s available, do you draft Luck or try and trade down for multiple picks?

12:33 PM  MH_N_BG ban: Mike would you say at this point Stafford is injury pron and the Lions may never get a full year out of him?

12:33 PM  Raymerica ban: Did you take your old man to Cedar Village on Saturday?

12:33 PM  rkthoroughbredsllc ban: Saw Brandon Inge at Hooters on Saturday with a bodyguard.  Do you really think Brandon Inge needs a bodyguard?  If so, isn’t that a clue to move on from this city?

12:34 PM  DanTos ban: that was probably his hitting coach

12:34 PM  Dennis ban: With City thrashing Utd 6-1 at Old Trafford, is Sir Alex slipping?

12:34 PM  DanTos ban: did the hooters girls make fun of his batting average?

12:34 PM  Mike valenti ban: MH if stafford gets hurt for any substantial time this year they lions must re think their future.

12:34 PM  Anthony ban: i think you have to take luck at that number one spot if you’re the colts.look how bad that team is without manning. and let’s face it, manning is not getting any younger

12:34 PM  Cam ban: What kind of program do you see MSU being the next 5-10 years? Seems like Dantonio is laying a pretty strong foundation.

12:34 PM  Nelly83 ban: Inge with a 1 bodyguard? T. Foster has 2

12:34 PM  rkthoroughbredsllc ban: Dennis, de Gea is garbage.  MU needs a new top notch goaltender

12:35 PM  Cmac ban: We need to draft a QB next year.  Stafford is not going to stay healthy for 1 whole season

12:35 PM  MisterH ban: Floozies don’t count as bodyguards

12:35 PM  Michael S ban: After watching MNF, are you convinced that, even with an elite defense, Baltimore can never win a SB with Joe Flacco?

12:35 PM  Marcustron ban: Mike. If MSU were to beat ND and win out the season (inculding Big Ten Game) would you see any possibility of them in the championship game?

12:35 PM  Mike valenti ban: I’d take Luck and worry about it later. Peyton may never play again and he needs to understand the teams stance.

12:35 PM  Dennis ban: nice rtk – that’s paying attn, LOL

12:35 PM  TigersFanInOhio ban: Any chances Gene Lamont might retire and we can get a Third base coach that knows what hes doing?

12:35 PM  Josh P ban: I’d rather go with Hill or Stanton than waste another pick not improving this o-line.

12:35 PM  MisterH ban: The O Line has been costing us games, IMO

12:35 PM  Josh P ban: these last two, before MIN, no

12:36 PM  MisterH ban: Stafford is sick if he has time to throw, but he has been hurried so much these last three games

12:36 PM  Mike valenti ban: cam i think MSU is here to stay as a competitive program. A 8-9 win program year in year out.

12:36 PM  Josh P ban: but tehybe been terrible @ run blocking all year

12:36 PM  DanTos ban: Mike, did you ever have someone wash your car?  Or is it still dirty?

12:36 PM  Marcustron ban: wow people relax on Stafford. he got his ankle rolled on any QB would get hurt, besides hes fine and will probably play sunday

12:36 PM  dufmul ban: Stanton? really? lol

12:36 PM  Mike valenti ban: dantos washed and detailed

12:42 PM  Michael S ban: Valenti – you think Cousins will be drafted?

12:42 PM  zmolt ban: fair point

12:43 PM  w3goblue ban: Mike, how is the Denver D, could the O turn it around this week?

12:43 PM  Anthony ban: both shows are great. i guess i do get a good laugh at some of these people. someone actually suggested to start stanton the rest of the way because our oline is bad

12:43 PM  KingoftheKc ban: hey ohhh

12:43 PM  Josh P ban: I at least hope we do a spy defense against Tebow

12:43 PM  Mike valenti ban: Michael he will be drafted somewhere but I dont see him as more than a 3rd round pick

12:43 PM  dufmul ban: I have Mcghee in ffb im so pissed that he got hurt lol

12:43 PM  KingoftheKc ban: What is it like working with Evan Jankens?

12:43 PM  DanTos ban: Will Denard get drafted is the real question lol

12:43 PM  GoBlueEric ban: As an admitted UM slappy congrats Mike, beat Nebraska and u guys are going 11-1 and headed for a top 5 rating going into Title game, rest of your sched after Neb. real soft, congrats again Spartys.

12:43 PM  Mike valenti ban: Evan is the best. He;s dumb but he works hard and has some decent ideas. Hard to look at.

12:44 PM  DanTos ban: haha

12:44 PM  zmolt ban: ya, we need to spy him all day, but i honestly think we should take care of them handily

12:44 PM  DanTos ban: you guys need a hot secretary

12:44 PM  DanTos ban: one of those Tigers chicks

12:44 PM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: We have about 15 minutes left in the chat with Mike Valenti. Get your question in now

12:44 PM  DanTos ban: or both

12:44 PM  Josh P ban: We should, doesn’t mean we will.

12:44 PM  Mbooker1217 ban: Doug and Gator have a great show!  It would be boring to listen to the same type of show with different guys day after day.

12:44 PM  Blake30 ban: Mike did you know you share a birthday with Kim Kardashian? You two are so much alike

12:44 PM  zmolt ban: lions need cheerleaders, period.

12:44 PM  DanTos ban: LOL blake

12:44 PM  Josh P ban: Both these loses have been different IMO.

12:44 PM  Mike valenti ban: dan I would love to get some eye candy on our show staff. You honestly think Jimmy Powers would go for that? Pffffft

12:44 PM  RiverRats1988 ban: Mike, Where has the pass rush been? Your thoughts on Fairley so far?

12:44 PM  KingoftheKc ban: Mike, what are your thoughts on the 2012 AL Central?

12:44 PM  FaheyCMU ban: Anybody else catching Tosh.O tonight?  I find tuesday to be off night for television viewing

12:44 PM  Raymerica ban: Any chance you could be moving over to satellite radio?

12:45 PM  Mike valenti ban: Blake indeed. We both have big noeses and big asses

12:45 PM  DanTos ban: Jimmy Powers, I would like to meet this character

12:45 PM  zmolt ban: lmfao!!

12:45 PM  Blake30 ban: haha

12:45 PM  Mike valenti ban: Less than none raymerica.

12:45 PM  J Rum ban: Dude

12:45 PM  Raymerica ban: What about a podcast?

12:45 PM  Josh P ban: SF game was just out right terrible and the ATL game was not as bad, but our WRs were not making any plays outside Johnson. Burleson and Young had a total of 1 reception for 1 yard.

12:45 PM  MisterH ban: A podcast would be sweet

12:45 PM  Josh P ban: You can’t win that way.

12:45 PM  Michael S ban: Did anyone see this “Logan” chick on Hung. She is amaaaaazing

12:45 PM  Raymerica ban: I have a hard time with the commercials/callers on VF

12:45 PM  MisterH ban: Breaking things down a little more technical

12:45 PM  zmolt ban: how about you get the station on iheartradio?

12:45 PM  DanTos ban: It seems like the Wednesday watchers has lost some zing.  ARe you just not into anymore Mike?

12:45 PM  MisterH ban: Since I know you try to not get too bogged down in details on the show

12:45 PM  Cmac ban: Mike do you feel Maurice Morris deserves to play every down?

12:45 PM  SteveZ ban: Mike what do you think the chances are Michigan finishes the regular season with 2 losses, doesn’t play in the Big10 championship and is selected for the Fiesta Bowl??

12:46 PM  Mike valenti ban: dantos im frustrated with it. I’m keeping you guys barely even just cANNOT GET AHEAD. Lost my touch

12:46 PM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: Michael S there will be a photo gallery featuring Logan from Hung on 971theticket.com in about an hour or so

12:46 PM  Mike valenti ban: steve i’d ssay 10%

12:46 PM  MH_N_BG ban: If the Ranger win the worls series do you think the Tigers will see that as a moral victory losing to the world champions?

12:46 PM  Michael S ban: AWESOME!!

12:46 PM  Josh P ban: That’s being kind. I say 0% as a Michigan fan.

12:46 PM  Mike valenti ban: MH moral victories are for losers

12:46 PM  GoBlueEric ban: What dfo u think the chances are Denard ever has a good game against a good opponent(MSU. OSU, Wisc., Neb.)?

12:46 PM  Mike valenti ban: eric 20%

12:47 PM  DanTos ban: so yes then, MH

12:47 PM  J Rum ban: What do you think the Lions will end up finishing?

12:47 PM  KingoftheKc ban: How scary will that Tribe rotation be next year with Masterson, Ubaldo, Tomlin, Gomez and Rondon?

12:47 PM  DanTos ban: Ubaldo LOL

12:47 PM  DanTos ban: thats funny

12:47 PM  Mike valenti ban: jrum im staying at 10-6 but one slip up would make me switch it

12:47 PM  itzpstein ban: mike chances worthy goes pro?

12:47 PM  zmolt ban: how scary is ours, verlander, fister, scherxer, porcello, turner

12:47 PM  Michael S ban: 3rd time in less than a week, I’ve seen Kirk Cousins on the front page of ESPN

12:47 PM  Mike valenti ban: KingofKC tell Matt dery to log off please.

12:47 PM  DanTos ban: chances worth goes to jail?

12:47 PM  DanTos ban: worthy

12:47 PM  MH_N_BG ban: 10-6 even if Stafford is down with injury

12:47 PM  PJ ban: did you see the taylor martinez press conference footage?  maybe he just hates talking to the media, but he had some really strange answers.

12:48 PM  MisterH ban: Hill is a damn good backup

12:48 PM  Anthony ban: mike, what are the chances that the tigers go out and get a lefty starter such as veteran mark buehrle?

12:48 PM  KingoftheKc ban: I saw Martinez presser on Dery’s twitter.  The kid is a total DB

12:48 PM  Raymerica ban: How long until Foster hangs it up?

12:48 PM  dufmul ban: Matt Dery most underrated guy on the radio! I like input alot

12:48 PM  Tom ban: is Sean Bali coming to 971

12:48 PM  Mike valenti ban: PJ I look forward to seeing MSU face T-magic. Nothinjg more

12:48 PM  GoBlueEric ban: Is kingofthekc being sarcastic? Scary as in 4th place scary

12:48 PM  DanTos ban: T-magic lol

12:48 PM  Mike valenti ban: No clue Tom

12:48 PM  Mbooker1217 ban: Buehrle would be an awesome pick up for the Tigers!

12:48 PM  KingoftheKc ban: YEAH!  bring in Sean Bali and his 35 listeners!  whoo hooo!

12:48 PM  DanTos ban: how do you throw a ball that crappy?  It’s magic

12:49 PM  Tom ban: thanks

12:49 PM  Josh P ban: Tebow is full of magic then

12:49 PM  zmolt ban: hahahhaa

12:49 PM  DanTos ban: Mike, are you going to the Nebraska game?  Have you been to a Nebraska game?

12:49 PM  DanTos ban: those children of the corn are scary

12:49 PM  Mike valenti ban: Not going tos, will go to BTT game and or BCS game if it happens

12:49 PM  Tom ban: Do you feel Mi fans are more supportive of state this year than in the past?

12:49 PM  Raymerica ban: You going to the Thanksgiving game?

12:49 PM  Mike valenti ban: no tom i do not. I think they have become obsessed

12:49 PM  rkthoroughbredsllc ban: Ive been to a Nebraska game and its freakin ridiculous.  The 6′ hot blondes are everywhere

12:50 PM  KingoftheKc ban: What about Sean and Terp overnights?

12:50 PM  DanTos ban: are they built like linebackers?

12:50 PM  KingoftheKc has been banned by CBSDetroitModerator.

12:50 PM  zmolt ban: lol

12:50 PM  MisterH ban: Take that, KC

12:50 PM  Mike valenti ban: Who’s terp?

12:50 PM  DanTos ban: the Maryland mascot

12:50 PM  Mike valenti ban: No thats tustudo

12:50 PM  rkthoroughbredsllc ban: Some of em are Dantos but I saw a whole lot of hot girls.  Its their 6’6 brothers that scare you

12:50 PM  Dennis ban: Today’s Sesame St has been brought to you by the letters W.T.F.

12:51 PM  Scott ban: Mike, What do you think about MSU being +4 ?

12:51 PM  Dennis ban: Anyways, glad KC’s gone…

12:51 PM  Mike valenti ban: I think its what it takes for bets to get balanced

12:51 PM  J Rum ban: So what’s the over/under on you quiting your job if your Spartans are playing in the Rose Bowl Jan 1st, and you have to go cover the Lions in Green Bay the same day?

12:51 PM  Aaron ban: hey Mike, do you check your cbsradio.com email often?

12:51 PM  Michael S ban: lol

12:51 PM  cmokroy ban: I think you should change the format of this chat to keep it more organized.  Have people send questions (live or beforehand) then you pick ones to answer so we know what the hell you are talking abou

12:51 PM  Mike valenti ban: JRum 100%

12:51 PM  DanTos ban: LOL

12:51 PM  MisterH ban: haha

12:51 PM  J Rum ban: Worrrrrd.

12:51 PM  Tom ban: As a Mi fan i truly feel richy rich killed alot of my love and mostly Mary Sue for letting the whole thing happen the way it did, realisticly whole do you feel it will take Mi to have the credibitly

12:51 PM  DanTos ban: Rich Rod book out today

12:51 PM  DanTos ban: a must read

12:51 PM  Aaron ban: i’ve got a great story to pass on, concerns some amazing support the MSU football team has given a sick cousin of mine

12:51 PM  DanTos ban: not

12:52 PM  Mike valenti ban: Tom 3 years. Program is a mess. TALENT is key

12:52 PM  Dennis ban: Right said, Tom – and some of that blame also needs to fall into Bill Martin’s lap, too

12:52 PM  Robkishere ban: mike tell the heads that us over here in windsor please need the online feed, get crappy am/fm on radio justa cross the border here downtown windosr need my fix online of you guys palease!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:52 PM  GoBlueEric ban: Rival fans shouldnt be supportive of rivals, nothing but HATE, that’s what rivalries are about. But at the same time give credit where credit is due.

12:52 PM  rkthoroughbredsllc ban: Good point eric

12:52 PM  Josh P ban: yeah, but a lot of U of M fans dont see MSU as a rival, they see OSU as their rival.

12:52 PM  MisterH ban: RobK setup a prowser proxy to a US proxy serve

12:52 PM  switjordy ban: Mike, yes or no lions make the playoffs

12:52 PM  Josh P ban: I want to “hate” MSU, but I just can’t for some reason.

12:52 PM  Michael S ban: did u hear today that LaRussa had bullpen phone troubles and the wrong pitcher came in last night? How does that happen?!?!

12:52 PM  Mike valenti ban: yes jordy

12:52 PM  DanTos ban: to hate is fun

12:53 PM  Mike valenti ban: Mike it doesnt. I dont believe him

12:53 PM  Robkishere ban: ive tried a cpl, that didnt work, will try more thx mister h

12:53 PM  rkthoroughbredsllc ban: OSU is only their rival in football.  Nothing else.  MSU is their rival in every other sport.  Anyone who says that isnt true did not attend UM or MSU

12:53 PM  switjordy ban: i hope

12:53 PM  Josh P ban: yeah

12:53 PM  Mike valenti ban: yeah we arent a rival. Pffffft. God you’re delusional.

12:53 PM  MisterH ban: Mike: Do you think that the NBA is ever going to come out of this strike? Or will the whole thing come crashing down?

12:53 PM  Dtwn92 ban: Mike, after watching State vs Wisky, do you now think maybe Mich is better than thought, after how good State is?

12:54 PM  Josh P ban: LOL

12:54 PM  Raymerica ban: Where do you rank La Russa amongst the ‘scumbag’ coaches.  (given Calipari, Petrino, Kiffin)

12:54 PM  DanTos ban: can a team have more than one rival?

12:54 PM  Mike valenti ban: I hope it crashes mister H, give me contraction of 4 teams and a hard cap

12:54 PM  MisterH ban: Odds are slim…

12:54 PM  Mike valenti ban: yes dantos you can have several

12:54 PM  Tom ban: Mike do you see the wings having the talent, to put it together in the playoffs, and do you see a name like webber being dault by nash before losing him in the offseason

12:54 PM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: 5 more minutes with Mike Valenti

12:54 PM  DanTos ban: Mike, will the Spartans be swept again by Michigan in college basketball this year????  :)

12:54 PM  Mike valenti ban: Tom I see a third straight bot from SJ

12:54 PM  Josh P ban: I think OSU fans are just more in your face compared to MSU. So the hate goes to OSU, rather than MSU.

12:54 PM  Mike valenti ban: No chance tos, dont believe it

12:55 PM  DanTos ban: oh darius morris, why did you leave

12:55 PM  Anthony ban: when it’s all said and done. who do you think will go down as the better QB. Brady or Peyton?

12:55 PM  Mike valenti ban: brady lock it up

12:55 PM  Julius ban: easily brady

12:55 PM  DanTos ban: Andrew Luck

12:55 PM  rkthoroughbredsllc ban: MSU hoops is 10 times better than alst year.  5 new faces to replace the loudmouths

12:55 PM  Dennis ban: How will a lack of Pistons hoops impact the pro/college sports landscape around Detroit?

12:55 PM  Steve ban: The real question is does anyone care about the NBA? i say no. garbage league.

12:55 PM  Josh P ban: Luck = Leaf 2.0

12:55 PM  GoBlueEric ban: MSU a rival, alot of my fellow fan base is stupid. OSU 1 MSU 2 ND 3 and I always felt that way even before D’antonio,

12:55 PM  Cmac ban: Maurice Morris for MVP

12:55 PM  DanTos ban: Luck = Jesus

12:55 PM  Anthony ban: thanks, now i can go tell all my friends haha

12:55 PM  Josh P ban: Let’s go sign Tiki Baber… lol

12:55 PM  Joe ban: How do you see the carrier game going for MSU? What about Maui for UofM?

12:55 PM  Raymerica ban: Mike give me a follow @Raymerica

12:55 PM  Tom ban: ouch, i think van got much better with there recent trade and I just dont see the wings having that killer mentality

12:55 PM  MisterH ban: As an old Bulls fan, I still have hope for the NBA, but not the NBA as it is.

12:56 PM  Cmac ban: oh yea, there you go Raymerica

12:56 PM  Larry ban: What’s Peyton Manning worth in a trade?

12:56 PM  RKSpart ban: Mike as a student at MSU I’m seroiusly concerned about an Iowa like showing this weekend, do you think they have enough left in the tank to take down Nebraska at home?

12:56 PM  Josh P ban: @larry Everything, lol

12:56 PM  MisterH ban: Larry: 3 nickels and a rusty bottlecap

12:56 PM  DanTos ban: peace out everyone.  Have a good show Mike.  Slap Terry or something cool.

12:57 PM  Josh P ban: True or false: DET splits the GB series.

12:57 PM  Mike valenti ban: false josh

12:57 PM  DanTos ban: depends on if the last game means anything

12:57 PM  Josh P ban: They lose both?

12:57 PM  MH_N_BG ban: GB will have a playoff spot locked up and will be playing backups

12:57 PM  Mike valenti ban: I see MSU starting 0-2 in hoops

12:57 PM  Julius ban: Why does the NFL have such a hard time scheduling there primetime games

12:57 PM  itzpstein ban: mike i cannot believe all of this traffic and how you sort through it

12:57 PM  J Rum ban: Where do you think recent decommit Gunner Kiel will end up? Does he have a chance at saving the Michigan QB disaster?

12:57 PM  Tom ban: happy belated bday, and thanks for the entertaining shows

12:57 PM  Mike valenti ban: ND for Kiel IMHO

12:58 PM  Joe ban: What about UofM in Maui? Are you informed enough about the team to make an accurate judgement?

12:58 PM  cody ban: romo or eli?

12:58 PM  DanTos ban: death

12:58 PM  Josh P ban: lol

12:58 PM  Mike valenti ban: Romo and goodnight

12:58 PM  Mike valenti ban: Take care guys, we are done.

12:58 PM  DanTos ban: later

12:58 PM  rkthoroughbredsllc ban: Thanks Mike

12:58 PM  MisterH ban: thanks

12:58 PM  rkthoroughbredsllc ban: GO GREEN!

12:58 PM  Julius ban: thanks mike

12:58 PM  Anthony ban: thanks mike

12:58 PM  J Rum ban: Thanks man.

12:59 PM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: Thanks to everyone who joined the chat today. Mike will chat again at 12:30pm next week

12:59 PM  CBSDetroitModerator has disabled participation in the chat room.


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