Canadian Official: Bridge Loan Still On The Table

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LANSING (WWJ) – Governor Rick Snyder’s plan for a second bridge to Canada is dead in Lansing, at least for now. But the stall has left some Canadians scratching their heads.

Brian Massey, a member of the Canadian Parliament, wonders why the state legislators would jeopardize a $550 million loan offered from Canada to build the bridge.

Massey said the foot dragging and political bickering is a job killer.

“It’s going to affect the investment of many, many companies until we gain control of our border and actually build a moder border crossing. And that requires permits. It requires government approvals,” Massey said.  “We need to get out heads out of the sand here and control our own destiny.”

Last week, a Michigan Senate panel failed to approve a bill authorizing a new bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.

Massey said the new bridge will not cost Michigan tax payers.

“Truly, there’s no risk involved there and the money’s still on the table. The government has not retracted that officer,” he said.

Massey made his comments to Charlie Langton, Morning show host on Talk Radio 1270.

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