DETROIT (WWJ) – Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano on Thursday produced a copy of a check for nearly $145,000.

Ficano said former County Economic Development Director Turkia Mullin has returned the controversial severance pay she received after leaving her job to become the director of Detroit Metro Airport.

“We generally have always acknowledged that, in the severance situation, that there was mistakes made and to be responsible for that,” said Ficano.

“At this point we’re gonna proceed on and make sure … that that doesn’t happen again. And that we’re gonna proceed on to make sure that we have the best county government possible,” he said.

In a statement, Mullin said that giving back the money was the best thing to do for both the county and the airport.

Ficano said the county has also receive the severance payment given to Mullin’s assistant who also took a job with the airport. The taxes paid on the money still has to be recouped.

Following an internal investigation, Ficano earlier this month announced that two county employees were suspended and another fired over the ongoing controversy surrounding the severance debacle.

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Comments (6)
  1. Michael McKee says:

    Ficano should fire himself. Why doesn’t someone investigate his relationship with Mulin? It might be interesting. Hey, it was interesting in the Kwami debacle..

  2. Rick jay says:

    Just an other day in the D. And they wonder why people do not want to go down there. I have never seen such a corrupt city. Even with the FBI down there, they still try and rip off their own neighbors. Enjoy what you made Detroit and keep up the work.

  3. Jim says:

    The suburbs need to opt out of Wayne County and start an 84th county. Detroit can keep Uncle Bob and Aunt Turkey, and all the other losers. They can then join the Occupy group. I’m just suggesting!

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