Gov. Snyder Discusses Infrastructure Plan

LANSING (WWJ) – Governor Rick Snyder said if drivers want better roads and bridges, they better be prepared to pay for them.

Speaking on WWJ Thursday morning, the governor discussed his proposed infrastructure plan that calls for radical changes in the way roads are built, paid for and overseen. Listen to his interview below.

“Isn’t it time we finally say lets either do something about it or decide, you know, people don’t want to make that investment? But, I believe most people do want to make an investment and have better roads and bridges than we have today,” Snyder said.

The governor suggested a source of new revenue could be higher vehicle registration fees, as much as 120 dollars per motorist, which could raise nearly $1 billion in new revenue.

“We want to do it more in a user fee basis, to say the people using the roads are the ones that hopefully should be contributing those dollars. And for people using transit and other mass-transit kind of items, they wouldn’t be paying. Even though they’re going to be able to use the road, but they’re using it through a bus system.”

Listen to the governor’s complete interview:

  • liveinharmony

    Is Snyder really just dragging his feet in “reinventing Michigan?” His message sounds like he isn’t very optimistic for change. Roads and bridges are / can be safety hazards. So what’s he really saying here? That citizens aren’t willing to pay for their safety? I don’t get it.

  • Michael

    I’m saying no to Snyders cute little suggestions which are nothing but a tax that people ( the 99%) cannot afford in this economy that criminals of his caliber are constantly trashing for their own gain. If Snyder wants to sate his taste for blood maybe he should take up deer hunting.

  • Christine Komisarz

    I thought Snyder was a Republican and Republicans are usually against tax hikes. Besides, I’d like to know where the money already earmarked for road/bridge construction/improvement is going! If you’ve ever been up north, have you ever noticed how much nicer a job they do on their roads?
    I guess it’s kind of like the lottery money “benefitting” our schools. “You play, schools win.” Yeah, right. That’s why the kids don’t have toilet paper and rain leaks on their heads. Someone’s lining their pockets with the money and IT AIN’T ME!

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