By Terri Lee Sylvester

NOVI (WWJ) – IN TIME is one of those movies that a whole lot of people are anxious to see. After all, it has a unique concept and it stars Justin Timberlake. What’s not to like, right?

Well, while the concept succeeded in getting lots of movie fans talking – and the trailer draws you in – IN TIME ultimately falls short of expectations. While it does take place in the “land of make believe,” which most movies do anyway, it’s still just too far “out there” to make any sense at all. And while I’ve been reminded that there are plenty of movies that do this (like “The Matrix” for example), “In Time” just fails to gain any traction.

For example, the movie lost me early on when Will Salas’ (Justin Timberlake’s) mother, Rachel Salas (Olivia Wilde) appeared onscreen wearing a sexy negligee’ (in front of her son!) and showing affection for him in a way that, normally, a girlfriend – not a mother – would. At least, in my opinion. Even though Rachel stopped aging at 25, I just don’t think this is something a mother would do. Again, my opinion.

Screenwriter Andrew Niccol says of the premise of eternal youth: “I think audiences will appreciate some of the ideas and themes we explore, because IN TIME does say something about our desire to stay young forever. While we can’t turn off the aging gene, as we’re able to do in the film, we do go to a lot of extremes to stay young.”

And, staying young and living past the age of 25, is what’s at the premise of this movie. In IN TIME, the only way to live past 25 is to earn, steal or inherit more time. So, most people – at least the ones living in a ghetto by the name of Dayton – live day-to-day. When Will inherits a century of time from a wealthy stranger, a series of events kicks off that leads him to the city of New Greenwich and wealthy young heiress Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried), daughter of the super-wealthy Philippe Weis (Vincent Kartheiser).

IN TIME is rated PG-13. It’s in theaters now. Check out the official trailer below and I’ll see you at the movies!

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