Call me crazy, but I’m not calling last night’s Game 6 of the World Series one of the greatest games in MLB history. It was an entertaining game to be sure, but not one of the greatest given the 5 errors, 15 pitchers used, and a curious route taken to fly ball late in the game by Nelson Cruz.

There was drama, how can you argue with all the late inning home runs? But, because of the stupid rules of the National League, this game dragged on far longer than necessary. I hate the National League, I don’t want to see pitchers hit, it over-strategizes the game. We as fans have to deal with it though and thus we’re stuck with some crazy decisions and one team his at a horrible disadvantage.

My disdain for the NL aside, it’s utterly ridiculous that MLB forces two different sets of rules. I prefer the DH, but would rather see both leagues play by the same rules for the entire season. Switching up the rules to satisfy the home team doesn’t make much sense. The field is not level, the NL is accustomed to having their pitchers hit and the Managers are used to making adjustments accordingly. The bottom line is that the split rules are unfair to the American League and last night’s game proves it, unless you like seeing Colby Lewis bat with two outs and the bases loaded?


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