Ousted Detroit Metro Airport CEO Turkia Mullin issued the following statement on the day of her firing:

“Since my position as Detroit Metropolitan Airport CEO was terminated this afternoon, I feel compelled to express my disappointment in the way matters have evolved. Clearly, questions surrounding my severance package should not have resulted in my wrongful termination. I was selected as Detroit Metropolitan Airport CEO following my long career path of hard work, progressive responsibilities, education, public service to Wayne County and accomplishments.

When I was hired for the position approximately sixty days ago, I was called an “excellent choice” and approved unanimously by the seven-member Wayne County Airport Authority. While the quality of my work has not been in question, nor I have not been accused of any wrong doing, I now find my career coming to anunexpected, disappointing and abrupt halt.

I believe my education and experience make me uniquely qualified for the airport position. I earned a law degree, have years of experience working as a corporate real estate attorney in the private sector, I am a proud veteran of the U.S. Army, where I was twice honored with the Army Commendation Medal and Army Achievement Medal. Importantly, I have more than eight years of publicservice dedicated to economic development in Wayne County, culminating in the position of chief development officer. This prepared me to be a strong leader at the helm of Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

I am proud of the leadership and vision I brought to the Airport, lead by astrategic plan that focused on improving the physical airport while simultaneously driving global economic development in and around the airport grounds. We had a clear vision from day one to improve the traveler experience, increase traveler and cargo traffic, add airlines and routes and substantially reduce debt.

In the last two months as Airport CEO, working with my team, we have identified and initiated untapped revenue streams, including a parkinginitiative that could easily generate more than $1 million in revenue this year alone. I have met with numerous developers interested in pursuing a cargo village. We are ranked 25th in cargo after Ohio and Indianapolis. Clearly, Detroit is missing opportunities that would generate jobs and investment.

Throughout my life and career, I have acted with dedication, integrity and determination. I am proud of my work and accomplishments. My reputation hasbeen compromised. My professional life in public service has been severely impacted. I am therefore seeking legal remedy and have retained the legal services of Bloomfield Hills-based employment attorney Raymond J. Sterling,Sterling Attorneys At Law.”

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Comments (2)
  1. dieshard says:

    Dignified your nice azz, you will not be missed, BUH BYE!!!

  2. Allen W says:

    Where was her integrity when she took the 200,000 severance, when she knew she was not entitled to it?? I believe she took it as she felt she was beyond reproach and did not have to answer to anyone. Many power hungry individuals morph into this type of evil person. If she does receive the 700,000 payout for improper termination, how many people at Wayne County will lose their jobs, so the county can pay this?? She should do the smart thing. Pack a bag and leave town. Possibly move to Texas and join Kwami !!!

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