By a) Mike Stone

10:40 AM  Welcome to the ‘971theticket’ room.

10:36 AM  VelvetHug: So does Leyland retire tomorrow (ihopeihopeihopeihope)

10:37 AM  Stoney971: i would doubt it..

10:38 AM  BGalla5: Why would you hope he retires?

10:38 AM  Stoney971: as a guy who is not a leyland fan. i thought he did a much better job the 2nd half of the season.

10:38 AM  VelvetHug: Me too, but it would be nice to get a manager in here that actually plays the third baseman the team acquire to get rid of that pile of clothes they normally trot out wearing the 15 jersey

10:38 AM  Stoney971: biggest mistakes were keeping Maggs 3rd for so long and playing Inge at all for so long

10:39 AM  VelvetHug: agreed…if I never see Inge, Raburn, Ordonez and Guillen in a Tigers’ uni again, it will be too soon

10:39 AM  BGalla5: Inge is just getting too much money for little production. He can’t hit enough home uns for me to like him…At some point don’t we just need to trade or drop Inge??

10:40 AM  Fatpeeweeherman: Who do you think is the best team in the Big Ten right now?

10:40 AM  BGalla5: What can we do to free up money and get some new talent?

10:40 AM  Stoney971: not sure they can get anything for him…

10:41 AM  Stoney971: fat pee wee..i think picking the best team in the Big 10 right now is like picking a hottie at the fat farm..they all have tons of flaws..believe it or not i still think its Wisconsin

10:41 AM  BGalla5: then how do you deal with his huge salary?

10:41 AM  Stoney971: BGalla, they free up 23 million with Guillen and Maggs money coming off the books

10:42 AM  Starkomilicic: unless you have someone in mind to replace him, then you stick with him

10:42 AM  Fatpeeweeherman: what big names are avaialble/free agents during this off season?

10:43 AM  Stoney971: they need a 3B or 2B..if they get 2B i can live with Inge platooning..

10:43 AM  salexo7: Aramis Ramirez

10:43 AM  Stoney971: Aramis Ramirez is biggest name FA at 3B..but i would not go crazy for him

10:44 AM  salexo7: older, but its hard to argue with .300/20/90

10:44 AM  salexo7: lot of money though

10:44 AM  salexo7: lots

10:44 AM  VelvetHug: what about trying for Figgins?

10:44 AM  Stoney971: Breaking Wings News…

10:45 AM  Stoney971: They just re-signed Kronwall for 7 years

10:45 AM  salexo7: Kronwall?

10:45 AM  salexo7: 4.5/year

10:45 AM  Stoney971: thats the average salary yes

10:46 AM  BGalla5: Stoney why can’t Santiago be our everyday 2b?

10:46 AM  Stoney971: Figgins is a gamble..I think 9 million for aguy who was horrid this season…can he get back to his Angel ways??

10:47 AM  Stoney971 ban: Santiago is 32 and they think his production goes down if he was everyday player..

10:47 AM  Stoney971 ban: stunned no football talk…but thats ok..ask away on anything

10:47 AM  VelvetHug ban: There’s a reason Santiago has never been an everyday player…he’s utility only

10:47 AM  BGalla5 ban: I really like him though, doesn’t say much just goes out and plays hard.

10:48 AM  BGalla5 ban: Well as utility does Santiago stay with the Tigs long term?

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10:48 AM  Stoney971 ban: you are entitled to your opinion..

10:48 AM  Stoney971 ban: we are not for everyone

10:49 AM  Chachie ban: is the best hockey series ever the ’72 Summit series?

10:49 AM  BGalla5 ban: Stoney I have to say I think you and Sarah are the better 2 on the show just FYI

10:49 AM  Stoney971 ban: BGalla, it depends on the money..He is a free agent

10:49 AM  BGalla5 ban: True I just think a guy like Santiago is good to have in your clubhouse, seems like a solid baseball player that works hard and plays the game RIGHT

10:49 AM  Stoney971 ban: CHachie..The answer is YES…and i have a Canada replica jersey from that series..I love that jersey

10:50 AM  Chachie ban: Too cool stoney! Nothing comes close to that series

10:50 AM  VelvetHug ban: Stoney, everyone is loving the Lions after yesterday, but I’m still not convinced they are any better than a team that can abuse awful teams…

10:51 AM  VelvetHug ban: Do you see anything that makes you believe they really are as good as their record says?

10:51 AM  Chachie ban: Ever have a sick dream like me about how much damage the KLM line could have done in the NHL?

10:51 AM  VelvetHug ban: Performances AT HOME against SF/ATL show that the Lions are still a serious work in progress and have benefitted from a favorable early schedule

10:53 AM  Stoney971 ban: Hug..They have a very good defensive line, that creates havoc which can change any game..are they perfect..Hell NO..but who is.At least the Lions have not lost to any bad teams..Did you see the Saints

10:54 AM  VelvetHug ban: Who is perfect? The Packers…

10:54 AM  Stoney971 ban: they would have been sick in any league Chachie..but what about Kharlamov and Yakashev from the 72 team..

10:54 AM  Stoney971 ban: And how good would have Tretiak been in the NHL

10:54 AM  Steven Rickington ban: Hello phrenz

10:55 AM  Stoney971 ban: hello Rickington

10:55 AM  Chachie ban: If Tretiak could’ve gone to the NHL then he coulda had a bob gibson ’68 kinda career. Just my opinion

10:56 AM  Stoney971 ban: he was great but no Bernie Parent in the day…

10:56 AM  Stoney971 ban: I am biased but for that 2-3 year time period nobody was as good as Parent

10:56 AM  Chachie ban: Cant argue that

10:56 AM  Chachie ban: Im so jealous you were able to see hockey at its best in the 70’s…i’m 34 so…

10:57 AM  Stoney971 ban: its weird.i fell in love with the sport when the flyers were born.i was on an island,.being only 9 years old. they were my i could care less about them..its sad in a way

10:58 AM  Stoney971 ban: i hope they win, but dont follow that closely…

10:58 AM  Chachie ban: haha i gotcha…I just want original 6 teams deep into the playoffs

10:58 AM  Chachie ban: every year

10:58 AM  Stoney971 ban: hockey used to be my favorite sport, now i cant even read The Hockey News cover to cover anymore. I do follow the Wings very closely..

10:59 AM  Stoney971 ban: They are an unbelievable franchise

10:59 AM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: Thanks to everyone who joined the chat. Please join us tomorrow with Mike Valenti at 12

10:59 AM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: sorry 12:30pm with Mike Valenti tomorrow

10:59 AM  Stoney971 ban: thanks for joining me..cya next week

11:00 AM  Chachie ban: later  stoney

11:01 AM  Vicco13 ban: Stoney, do you think Francona will take La Russa’s job?

11:02 AM  CBSDetroitModerator has disabled participation in the chat room.


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