ROMULUS (WWJ) – Now that Turkia Mullin is no longer CEO at Detroit Metro Airport, a member of the Detroit City Council is calling for a deeper look into the Ficano administration.

As WWJ’s Vickie Thomas reports, councilman Kwame Kenyatta supports the county’s investigation into Mullin’s $200,000 severance scandal and other questionable Wayne County deals, but he wants the issues aired in public.

“I believe that at some point they need to have a public hearing and subpoena testimony if necessary and bring the county executive in, because the buck really stops with him. The reality is, is that this whole episode that’s going on at the county now makes the Kilpatrick regime look like Boy Scouts,” Kenyatta said.

As a council member, Kenyatta pushed the effort to remove Kwame Kilpatrick from office in the wake of the text message scandal. He has also served on the Wayne County Board of Commissioners.

“I don’t know if they were asleep at the wheel, drunk at the wheel, but clearly they were at the wheel. The ball wasn’t dropped, the ball was passed. It smells to high heavens. I understand that the FBI is involved, but this commission does not look good if it does not hold some serious public hearings, and make sure that they get to the bottom of this,” Kenyatta said.

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano maintains he’s done nothing wrong.

Meantime, Mullin said she plans to file a lawsuit after Wayne County’s Airport Authority Board voted 5-2 for her removal from office.

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