CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP (WWJ) – The fight over a medical marijuana facility in Macomb County will land back in court Thursday.

Chesterfield Township along with State Attorney General Bill Schuette want Big Daddy’s Hydro shut down, claiming it’s a nuisance and a detriment to the neighborhood.

Spokesman Rick Thompson says Big Daddy’s treats hundreds of people from the area who need it.

“Most of our patients are unfortunately suffering from cancerous or tumorous issues. We do have a lot of chronic pain folks, automobile accident victims, folks that have had surgeries gone awry. There are leukemia patients serviced here. We also take care of folks that have respiratory illnesses,” said Thompson.

Thompson claims studies in California show that crime increases when medical marijuana facilities are shut down and patients are forced to buy it on the street.

He says the push to close the facility defies reason.

“It’s unfathomable that we would eliminate a source of revenue and a source of jobs at a time when the legislator seems to have such a hard time generating either on their own,” said Thompson.

Schuette says communities have a right to protect themselves from an “invasion of pot shops near their schools, homes and churches.”


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  1. hempangle says:

    You got to be kidding.This part of the country is crime central anyway.You have polititians on the take,cops on the take,the mob and you think pot is going to make it any worse.Close them down and see what happens.I sure hope none of you people get sick and need this pot,because it won’t be there for you if you close them down.Mind your own business and take another painkiller.

    1. skeptic says:

      Right. The problem is the big time criminals rely upon the illegality to keep the profit in something which would otherwise be as cheap as other plants, such as broccoli, sweet corn, lettuce or potatoes.

  2. jway says:

    It was sheer madness for President Nixon to create a massive illegal market for marijuana and then try to contain the violence and smuggling that it generated. It would have been far saner to prevent the illegal market from forming in the first place by allowing supermarkets to sell legally-grown marijuana to adults at prices low enough to prevent illegal competition (i.e. the same successful policy that we use for beer and wine).

    It’s simply outrageous to have the federal government ban stores from selling legally-grown marijuana to adults when this ban *doesn’t* prevent people from buying, selling and using marijuana and it *does* make marijuana easily available to children by creating large profits for drug dealers where otherwise there would be NONE.

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