DETROIT (WWJ) – UPDATE – 2:30PM: Deal Ends Bus Driver Work Stoppage

People who catch the bus in Detroit may be waiting awhile Friday. About 100 Detroit Department of Transportation bus drivers are at work, but are refusing to drive their buses.

WWJ Newsradio 950’s Scott Ryan spoke with Henry Gaffney, spokesman for the D-DOT bus drivers union AFL-CIO Local 26, who said this was not an organized maneuver by the union.

Gaffney said it’s a matter of bus drivers fearing for their safety, citing an incident that happened Thursday afternoon.

“Our drivers are scared, they’re scared for their lives. This has been an ongoing situation about security. I think yesterday kind of just topped it off, when one of my drivers was beat up by some teenagers down in the middle of Rosa Parks and it took the police almost 30 minutes to get there, in downtown Detroit,” said Gaffney.

Speaking live on WWJ, Mayor Dave Bing spokesman Stephen Serkaian said they are working hard to resolve the matter and get drivers back on the road.

“We’re working diligently to work with the union and encouraging the drivers to get back on the buses and get on the street,” said Serkaian.

Gaffney said bus safety is an ongoing problem.

“If it’s to the point where if the driver is not safe on the bus, then the passengers are not safe, then the citizens are not safe. You know, what about them too? We have no security, you can’t get the police, nobody is doing anything to protect us. And I’ve been begging the mayor and the council for two years to do something to help us,” said Gaffney.

But, Serkaian said there are discussions in the city right now to improve bus safety.

“It is a concern. We want to protect drivers and passengers alike. We used to have police presence on the buses. We’re talking about the prospect of perhaps trailing buses with police cars. Nothing has been decided, it’s all in discussion right now,” said Serkaian. “It’s a short-term and a long-term matter… It’s all about money and it’s all about funding, and our transportation system is already stretched to the max.”

WWJ’s Vickie Thomas was at a deserted Rosa Parks Transit Center in downtown Detroit, which is typically booming with passengers and buses alike.

Saharah X. was waiting at the center for 30 minutes before flagging down a cab.

“They just try to find a way not to do their job. And then they got innocent old people, there an old lady on a cane sitting outside over there, that’s dangerous. And she got to walk? Wow. I mean, what is the world coming to? No love, no nothing. Everybody’s just thinking about themselves. Think about other people some,” she said.

Richard Moses, who rides the bus every day, was waiting a bus stop along Woodward Avenue when a D-DOT supervisor rolled up in an SUV and basically told him to find another form of transportation Friday morning.

“They said there’s no D-DOT buses running at this time and they don’t know when any will be starting back up. I just got off work, I work midnights. Luckily, I got dropped off right here or else I would have been sitting on 8 Mile and Woodward, and I’ve got to go all the way to Livernois and Warren,” said Moses.

Serkaian said they’re asking stranded riders who are waiting for the bus to get to school and work to hang on and be patient.

“We understand their frustration, we feel their pain. We simply have to ask folks to be a little bit more patient while we try to resolve this matter,” he said.

Detroit Public Schools has issued a letter to parents informing them of the situation, saying it doesn’t affect DPS yellow buses, which are running normally. They also said DPS Police Dept. personnel will provide additional watch near bus stops where children may be congregated.

A recording on the D-DOT customer service line said the department “sincerely apologizes for extreme delays in service.”

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  1. steve thomas says:

    What a joke. The busses are empty 99% of the time. Even during rush hour. What a waste of money. One more excuse for union cry babies not to work.

    1. rufus levin says:


  2. steve says:

    But when union thugs march on the homes of CEO’s that’s ok?? Pull a Reagan and fire them all!

    1. uradumby says:

      haha, you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

      1. Steve says:

        I am sure his statement was a bit off topic but I would say Reagan did real well when he fired all the Air Traffic Controillers!! These bus drivers of course are not in a sense striking but they do have a right to protection. What bugs me are the responses from the “public” interviewed. Rather than blame the “youths” they blame the drivers for being selfish!!


        Welcome to our courtesy of the leftists.

        Just Remember…it’s for the children.

      3. baconknightt says:

        UNION THUGS AND OWS protesters took BUSES to the homes of CEOs and/or high level workers in high pay positions in companies. THEY then protested outside them. THIS, is a fact. AND it shows that they should be FIRED from FEDERAL jobs if they have one.
        So YES, STEVEN knows what he was talking about.

      4. Cain says:

        If you keep voting for Democrats and leftists, you deserve every bit of this misery and more. Keep up the great work clowns!

      5. Alexander the Great says:

        This is what happens when we turn our backs on Western Civilization and flood our nation with 3rd world immigrants. American cities end up looking like Mogadishu!

        Let’s take our country back! Support the Youth for Western Civilization today!

      6. Jess1 says:

        Really they have a right to be scared. Times are not good, and theses public workers, deal with the public. At least some job Protection would be nice

    2. ROBBOB says:

      You are clueless Steve.

      1. Lihgtrider84 says:

        Steve is dead on sir. THOSE people are and always will be the bane of soeciety along w/ drugs!!!

      2. tubaman says:

        no he’s not!!!!

    3. Joe says:

      This is not the some thing as what Reagan did in the 80’s . Compare apples to apples, They are protecting themselves and their other passengers.

      1. teaj says:

        its probably their kids out there. they should know how to handle them better than anybody else. Nobody said it was going to be easy money right?

    4. Jawal says:

      Arm them and shoot the little monsters when they come calling. This is a total failure of the liberal nanny state. White liberals own the welfare state that rewards incompetence, lazy behavior and downright stupidity. They write the books in our failing public schools and when it all breaks down they blame others and then have the nerve to demand more money to fix problems they created. It is funny that these problems did not exist in black communities in the 1950’s before the welfare state came into being. AGAIN: BUS DRIVERS–BRING YOUR GUNS TO WORK AND WHEN YOU ARE THREATENED–FIGHT BACK.

      1. Denise says:

        At least with pepper-spray

      2. Kruelhunter says:

        Wite liberals?? Do you include race pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton or the right reverent Jerry Wright to be while liberals? They aupport the “white” liberal establishment of which you complain.

      3. borntobepolitical says:

        Don’t any of you find it ironic that it was in the middle of Rosa Parks?

        It is a tragic and horrible testimony to what the white liberals and the race baiting blacks have done to a segment of our population that should have risen above their lowly past and joined the rest of our culture.

        Now, they live in a world of destruction disrepair and decline.

        Thank you Jessie and Bobby

      4. Edward Boothe says:

        Detroit is what the whole country is going to look like in 2017 if Obama is reelected in 2012

      5. Bruce Brinkmann says:

        There you are. My first thought was, shoot them. Rubber bullets, stun guns, mace. Of course then follow the law suits. If Pelosi or Reid or any of those rich liberal’s didn’t have their armored vehicles to get around in, and they had to use public transportation things would be very different.

      6. Albert8184 says:

        Jawal, you are absolutely 100 percent dead on correct. Absolutely, unequivocably bullseye correct. Your history is true, and I can attest to it from eyewitness experience. The problems of the black communities stem first from the counterculture hippie movement and white beatnik drug culture that introduced itself into the black community in the 50s, followed by the welfare state of LBJ and ensuing decades of white leftist exploitation and liberal entittlment vote buying.

        Jamal, if you are black, I woulld like to extend to you my acknowledgement as a white person that you are correct. I can’t apologize for something I did not directly condone or contribute to, because that would inferring that somehow I was trying to absolve the evil mfers that conspired up all this stuff.

      7. Tracy Cleeton says:

        I’d be quite surprised if they didn’t HAVE their guns!

      8. Chris Edens says:

        I guess personal accountability is out? Do we really have to find some group to blame? How about the excuses, past looking cry baby sessions and entitlement attitude STOP and these folks take personal responsibility to their own lives.

        The past is the past and if you want to dwell on it then good luck ever changing the situation. Why not focus on what they can control and that is the present.

        Stop with the victim attitude and join the civilized world at the table.

      9. Aggie 95 says:

        Then they get sued for racism

      10. Yamasaki Spinetti says:

        This is just another case of niggiz bein them niggiz selves. If anyone complains, everybody knows the niggiz wil just scream racism.

      11. King Ghidora says:

        “White liberals’????????????? Earth to Jawal. What percentage of blacks vote for liberals? Over 90%? If you want to see a big part of the problem look no further than the black community who continue to vote for the party of the KKK, Jim Crow and slavery and they don’t seem to have a clue that they’re doing it. It was Republicans that made the Civil Rights Bill pass but all blacks vote for the party that stood in the doorways of the schools to block them from entering. Why on earth they vote for that party is beyond me. Only dividing your vote gives you power. Then the parties have to compete for your vote but blacks never get that. It’s insanely stupid of them to act like they do.

      12. Rasheed says:

        With a gun or two.

      13. brilliiance above says:

        D@mn – I couldn’t have written it better myself. Good job!!

      14. american says:

        I like Herman Cain. He said something both very funny and very wise a while back, in response to criticism from a Jesse Jackson type. He said, “I got off the Democrat plantation a long time ago.”

        Quote from LBJ, according to White House help, when he got the phone call his “War on Poverty” had passed, “By _ _ _ , we’ll have the _ _ _ damn black vote for the next 50 years. He was right. Every election for 50 years, blacks as a race vote for their masters, the Democrat plantation owners.

      15. Bob says:

        A brief study of recent American history proves that wherever liberalism takes over an area, there is an immediate decline into squalor, crime, chaos, violence and destruction. Every major city run by democrats deteriorates. Detroit has been under democrat control for over 60 years. Here is the result.

      16. dave B says:

        I agree 100% Get a big gun like a 45 so when you hit them it counts. Time to arm yourselves to the tee drivers. I would!

      17. Alex says:

        No, the problems didn’t exist because the KLAN which kept order. Welfare has little to do with it.

      18. Republic says:

        Well said! The young need to be disciplined. If not, they will run around like absolute idiots causing havoc to the old and defenseless. As well as others. Nothing like a bunch of liberals morons thinking they can do anything they wants. Exactly what the move to a nanny state has created. Respect for the elders and others is slowly disappearing. Thank you to the Liberals and the Progressives out there.

        1. Paul says:

          they will run around like absolute idiots

          I would settle for idiots, the people described in Detroit are more like animals.

    5. Dennis says:

      The air traffic controllers’ lives weren’t threatened by savage youths.

    6. Floyd DaBarber says:

      Maybe Obama will send some buses. After he pays your mortgage, pays of your car, and gives you all of whitey’s stuff. Or maybe he’ll just use you to make himself rich like he has been doing all along, fools.

      Dumb ass gorillas. Get your asshat kids under control and maybe you’ll get treated with some respect.

    7. Pilot.Dave says:

      30 minutes ? Come on, the driver knows that was a really good response time for Detroit Police… THey also know the only way to be sure to find one of them is to go to DPD HQ and see all the “Bosses” sitting around surfing the net.

    8. One of the good guys says:

      Sad to see this in Detroit, at the bus station, location named Rosa Parks. She is the one who got tired of sitting in the back of the bus and now we have black teens at the front of the bus threatening the driver. Is this what Rosa Parks wanted? I don’t think so. Solution (much cheaper than trailing each bus with a police car). Install bars and a locked gate between the driver and the passengers. Equip the driver with a loaded weapon. If they’re going to act like a bunch of thugs, treat them like a bunch of thugs.

      1. Alex says:

        May not be what the communist Rosa Parks wanted but it is what those who planned an coordinated her contrived incident wanted.

        BTW, it is hilarious that Rosa Parks was robbed by a Black guy who knew who she was but robbed her anyway. LOL!

    9. Booga Booga says:

      Google “chimpout” for the truth about why Detroit is such a festering cesspool

    10. the swami says:

      I assume the “teens” doing the beatings are “youths”.

      1. Don says:

        Any Niger over 14 is a thug.

      2. John Frost says:

        Negro Animals murder 500,000 White,Latino and Asian Humans in the US every yr. The US Gov. and the UN hide these figures as “isolated incidents”.
        Time to take stand against these wild predator sub humans.

      3. jasmine says:

        Oh, any little hoodlum under the age of 20 are usually referred to as “children”. If they catch them, then they will be treated as if they are little angels. They will get a slap on the wrist. The parents could care less what their kids are up to, as long as the Aid For Dependant Children checks keep rolling in. The bus drivers refuse to drive because if they were to fight back and protect themselves, then the liberal do-gooders and race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton would scream “child abuse, racism, etc, and the drivers would probably be charged with a felony and sent to prison.

        What needs to happen is for the parents to be held accountable for the actions of their “children”. Then something might happen.

    11. Jean Poole says:

      Have automatic, locking seat belts in the buses and give the driver license to shoot anyone who is out of control. BTW are these black citizens who are causing the problems?

    12. mobildata says:

      The bus driver have a Constitutional right to self defense. They should arm themselves.

      The police will not protect you they are there to protect the bakners and collect fines from you.

    13. The Clintidote says:

      Getting rid of unions is ALWAYS a good idea.

      1. mike miracle says:

        LOLOL, Unions are the reason we have a 5 day work week, a lunch time and break time along with paid holidays.
        I will expect to see you toiling under cr*ppy conditions on saturday.

        This is another of our failed education system. If you do a little reading you will find that our country’s workforce and the widening gap between rich and poor are directly related to non-government employees losing their unions.

        I was in the Merchant Marines and we had to strike to get food that was not rotten and bunks without fleas.

        Either you are simple, or you own a business that wants to overlord.


      2. Lily says:

        I do believe that NEA is the teachers union. You are right, get rid of the unions. And yes, it can be blamed on the union run education system in this country.

      3. Unions are criminal says:

        mike D!ckwad,

        We have lunches, breaks and holidays because of laws. They are not in union contracts. Unions are no longer needed. Modern day unions only hurt our nation and our economy by rewarding unreasonably high pay for less work and often work that could be done by a teenager. Unions are dishonest and union workers don’t want to work for a fair wage. Abolish unions now!!!!

        1. Paul says:

          There is some trurth to what you say, but we now have those things because of unions, or at least the THREAT of a union coming in. Few companies give away things if they don,t have to. China has advantage over us because they do not have unions and can work 12 year old children like slaves, that will change soon.

    14. Mike Notsaying says:

      i agree fire them all there are tons of us patriotic Americans out there that own guns and have no job that would do that job happily without complaining

    15. JJ says:

      That’s what happens in this type of economy

    16. Blake S. Davis says:

      Detroit – the Democratic plan for America. D.P. Moynihan warned that Democratic welfare policies would destroy the black family, creating crime, no education etc.

      And yet African Americans still vote for Democrats, even after 50 years of Democrats making sure that blacks stay exactly where they are – full dependent and voting 100% for Democrats. For Democrats African Americans are perfect right where they are – why change since they get all the votes now. If the community became prosperous then maybe they would vote Republican!

      Show me one place where Democrats have been successful in bringing education and prosperity to Blacks – you won’t find it – and Democrats deserve a special place in hel! for what they have done to the black community. To this day those in the community do not understand that it is all intentional – to get power. A modern day holocaust thanks to Democrats – the party of slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK.

      1. stephanie white says:

        Blake – WHAT a WONDERFUL AWESOME POST! Wish there was a love button!

      2. Ben says:

        Let me add just a tad bit of reality-hypothetically, if all wh ites magically disappeared leaving all assets, cash, businesses, real estate, factories, etc etc etc, America would look like Haiti in 18 months………..that is not conjecture it is pure fact…..

      3. Aggie95 says:

        Show me one place where they have been able to maintain prosperity

    17. ByteRider says:



      Use video, people must look into a camera as they get on the bus. No head coverings allowed. This data is kept along with video of activity on the bus [like many schools have].


      Increase penalties for attacks. Give them something “real”. Attacking a bus driver gets you an automatic 30 years, no parol– for an adult. Attacks by kids gets you until your 18, plus an extra 20 years.

      Make the penalties so damn harsh no one in their right minds would think twice.

      1. Jawal says:

        No way…..I am 100% against using anymore tax payer dollars to keep people locked up for decades. That penalizes the middle class. It is time these misfits quit holding the rest of the black community hostage. We need to go ape on this trash and in the words of Malcom X–“By any means necessary.”

    18. Marvin says:

      —The black can never amalmagate into a civil society, they can only destroy
      it !

      1. moco max says:

        The Nigras must be sterilized or else is over for Western Civilization and the White race.

    19. Ben says:

      I don’t blame them one bit……these feral animals are a threat to any decent society unfortunate enough to be plagued by them………..

    20. TA says:

      There ought to be a penal colony, perhaps a base in the Artic, where misbehaving knuckleheads in Detroit or any part of the U.S. are sent to live in a community populated only by other knuckleheads. When one begs to come back to civilization, and gets approval based on their evident willingness to behave properly, they are given another chance.

    21. ken says:

      Couldn’t have said it better Steve!

    22. D'Terian Theodorius Jackson IV says:

      Definitely a black on black crime.

    23. Get tough on crime says:

      I got the solution right here – fire all the bus drivers with criminal records or questionable backgournds. Then give the rest assault rifles and deputize them as some sort of law enforcement officers. They will no longer be in fear of their lives… the punk@ss teenagers will be the ones in fear of their lives. We gotta get tough on hoodlums – put a bullet in their head. Make the world a better place.

    24. Kim Bailey says:

      Who told you racism is bad?
      —-Liberals… Libs serve only Africa and not White Humans.
      ——They want to protect Black predators and sub-Saharan Africans

  3. Billy says:

    Arm the bus drivers. Problem solved.

    1. Dave Head says:

      Yep. In the old west, the Sheriff would have just deputized everyone. Now, reallly, all we need is a bus driver to pull a Kimber M1911 .45 on the next A-hole that thinks they can do whatever they want, and the problem will go away, one way or the other.

      1. jb says:

        It’s got to be a Kimber? You must be a teenager.

      2. TrueBlue says:

        Teenagers cannot afford a KIMBER, jb unless they steal one, SO a KIMBER would be an excellent choice. I certainly wouldn’t want to be starring down the barrel of mine. A well armed citizenry is the best deterent to crime.

      3. Caligula says:

        jb doesn’t even know what a Kimber is. LOL

      4. rufus levin says:

        Kimmer Kunta was Kinta Kunta’s sister maybe?

      5. Addie says:

        What teenager knows what a Kimber is, let alone afford one!! However, they WILL know what it is pretty darn quick though if one is drawn on them! In fact, they will NEVER forget it! Totally agree, these bus drivers should be armed! An armed society is a polite society!

      6. Happydots says:

        Doubt the city would be able to afford those Kimbers anyway. It’s a shame they fear for their lives and are then verbally assaulted by would-be passengers.. This is a fatherless generation of teenagers with no discipline and God forbid Gramma or Mama whip their butts.

      7. Desert Eagle says:

        Yeah, .45 cal through the perps chest and poor soul behind the perp. Dial it back a little before you kill an innocent bystander.

        I guess you just wanted to brag about your M1911. That’s just too much to try to CC. Again, dial it back a little, Rambo

      8. Kruelhunter says:

        Do you mean before or after the driver(s) are lynched in the press? If the public response is typical the driver(s) will be condemned and fired immediately at the behest of concerned and responsible commintiy leaders who firmly believe that the mere existence of a politce force eliminates any excuse for commoners to go armed.

        But then as Jawal points out, they’re just “white liberals” so I suppose we can simply ignore them. I knew that only white people could be racist but I had no idea that there were no black liberals. Go figure…

      9. teaj says:

        maybe if we keep handing out child support for their mothers they won’t care if we dispose of them either.

      10. josh says:

        What bus driver can afford a kimber 1911, thats a $1200 pistol, why not a Taurus half that price, works just fine

      11. stopthe says:

        Desert Eagle: if they used hollow points, the bullet would stick in the perp, and not hurt anyone else. Gun control – hitting the right target, with the right ammunition.

      12. Gary Howard says:

        I have been on buses with armed guards. The guards scared me way more than whatever they were supposed to be protecting us from. Buses are not good places for projectiles to be flying around, especially not when the guns are in the hands of people who are supposed to be driving the bus. We need to begin the hard work of civilizing our society. All of it.

      13. D'Terian Theodorius Jackson IV says:

        Not that easy. Some liberal sheriff elected by the give me a hand out union loving blacks from the hood will arrest him for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Some liberal affirmative action hire prosecutor will offer no plea, then recommend the whole 2 to 20. Some drunk, liberal judge will put him away to please the restless, Obama loving base. Better to just move to Idaho.

    2. miked says:

      i agree,i know i would be armed and i would waste anyone who theatened my life problem solved

    3. Caligula says:

      Arm them, and put them behind bullet-proof glass like at the convenience stores. Their safety should be priority number one. I mean, come on, they’re transporting wild animals.

      1. Marot says:

        Our inner cities are looking like Mad Max movie more and more each day. Hordes of uncivilizied, uneducated heavy armed gang bangers welcome to the hood.

      2. Mo says:

        Wild animals or feral humans? They do not have culture, they do not know God, and they do not comprehend how privileged they are to (even in Detroit) live in this land of opportunity. The bus drivers need to get strapped up just to survive. Prayers for these lost souls in Detroit and around our country (OWS, etc.).

    4. Hojo says:

      The left doesn’t want the public armed, an armed public is more difficult to enslave. The democrats claim they are against slavery but when they opposed the civil rights act and now don’t want people to own guns I think they secretly want to enslave us all.

      1. Keith in Seattle says:

        Well said. The stats are already out on the lift of the DC gun ban and crime has already gone down. An armed society is a polite society.

    5. Denise says:

      pepper spray or tasers

    6. Edward Boothee says:

      And if a drivers killed one of these thugs, he wold be put under the jail.

    7. Mike Notsaying says:

      better yet dont beg your masters so you can be privileged to carry a gun…its your right to carry under the 1st amendment , its lawful to open carry so do it , and if they fire you sue

  4. Karl Magnus says:

    “Our drivers are scared, they’re scared for their lives. This has been an ongoing situation about security.”

    Ya it’s been an ongoing “situation” for DECADES.
    As a Michigander and former Detroiter, it sickens me that poor people, who are TRYING to do the RIGHT thing, are left high and dry because they refuse to rat on the thugs that live around them. Ergo, the PEOPLE of Detroit need to assume some responsibility for a change.
    As for the bus drivers … who can blame them?
    Meanwhile, poor blacks can’t get to work, a doctor’s appt. or a job interview.
    ***** runs downhill, eh?


    1. jay kellogg says:

      hahaha… ya had me right up until till “poor blacks…can’t get to a job interview”.

      1. ByteRider says:

        He had me too… now I realize he was just making a funny.

    2. Wally says:

      There are whites south of 8 Mile?

    3. Fred Farnsworth says:

      There are no more poor whites in that area. They were all killed.

      1. fiedo says:

        You mean robbed and killed by mutant Humanzees

    4. Tigers Fan says:

      Umm bro, take a look at the city demographics. Detroit’s was barely 10% white at the 2010 census, and it’s probably below that now. The few whites that do live in the city are probably yuppies downtown – ie, people who aren’t using the bus. This disproportionately affects the AA community.

    5. Patricia says:

      Tell your mayor and other officials all the way UP to take a pay cut for sitting on their rumps and Clean up with enforcement Curfews and neighbor hood associations. Give the power back to lose trying to live a life, not destroy someones. The DEM alternative DOES not work for you . It is why waste Of money to them, let them have their hoods.. Truly I feel for those who cannot afford to move up and out of most bad collectives.

      Truly collectives as in socialists camps BUT people you need to see who you elect is who is keeping you in a bad situation. They find other personal uses for the funds that should go into ridding your streets of the punks and losers.

      Wake up you have to know anyone that is better at standing up to the losers and they are not the ones you keep putting in power.

      Someone needs to round up the thugs and house them together let those trying to make a life live in peace and without the violence.

      Stop paying for drug addicts seriously let them die already. Only a matter of time why give them the chance to take a few innocents out before hand.

      1. Templer8 says:

        Patricia they are taking action. The mayor’s PR flak said that “discussions” are occurring. Why, what more can you ask? Next, they’ll set up a committee. Before long, say a year, there will be a report. Discussions, committee,and report. And you think politicians don’t do anything.

    6. Red says:

      Don’t you understand “:poor blacks” are the ones attacking the bus drivers! Why is it the people of these neighborhoods don’t take matters into their own hands and kick the gangs out!

      1. jay kellogg says:

        Red… for CENTURIES the smart, organized blacks have been hunting & enslaving other blacks in Africa. The ones too dumb to organize or avoid the others were shipped here. These are their even less intelligent decedents.

        The real stupidity comes not from them, but from the white people who actually decided it would be a good idea to put them in charge of their society and the community funds.

        Detroit is the end result of white guilt leading to silly choices.

        If 2012 doesn’t reverse things dramatically, you can plan on that outcome being exported to all of America.

    7. Caligula says:


      thanks…i needed that.

    8. Detroit Sux says:

      The city of Detroit and the surrounding suburbs have a unique situation. The city runs their own bus service within city limits, the surrounding communities have a complete separate system. Since most poor whites live outside the city, their bus transportation hasn’t been affected.

    9. stopthe says:

      I have no idea why anyone would stay in a cesspool like Detroit. Buy a one-way bus ticket… to ANYWHERE, and you’d be better off.

      Is there really anyone in Detroit that can’t afford a one-way bus ticket? I think not. GTFO.

      1. ZudZ says:

        Please no. Let them stay there. No need to spread the scourge. Ethnic cleansing is a much better idea.

    10. mike miracle says:

      You are right Karl,

      The trolls that attack others in these comments are supporting the idiocy that is ruling this country.


  5. porchhound says:

    This is what happens when you pay for and pamper these little welfare hoodlums. They have never learned to be responsible. I can remember when families were poor and EVERYONE old enough took some kind of job to pitch in…NOT TODAY!!! They just sit in the Hood and wait for that welfare check and those food stamps that WE the PEOPLE are paying for.

    STOP THE WELFARE NOW and they will be FORCED to be responsible.

    1. Laura says:

      Black men need to be taught personal responsibility. It is part of the culture NOT to wear a condom. It’s considered unmanly and the women are not intelligent enough to know how to refuse sex without protection. Black democratic leaders are the worst racists because they promote and prolong the hand-outs that have turned a once responsible community into mere barbarians. Yes, I use that word because that is what these black flash-mob teenagers are, barbarians. They will never be civilized because it’s easier to blame everyone else for your problems (mostly white people). Black mayors, community leaders, ministers, politicians need to fix this. Not the police.

      1. Kent says:

        We have someon who knows the truth

      2. Kim Baliey says:

        Laura, Blacks are Not humanbut wild african beasts.
        We have tried for 300 yrs to civiliza these animals and what we got is : Flash mobs!!

    2. rufus levin says:


      Black men need to be taught personal responsibility. It is part of the culture NOT to wear a condom.

      LAURA LAURA LAURA….What part of REALITY do you fail to understand…..BLACK MEN cannot be TAUGHT ANYTHING. THEY ARE UNTEACHABLE and they refuse to LEARN…they do everything by animal instincts….condoms and STDs mean NOTHING to them…they do not get PREGNANT…they just want their jollys…while DEMEANING women who they actually HATE because in the OLD DAYS, the WOMEN ran the Black Race while the MEN worked….today, the Men do not WORK anymore, and the Women have no place in the BLACK society. The women are smarter than their racial males…just look at college statistics….number of black women graduating college versus the black male high school dropouts….face it…black men are inherently worthless when they stay BLACK in mentality and attitude. Hasn’t been fixed with prisons, with money, with equal rights, with getting to vote, with subsidized food and housing, with job preferences and free education….WAKE UP….IT IS NOT FIXABLE.

      1. JByrd42 says:

        You couldn’t be more right!

      2. Malcom says:

        Not totally true, if you look at Conservative Black Americans they are totally different than the liberal minded slaves .

        1. Paul says:

          Read Thomas Sowells book,” Black Rednecks White Liberals”. Also Larry Elder wrote “The Ten Things You Can’t Say in America”.
          There is indeed a difference between Liberal and Conservative Blacks.

          1. Harry Snapperorgans says:

            Yes there is a difference. One group thinks you succeed based on hard work and not using your skin color as an excuse for how much you have failed. The other group sits smoking blunts, waiting for the free gub’ment cheese.

            Blacks come here frmo Africa and the Carribbean with no money in their pocket, and within a generation they are in the middle class. American blacks just stay in the ghetto. It’s NOT skin color. It’s lazy ass do nothings who prefer to stay on the Democrat Plantation and vote like ‘massa tells them to.

          2. ImaHippyBurning says:

            You are absolutely correct and the Democratic party is too blame for encouraging their laziness and reliance on government handouts which does nothing but keep them in economic slavery…

    3. Jawal says:

      I wish you were right. Once the freebie train ends these animals will fight, kill, maim, burn and destroy anything in their paths. Their minds have been reduced to the lowest common denominator vis-a-via public education and a godless media. These people have no moral framework and like it or not there is no society that can survive anarchy. Government has always been based on laws and it always be so. Even a leftist government would introduce a prison nation that would rival the gulags of Russia. It is time to buy guns and high capacity clips now. The possibility of anarchy in the next 10 years is close to 70 percent.

  6. Bearcat says:

    How about a card you have to swipe to use the bus, that you pay on?
    Habitual troublemakers get their cards revoked.

    1. jay kellog says:

      Based on who’s causing all the trouble…You could call it the Race Card.

    2. Sickened says:

      Nice thought, but they’d just mug other people for their cards.

      1. exdetroiter says:

        Unless you give them a thumb card”. Prisons use them to control and track inmates they require the inmate to both swipe the card and press their thumb to the recognition pad for admitance to an area. The Detroit bus system could use such a system with an airlock style entry to identify the people using the bus leaving no doubt who is responsible for the deeds of the person entering there. Of course the driver would need to have a seperate door which could be accessed only by them to complete the system. To be sure the system would be expensive, but what is money to Detroit? Of course with our booming economy we can afford such lavish measures to cover for the lack of parenting skills in our residents right? No? Awww too bad.

      2. Sickened says:

        I love the concept, but can you imagine the uproar? We can’t even ask for ID at the voting booth without people screaming “DISCRIMINATION!!!!”

  7. Dan Deneen says:

    This is what happens when you leave democrats in charge for generations.
    Look at the worst cities in the US and they ALL have had democrats in charge for years.
    These kids are animals and should be treated as such.

    1. rufus levin says:


      1. jay kellog says:

        Sorry, but the modern Democrat party has been completely taken over by the same far-left loons that march in lock-step with the black democrat entitlement mentality. ANY vote for a Democrat today is a vote for the Obama-Pelosi agenda.

        Your daddy’s Democrat party train left the station long ago and became the Reagan Democrat express. Get over your heritage pride and join the others as the vote job-creating conservative candidates in next year. (I’ll give ya a hint… they don’t have a D behind their name)

      2. ChuckL says:

        The second problem is that Republicans have become “Democrat Lite” and nothing changes radically when they’re in office.

      3. Luke says:

        You would offer what democrat run cities as proof?

  8. Hedley Lamar says:

    First, the street lights, now the buses. Dertroit will soon be a literal jungle. (Wonder it we need to wall it up?) Maybe it’s time for a new Kurt Russell movie – “Escape from Detroit”.

    1. Semi-Employed White Guy says:

      It’s not a movie. That’s real life for the few non-criminals still in Detroit!

  9. Semi-Employed White Guy says:

    Beaten at a “Rosa Parks” Transit Center by “youths”. That is way ironic.

    1. randy says:

      not sure you know what irony is.

      1. Semi-Employed White Guy says:

        not sure you have a life,

      2. Guest says:

        I’m very sure you don’t know what irony is.

      3. rufus levin says:

        irony is “EQUAL RIGHTS”. giving ANIMALS the same RIGHTS as civilized humans.
        New meaning to the term “gorilla warfare”.

        1. Bernie Bouck says:

          Try “guerrilla warfare”

        2. moco max says:

          We must repeal the 1964 Civil rights laws that gave these savage animals “rights”

      4. JOeb says:

        Randy, an irony is something your parents probably beat you across the head with. That’s why you can’t think and your clothes are wrinkled.

    2. Bucky says:

      i was thinking the same thing…

    3. JOeb says:

      It truly is ironic. These rats should be so far in back of the bus they’re outside of it.

    4. sadi says:

      I was thinking the same thing.

    5. James says:

      Let me guess. Is it located on Martin Luther King Drive”

    6. Mike says:

      “Youths”, yes that generic, non threatening, non racially descriptive, “youths”. No one wants to point out the obvious thing, that these black kids have been empowered by the likes of Jesse Jackson and the rest of the grievance industry to rum wild in the streets with impunity. Police stop ’em? They’re accused of racism. To paraphrase Malcolm X the chickens have come home to roost progressives and you have no one to blame except your own failed policies. Keep telling black kids they have no hope because the world is against them because of their skin color. Martin Luther King is weeping from his grave…

    7. Bombastic says:

      Black is relative.

      1. rufus levin says:

        yes….they rape and abuse all of their black relatives too.

    8. chipgiii says:

      These rats have no clue who Rosa Parks was.

      1. Ben says:

        I do, she was a commie, trained at the Highlander Folk School in Chattanooga. She and the other false ‘saint’ Michael King, attended the ‘school’, where the plan was laid and practiced for the ‘back of the bus’ charade… was all schemed from the beginning, period. But I guess those pesky facts don’t fit the bs you’ve all learned to mimic from the beginning…..

  10. Wang Newton says:

    You can’t pay people to simply breed and feed……

    1. rufus levin says:

      rats gone wild….

    2. Paul says:

      Sure you can, we have been doing that for years.

  11. jay kellogg says:

    I’ll bet it’s those dangerous, roving bands of suburban white teenagers again causing all this trouble! Their stupid kids getting indoctrinated by Fox News, learning the constitution, respect for other’s property, and all those other dangerous right-wing values. Police are no help. Transportation is disrupted. Black folks getting pulled out of their cars and beaten just trying to go to the County Fair, to work, or to the mall with their kids…

    If these White parents don’t get control of their educated, church-going kids soon, the African-American community will have to do something about them on it’s own. And could you blame them? The chickens….will come home to roost!

    1. rufus levin says:

      but they will kill and FRY the chickens…..

      1. stopthe says:

        Now that’s just wrong. lol

    2. meeester says:

      I bet we find that the Tea Party is behind these gangs. . . . oh. . . and Laura Bush too

      1. rufus levin says:

        The REAL Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy….no longer a function of SKIN COLOR. Now it is a function of Abhorent Behavior and Violence. Frankly, it was easier just realizing that some colors are inferior without having to be shown absolutely that turned totally loose, a particular ethnic bunch would breed everlasting and escallating violent behavior. Eugenetics maybe was on the right track.

    3. krp says:

      Yeah, Like Eminem.

  12. Tom says:

    Why can’t the police simply use the buses as their patrol vehicle. They would have a better view of things from the bus, they would have their radio as they do now. It would require some thought but could be done

    1. smoothassilk26 says:

      Where’s Robot Cop when you need him. He was a cop in Detroit.

  13. Jay Wayne says:

    Who writes these stories. Must be some illiterate Detroit school system graduate. There are many grammatical errors. What, you too cheap to hire a copy editor.

  14. tpmcm says:

    “We’re working diligently to work with the union”??? how is the union going to stop beatings…they’re too busy handing them out at the protests!

  15. Jim1904 says:

    Don’t arm the drivers, they have their backs turned to the riders. Arm the citizens. They can take care of these thugs.

    1. stopthe says:

      Or better yet, just allow the citizens to arm themselves. GTFO of the way, in other words.

      This is a small harbinger of what is to come. We are being prepared for martial law and a totalitarian police state.

  16. jakee308 says:

    Hmm, besides being run by Democrats and being broke and infested with criminals, what other adjective applies to the majority of these cities?

    It’s cultural and it’s intellect.

    The culture (or community in common parlance) is anti-law and the intellect is selfish and self-entitled.

    Until that changes, police escorts won’t help much. POlice can’t be there 24/7.

  17. PinkFloydFan says:

    If all the riders carried concealed weapons. Can you say Bernard Goetz?

    1. liberty says:

      You made it sound like Bernard Goetz was in the wrong. The punks got exactly what they deserved.

      1. chipgiii says:

        If Goetz had been from a Southern state he would have been a national hero. Only liberal New York could twist self defense into something ugly.

    2. chipgiii says:

      But it is okay for the low life thugs to carry guns.

  18. Freon Mcgiggles says:

    Wow, I’m glad I don’t live in your Utopia.

    1. Brent says:

      I would LOVE to live in his utopia- thank you very much!

    2. wilson says:

      Wow, I’m glad you like your Utopia.

    3. jujubean says:

      nuff said…………this is what Obama wants and all blacks want here ,make no mistake about it….

    4. dennis says:

      makes you think though why do all these folks have shuch brats running around and causing chaos

  19. John Smith says:

    Here’s an idea: Eugenics. Rather than subsidizing young black women to have babies, let’s try paying them NOT to have them.

    1. Mike Notsaying says:

      your just sick in the head if you want the population reduced go kill your self you pussbag

      1. Michael says:

        These little animals need to be incarcerated into work camps 12 hour days 6 days a week street cleaning, forest service for years until they acquire the work ethic and become civilized…

  20. macksfield says:

    Yes and the problem is obvious, undisciplined teens with no leadership in their lives. Make the family whole again, prevent your kids from running wild on the streets and allowing them to be raised by Hollywood. You would be amazed at what a little attention and discipline will do for them.
    For the kids that are currently committing this crime, come down legally hard on them. Maybe it will save them from a life of crime later in life.

    1. moco max says:

      They are NOT teens or kids…….. they are wild Knee grows

  21. jonalan says:

    The unions are flush with members dues monies. Therefor they could pitch in and hire professional armed guards-one for each bus. That stops the vioilence and gives the dues payers some value for thier money.

    1. jay kellogg says:

      Why should the unions use THEIR money when they can just get Obama to tax you in the rest of the country some more…then give them them a slice of that pie to hire some guards….unionized, of course.

  22. Mark Matis says:

    Obamas runnin’ wild again? Who’da thunk it? But they be Preferred Species, so “Law Enforcement” won’t touch ’em!

  23. phillysmart says:

    Anarchy is setting in all over the county and its being orchestrted by Obama and the democrats ….people you are no longer safe in this country particularly in democrat controlled cities…wise up….throw the democrats out and get your guns and supplies to protect your family the war is coming

    1. Bucky says:

      actually the little ACORNS are fueling this fire…

  24. mephistofan says:

    In most of the world the most desirable and expensive housing is near the center of the city. In america working taxpayoing folks have been fleeing to the suburnbs for generations. I wonder why is that the case here.

    1. rufus levin says:

      rats in sags playin hip hop and doin crack wid de hos.

  25. Fed UP says:

    I just love how “Sahara X” complains about how uncaring the bus drivers are. How about putting the blame on the thugs who are causing the problem? If she thinks the buses should be moving, maybe she should apply for a job as a bus driver.

    1. Caligula says:

      EXACTLY! This woman should be sterilized. She’s obviously a moron and not fit to parent.

      She would rather the bus drivers risk their LIVES, so she can get down to the welfare office.

    2. llightrider 84 says:

      What the F—- is a “Sahara X”????

      1. Fed Up says:

        I don’t know, but she was complaining. Sounds like an SUV to me.

  26. phillysmart says:

    Thes people are tribal and violent…no values…and they resort to animal instincts….we tied to civilize them and were somewhat successful but like everything they are reverting to their instincts…they simply can not function in a civilized culture they work better in a tribal atmosphere

    1. Historian in DC says:

      Had never seen this argument until now and it makes perfect sense. Here is a thought.

      WALL and NO WELFARE. Drop in food & alcohol now and see where they are 10 years. Oh wait, check in 2 days, believe that experiment was tried in N.O. after Katrina at the Superdome – they were taring up the turf and defecating in 24 hours.

      Another reason our forefather should have realized FREE LABOR would have to be paid by future generations. And we are 10-fold.

      1. Sean Patriot says:


      2. rufus levin says:

        explains fully the creation of the K K K doesn’t it. they were able to disband when all the freed “equals” moved north to get jobs in Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Kansas get the drift…happiness followed the race trail didn’t it…..Oh Lawdy…

    2. The upper room says:

      Tis true….they have brought the stone age to Detroit, google Detroit streets its remarkable. Do they even pick up one piece of trash in their lives.Any improvements by man they eventually reduce to dust once again. Their default setting is stone age, seriously.

  27. Solid Citizen says:

    When seconds count.. the police are just (many) minutes away

    I think Detroit neds mreDemocrats running affairs there. The Dems in charge are doing such a “good” job …Perhaps the bus drvers should be able to carry firearms like some of the airline pilots

    Quo warranto, B.O.?

  28. danpa says:



  29. Mandy says:

    No stores stay open in these areas due to theft and now no transportation due to violence. Yet the government and Democrat leaders will have us believe it is our fault that these communities are deprived. No so and we all know it. Just time to face the truth and good people will move out of these areas but the riff-raff will stay and feed off of each other. It is what it is and throwing more money at animals won’t make a difference.

  30. Texasbil says:

    Quit turning these criminals loose on parole. Fire the judges responsible for not putting the majority of convicted criminals in jail.NO PAROLE.

    1. rufus levin says:


  31. robert g says:

    A nice Democrat run city

    1. Dean says:

      Don’t be cowardly with the “democrat city” dodge. It is an *African city*, that is the problem, and the reality.

      1. Cain says:

        robert g was right to point out “Democrat” as the main problem. The leftists in this country have taken over that party and they’ve co-opted the black community to an alarming degree; some 90%+ appear to fully support Democrats year after year. Results are clear; complete dismantling of the black family, fatherless homes are the rule, education is scoffed at, blame whitey as gospel and excuse for every issue, trapped in low-income/high-crime neighborhoods. If the black community ever figures out as a group who it is that’s done this to them, I wouldn’t want to be a Democrat leader in this country for all the money in the world. Blacks have chosen the worst ideology to follow if they wish to see their lot improved. They are paying a heavy heavy price now as a result of their poor choice and it’s gonna get far worse for them, and all of us, before it gets any better.

  32. mob says:

    The solution is simple. Let citizens carry firearms as per the second amendment.

  33. Frederick says:

    Teenagers attacking bus drivers? In Detroit?

    Generations of nanny-state, single-parent (i.e. mostly fatherless) parenting…….. My, My….. What a “surprise”. The difference between these packs of human debris, and normal human beings is Dad & Mom TOGETHER waiting at home, ready to thump your a*% for getting out of line. Most of us learned not to do things like this when we were 2 years old (back when you couldn’t hurt anyone). How do you deprogram a 16 year old who views violence as insignificant as tying their shoelaces?

    As a GROUP this human debris is un-salvageable. So, as a society, do we allow teenagers to victimize the rest of us in the hopes that we can save a few? Sorry, I say the few worth saving need to figure this out fast, by themselves, or get thrown in with the rest. The rest? Throw em in prison (not juv det) until they figure out you can’t bash people’s heads in. Then MAYBE you let them out. I’ll gladly pay the extra money to remove the human debris from society. It’s cheaper then walking the streets in fear, getting beat up, or even worse, killed.

    Thank the Democrat Party/Nanny-State for this one.

    1. rufus levin says:

      Great Britain established a totally off shore PENAL COLONY in Australia to get their criminals OUT of their neighborhoods…..We could make a deal with Somalia to send these kids to Africa to an African run prison colony….bet there wouldnt get color tv and air conditioning there.

      1. Richard says:

        A *voluntary* program of paid (eg, 200k – 500k cash per person) permanent Black return to Africa would be desirable.

        The initial outlay would be offset by the lifetime savings to society in other areas.

        Many Blacks with no prospects in the US would take the money. They could start a new life in an African society, where that money would go quite far. They could buy a house in an African city, a car, & start a business.

        Many US Blacks would have far greater relative status & opportunity starting fresh in Africa than staying in the ghetto. It is a fair deal for all parties concerned IMHO.

        1. Paul says:

          Sounds sensible but probably would’t be practical.

      2. Michael says:

        The US Airforce could skim the surf and air-drop them just off shore and the one that can swim … sure write from Somalis with love……

    2. John Frost says:

      The Problem is that in school they don’t teach Darwin.
      He said Blacks are not fully Human but wild african predators animals.

  34. BMF says:

    Detroit has had a Democrat as mayor since January 2, 1962. According to the promises that the Democrats make with other people’s money, Detroit should be a shining example of a Democrat managed Utopia where everyone lives off other people’s money.

    But Ms. Thatcher had it right. Socialism only works until you run out of other people’s money. The majority of people with money fled said Utopia and Detroit Democrats were left with promises but no other people’s money to pay for them.

    Detriot might want to consider management with a new philosophy, but I’m pretty sure that virtually everyone with any talent have already moved away.

  35. Joeb says:

    These uncivilized worthless rats think they deserve city transportation services. But they don’t. Maybe it’s time to exclude the rats from ALL city and state services services. No subsidized housing. No welfare. No Bus services. The only services available to these rats should be those meted out by the justice system.

    1. moco max says:

      Sterilize the Nigras! Said a retired police Capt in Harlem.

  36. Jerry Curl says:

    These comments are HILARIOUS.

    1. rufus levin says:

      we all think DETROIT is hilarious…..the Halloween Neighborhood burning, rioting, and looting has given us all ENTERTAINMENT for years and years as we watch how blacks manage a city and how they live among each other. We have long marveled at the stupidity of any white people that choose to still live there. We will gladly send matches and kerosine for next Halloween’s fun times in the world’s largest Hood.

  37. jslab129 says:

    It’s not about money or funding. It’s about people not raising their children properly. Azzhole fathers who abandon them. Crackhead mothers. If people don’t put God back in their lives and get back to their families, all is lost.

    1. rufus levin says:

      and that isn’t a RACIAL problem????

  38. Sean Patriot says:

    I wish Hitler had chosen blacks instead

    1. rufus levin says:

      no way to get rid of rabbits by just burning the ones you catch…the rest multiply too fast.

    2. Lihgtrider84 says:

      Got that right!!!

    3. Kim Bailey says:

      Black animals are now invading our neighborhoods and want our daughters. Race war is inevitable.

  39. meeester says:

    A Free Market solution may be the ticket here. An alternative bus system, probably using smaller buses like airport shuttles. The difference would be how security could be handled by a private company. (may need Blackwater Security) A secure alternative would probably put the city buses out of business.

  40. Sean Patriot says:


      1. Voxhalyn Rakkasan says:

        This movie will never, EVER be shown in American theaters. Liberalism has locked down the law that racism is a one way street, perpetuated only by whites against “people of color”.

  41. wilson says:

    YOU got what you voted for NOW have fun dodging bullets and getting robbed LOL this is so funny

  42. Hunter Todd says:

    The savages have shown they can’t handle emancipation and freedom. The time has come to give them all a choice: they can be put back into servitude as servants and picking cotton or they can get a one-way trip back to Africa.

    1. Red says:

      Hey Todd, I’m white and not some kind of activist but I can say, “You are seriously nuts” and I’d be willing to bet you’ve never had an intelligent thought in your little pea brain in your entire

      1. rufus levin says:

        Red…hate to say it, but Hunter Todd makes more sense with REALITY than your little ad hominem personal attack. You may be white, and no activist, but you don’t seem to burn too bright either. speaking for failure to have an intelligent thought that is….

    2. Tex A. Montana says:

      An honest, well thought appraisal. In November 2012 they will be flash mobbing polling places. Holder will let them go as they are “his people”.

    3. Dashark says:

      Agree with Hunter Todd 100%. We must take stand soon or its over for Civilization.

  43. Constitution First says:

    Guess that race…

    1. Name that dude says:

      Colored? Did I win anything?

  44. timmy says:

    Violence …. in a BLACK AREA?? You’re kidding right? It’s SO rare. Can’t we just blame DA MAN?

    1. Ricki Lake says:

      I thought every black person offered wisdom in grocery isles and were judges, oh, i must watch too much TV.

    2. rufus levin says:


  45. DB Cooper says:

    Life in the perfect Obamaville! Ummmm, Ummmmm, Ummmm

    1. Hows it all end? says:

      We are living in a very Dark Age-but when a GOP’er wins the Presidency it will be like an anvil off our backs and re-building can begin. We really need to deal with the great Black question though, I wonder how that ends….anybody with foresight care to conjecture?.

      1. rufus levin says:

        sterilization and forced community service.

      2. Kim Bailey says:

        The final solution or forced return to Africa is the only way to solve the Knee grow problem. We Need a new Hitler to clean up Europe and North America.

  46. AvgDude says:

    “Attacked by teens…”

    Why don’t news sources tell the whole story? “Teens”… indeed.

    1. Dashark says:

      Not teens but knee grow animals preying on White people.
      Flash mobs and these attacks are nothing but AFRICAN TERRORISM.

  47. Fred says:

    Anything associated with the name “Rosa Parks” is violent and animal like. You cannot walk down any street in the country safely with that name. It’s too bad but that the way it is. It is a fact. You can call me a raciest but it will still be a fact.

  48. Caligula says:

    I support the bus drivers. Let those lowlife thugs find their own way to the welfare office.

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