DETROIT (WWJ) – UPDATE – 2:30PM: Deal Ends Bus Driver Work Stoppage

People who catch the bus in Detroit may be waiting awhile Friday. About 100 Detroit Department of Transportation bus drivers are at work, but are refusing to drive their buses.

WWJ Newsradio 950’s Scott Ryan spoke with Henry Gaffney, spokesman for the D-DOT bus drivers union AFL-CIO Local 26, who said this was not an organized maneuver by the union.

Gaffney said it’s a matter of bus drivers fearing for their safety, citing an incident that happened Thursday afternoon.

“Our drivers are scared, they’re scared for their lives. This has been an ongoing situation about security. I think yesterday kind of just topped it off, when one of my drivers was beat up by some teenagers down in the middle of Rosa Parks and it took the police almost 30 minutes to get there, in downtown Detroit,” said Gaffney.

Speaking live on WWJ, Mayor Dave Bing spokesman Stephen Serkaian said they are working hard to resolve the matter and get drivers back on the road.

“We’re working diligently to work with the union and encouraging the drivers to get back on the buses and get on the street,” said Serkaian.

Gaffney said bus safety is an ongoing problem.

“If it’s to the point where if the driver is not safe on the bus, then the passengers are not safe, then the citizens are not safe. You know, what about them too? We have no security, you can’t get the police, nobody is doing anything to protect us. And I’ve been begging the mayor and the council for two years to do something to help us,” said Gaffney.

But, Serkaian said there are discussions in the city right now to improve bus safety.

“It is a concern. We want to protect drivers and passengers alike. We used to have police presence on the buses. We’re talking about the prospect of perhaps trailing buses with police cars. Nothing has been decided, it’s all in discussion right now,” said Serkaian. “It’s a short-term and a long-term matter… It’s all about money and it’s all about funding, and our transportation system is already stretched to the max.”

WWJ’s Vickie Thomas was at a deserted Rosa Parks Transit Center in downtown Detroit, which is typically booming with passengers and buses alike.

Saharah X. was waiting at the center for 30 minutes before flagging down a cab.

“They just try to find a way not to do their job. And then they got innocent old people, there an old lady on a cane sitting outside over there, that’s dangerous. And she got to walk? Wow. I mean, what is the world coming to? No love, no nothing. Everybody’s just thinking about themselves. Think about other people some,” she said.

Richard Moses, who rides the bus every day, was waiting a bus stop along Woodward Avenue when a D-DOT supervisor rolled up in an SUV and basically told him to find another form of transportation Friday morning.

“They said there’s no D-DOT buses running at this time and they don’t know when any will be starting back up. I just got off work, I work midnights. Luckily, I got dropped off right here or else I would have been sitting on 8 Mile and Woodward, and I’ve got to go all the way to Livernois and Warren,” said Moses.

Serkaian said they’re asking stranded riders who are waiting for the bus to get to school and work to hang on and be patient.

“We understand their frustration, we feel their pain. We simply have to ask folks to be a little bit more patient while we try to resolve this matter,” he said.

Detroit Public Schools has issued a letter to parents informing them of the situation, saying it doesn’t affect DPS yellow buses, which are running normally. They also said DPS Police Dept. personnel will provide additional watch near bus stops where children may be congregated.

A recording on the D-DOT customer service line said the department “sincerely apologizes for extreme delays in service.”

Comments (601)
  1. bushman says:

    watch it again and again……….

    1. honky says:

      submit to be shown in your schools… how the teachers react lmfao!!

  2. Caligula says:

    AGREED! I support the bus drivers. Let those lowlife thugs find their own way to the welfare office.

  3. dougmann says:

    Have the seeds of UC (urban culture) come to full bloom ?

  4. Steve says:

    Thats the same thinking that the abortionists thought too when they pushed for Roe vs Wade! Some say statistically it stopped the 90’s crime wave but it sure isn’t working when the US Government keeps giving people free stuff to vote for them!!!!

    1. whitey says:

      watch learn prepare……think it’s not here think again…..let’s all stop pretending

    2. Wyatt Mann says:

      Good post Whitey. Anyone that can’t see the writing on the wall is willfully blind or ignorant or both.

  5. Larry says:

    Funny how there’s not mention in the article about the packs of black teenagers just like here in Philly. What a bunch of Political Correct COWARDS

  6. Whatistrue02 says:

    In Detoilet it all about the Keeeds……….

  7. David says:

    Black Rule is the problem, I moved when we first got a black mayor it has been down hill since than.Most have ended up in jail what does that tell you.
    And now the country is following the same pattern that destroyed a great city.
    Wise up stop supporting people who have been riding the system for the last fifty years. Only they can solve it by looking in the mirror and seeing what they have become.Detroit needs to start over and get rid of the suckers both in and out of office. People need to stop voting because of race. Race does not make a person……

  8. Dudester says:

    To all of those nuts who want the bus drivers armed:

    1, Bus drivers ride with their backs to the passengers
    2. Bus drivers are in control of a multi-ton vehicle and their attemtion must be on the road, stopping the vehicle before engaging in a gunfight.
    3. If the bus driver manages to keep and draw their gun, their attackers are likely to be behind him, with a backdrop of innocent passengers behind them waiting to catch any stray bullets.

    An armed society is a polite society, but the bus drivers are in an unusually vulnerable situation which makes firearm possession vastly less effective.

  9. Mary-R.I. says:

    bring back the draft and get thugs off the streets.

    1. Fed Up says:

      Uh, no. The Army needs people with brains and integrity who have respect for authority. These thugs wouldn’t last one day.

      1. Fed Up says:

        When I say they wouldn’t last one day, I mean that they’d be sent home. It would only waste time and money. In fact, the armed forces don’t have room for anyone like this. They are getting more picky on who they let in. Money is tight and so is time. Besides, you don’t want someone like this around dangerous equipment. The days of drafting punks and making them into soldiers are over. Today’s military members are expected to be professionals.

  10. Blacks lost me at OJ says:

    There are breaches to Civil Rights of whites that dwarf the outrages of the 60s.
    Whole cities are being gutted by black gangs. What the frick is the federal govt waiting for? Black leadership better get it together, because fair minded whites I know talk openly about the black menace/crime with hatred in their voices. I thought this should be noted on this column because the media acts like race relations are great, and it’s a lie. Its is a disgrace is black teens are wrecking America worse than terrorists could ever hope for.

  11. Sau Sage Fingerz says:

    I wonder if any of the young men referred to in the article were white? Bus drivers should be permitted to conceal and carry. We now allow pilots to carry firearms. Why should someone who is responsible for public safety be denied the right to protect themselves?

  12. Steve says:

    Well clearly the bus drivers are racists.

  13. James says:

    Time for theTSA to help?

    1. Yeah says:

      They’re too busy feeling up grandma at the airport.

  14. Lib Fail says:

    Looks like the liberal plantation owners have a problem. Liberalism drove this train off the track. No values or ethics were taught to the young, only diversity. The very root of the word means division. Hey Detroit, had enough “help” yet?

  15. WHITETRASH says:


    1. WHITEBREAD says:



    2. Mike says:

      Let them have Africa and when all the good people are forced out they will wonder what went wrong when they start hacking themselves to death like all other nations they govern. Since when did nature intend for one species to take care and nurture another at the risk of its own existence?

  16. thisguy says:

    If anyone is blind enough not to see how this isn’t limited to Detroit. Think again.
    This kind of thing is the proud result of OBAMA thinking, and shows how effective a Democrat run city eventually becomes…when the people are convinced…thanks to Obama…that everything is FREE…as long as nobody is held responsible for their actions, thoughts…and VOTES.

  17. MAJack says:

    Let’s see if we can give Detroit to Canada…

    On second thought, cut off 100% of all subsidies to the animal populations. A hundred years ago, the lazy, the stupid and the insane either froze or starved to death. Social Darwinism culled the herd. Now we subsidize vermin and as a result they’re thriving and expanding. Anyone surprised? Thanks Liberals.

  18. rufus levin says:


  19. Tim says:

    Entitilements + reproductive rate = “Return to the Planet of the Apes”

  20. rufus levin says:


  21. polski says:

    That is a very interesting idea!! I like the way you think… wonderful outside the box solution.. busses as patrol/transport vehicles.. beautiful!!

  22. Ken Denbow says:

    Here’s a thought…
    Take all the union members that are out doing the Occupy Wall Street protests, and put them on the bus as muscle.
    That way, they still wont be getting paid but they will at least be doing something usefull. After all, whats better than union supporting union.

    er…They do do that, right?

  23. Not a Statistic. says:

    Your making me mad. Listen to my story.
    My brother and father are have medical disabilities. We are a family of five with only two people able to work. Out of pocket medical expenses reach $500 a month. Food stamps are part of survival. And you DARE treat us like second class citizens?!
    And before you ask, no, we are not high school drop-outs. We have college degrees, we paid off our debts with sweat and blood. We are under-employed and under-insured.
    Gain life experience before you quote news sound-bites to me.

    1. Realist says:

      You would be much better served to focus your anger and frustration on the actual root cause of this problem. All we will do is continue to move from cesspools such as Detroit as quickly as possible. Maybe you should do that, too.

    2. Fed Up says:

      I have no problem with the help you receive. I have a problem with able-bodied people who expect the government to support them while they continue to breed criminals.

      1. Steve Fein says:

        Blacks breed faster than rats or roaches.
        Whites have 1.5 White babies.
        Blacks have 1785 Nigglets per hr.
        We have to sterilize the Nigras.or else White Civilization is over.

    3. Walt Sobchak says:

      You’re not the problem. It’s the MAJORITY of deadbeat lowlifes who DON’T want to work, have never paid their fair share, and expect taxpayers (like the 2 people in your family who do work), to subsidize their lifestyle. Wake up.

      1. YinYang says:

        Hey Kim. Maybe you should ask all of the fine upstanding white women they are knocking up.

    4. Sabot_Bob says:

      Stop your whinning! They are talking about the fully able body people, using welfare as a life style

    5. Starve says:

      Carpel tunnel or “back problems”? The majority of disability check cashers are sick all right, sick of working.

      1. charley nash says:

        I’ve seen lots of people pull that Carpel Tunnel and hurt back nonsense to get their permanent loafer-checks. Those are the zeroes. Can’t they work a phone or do something productive?

        And yet, I’ve seen lots of people that pull themselves into a wheelchair every day to have the dignity of real work. Those are the heroes.

        1. Paul says:

          I had Carpal, accupuncture worked for me.

        2. CN Jr says:

          The peeps in the wheelchair should give rides to the peeps at the bus stops. Good way to pick up a few extra bucks.

    6. helpyourself says:

      No offense, but I’m wondering where you got your college degree when your first and third sentences aren’t grammatically correct. And how exactly are you improving your situation when you are sitting on news sites and responding to random comments? How does this make you more money?

      I have a family of six with only one person able to work–and a child with special needs–and we do it with no government assistance. Yet we survive.

      My mother was single and had me when she was 19 and never took a dime of government assistance. Yet she survived.

      Think less like a martyr and more like a winner–and stop wasting your time on the internet–and things just might get better. Sorry, but the truth sometimes is uncomfortable.

    7. Voice of Reason says:

      If you live at the expense of other people, you are a second class citizen and social parasite. If you want people to respect you, quit taking hand outs.

      1. fiedo says:

        Parasites don’t have the gene to work only take..

    8. captain pickles says:

      If you have legitimate needs – then getting temporary help is understandable. What we’re talking about here are the illegitimate parasites who make welfare a life time profession. Unfortunately, statistically Blacks are 4 times more likely to be on welfare as whites, even though they only make up 13% of the population.

    9. O'Reallyy says:

      “Not a Statistic” is a great example of how the education system has failed. Quotas and the academia-as-business model allow for absolute idiots to graduate. This corruption pervades from elementary school up through PhD programs. All this jerk has learned is a false sense of entitlement – the world revolves around them because they have a worthless degree. This is someone with 3rd grade mental capacities holding a college degree, and there are hordes of others.

  24. Paradigm Shift says:

    Boy, if the Lions make a deep play-off run and (gasp) get all the way to the Super Bowl – watch out.

  25. ericmt says:

    Michigan is a RIght-to-Carry state, so arm the bus drivers. It’s really not that complicated.

  26. Roy Burger says:

    They should try to syncronize some of the bus routes with police beats.
    Also, add a bus marshal like they do in planes.
    And finally, arm some of the willing drivers.

  27. CharlestownJack says:

    What was that movie about life after civilization? Thunder Ball? Roller Ball? I don’t know. I think Tina Turner or Gladys Knight was in it. Anyway, I’m not sure if I’m thinking of the right movie, but Detroit sounds like it.

    1. Hal Jordan says:

      Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

      1. Mark Matis says:

        Actually, it was the Mad Max series. And Mel Gibson was the primary star, not Tine. She was one of the stars in that final movie, but Gibson was in all three: Mac Max, The Road Warrior, and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. A fourth movie, Mad Max 4: Fury Road is in work, but the story is that a younger actor will play the Mad Max role in that one.

        And the parallels to Detroit and the other large cities of the United States are amazing…

  28. captain pickles says:

    Love these articles. No mention of race, unless the criminal is white. Come on – We know what’s going on – so cBS – stop being PC and bring this problem to the forefront. It’s only escalating.

  29. whitey ford says:

    I agree. Here is the simple truth: if a city is turned over to savages and enabling liberals, this is what happens. OWS wants more Detroits in America, more Greeces. Decent American want the borders closed, keep the change!

  30. Douglas Mac Donnell says:

    Here in Oklahoma, if a gang of people tryed to beat anybody up on a bus they would have to first wonder how many of the riders/drivers were packing a gun and would they shoot me dead and if they shot me dead would anyone care or would they give the rider/driver a medal for markmanship.

  31. robert says:

    Detroit has had this coming for quite a while; In the 70’s they vowed too take over the city even if it meant destroying it. Guess what????? they succeeded!!! This is an example of how a city is run into the ground when the ethnically challenged run a city. I wish Dave Bing all the best but he needs to get whites to move back in and become a political force to overcome the black influence.

  32. zombierocket says:

    Isn’t Detroit a third world country?

    1. elemenopea says:

      we should withdraw.

  33. JByrd42 says:

    40 years of the 60’s leftists and this is what we get. This is all due to liberal, progressive politics. Thank you libs. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Take these “youths” and put them on and island and let them kill each other.

  34. Boris says:

    In Soviet Russia, site dates you!

  35. CharlestownJack says:

    They say illegals take jobs Americans won’t take. Why not hire illegals to drive the busses. Also, cities are out of money to feed the prison population so why not let convicts ride the busses as bodyguards for the illegals driving the busses. They could be paid in McDonalds gift certificates so they wouldn’t even need to feed them at the prison. I don’t know why somebody else hasn’t already figured this out.

  36. Creed says:

    A glittering utopian jewel of liberal rule!

  37. NeoKong says:

    Why are public employees allowed to deny services to poor black people….?
    No pizza shop could get away with that.

    1. Walt Sobchak says:

      Why do “poor black people” constantly terrorize bus drivers and other innocent citizens?

  38. stacy says:

    just arm the drivers and deputise them!

    1. Mark Matis says:

      Oh hell no! Detroit don’t NEED no more friggin’ pigs! The stench is ALREADY overwhelming.

  39. marty says:

    we should withdraw from Detroit. There is no strategic reason for us to be there.

  40. Walt Sobchak says:

    Detroit is a dump teeming with human garbage. An ongoing Chimp-O-Rama.

  41. Tam in Texas says:

    The solution is obvious…if there’s not enough timely security, then the bus drivers need to BE THE SECURITY. Train them in defensive techniques and arm them with handguns and shotguns…and publicize the fact that the bus drivers are now armed and trained. Then these punk kids wouldn’t dare attack!

    1. Rob says:

      Something.. similar… naturally evolved in South Africa:

  42. TuttiFrutti says:

    Hahahahaha. You reap what you sow. This will become the norm across the country soon. And to all the white people… Do you really think that future generations of whites will act any different?? The white kids are now being rasied up on the same gang banging thug music as these animals. The media pushes it into their little brains at every option and white parents seem to have no problem with it…. is this what you really wnat for the future of your children… I guess it is.

    1. rufus levin says:

      it will be different for white kids….most of them KNOW who their fathers are, and most white fathers are living with their own kids and with the woman who birthed them…as husband and wife. white culture is VASTLY different from Black Victim culture…when white people see something not working for themselves, they go fix it without demanding the government be their Daddy Plantation Owner.

      1. Turftoe says:

        Hey rufus.. not to bright are ya? You do realize that there are more single white mothers now than ever before?? The white race is not nearly as strong as you thinnk it is,

      2. rufus levin says:

        “more single white mothers than ever before”…wow…you must be a math genius. Hey professor…there are more WHITE MOTHERS than ever before too. There are more divorces than ever before too…but 70% of the black babies are BORN to unmarried black women in the first place…no father at all. The white kids are WAY ahead of the black kids because WHITE FATHERS are not a non-existent group life black SPERM DONORS.

        Don’t preach statistics to me, jerkwad. I eat fools like you for lunch.

      3. rufus levin says:

        here ya go tyrone:

        MOUNT CLEMENS (WWJ) – The Macomb County Sheriff’s office is investigating allegations that a janitor who worked at a Mount Clemens school impregnated an 11-year-old girl.

        The 28-year-old janitor was employed by a private firm, but worked for a month or two at the Prevail Academy School, a charter school on Cass Avenue near Grosebeck Highway.

        The young student, who is now 12-years-old, reportedly had the baby earlier this month.

        Sheriff Anthony Wickersham told WWJ Newsradio 950 this could be the youngest girl he’s seen in a case like this. He said, as far as the janitor’s involvement, it’s only an allegation that is being investigated.

        WWJ’s Vickie Thomas reports the janitor has ties to the girl’s family and may have been dating the girl’s mother.


      4. sparky13 says:

        “but 70% of the black babies are BORN to unmarried black women in the first place…no father at all.”

        I guess black women just get pregnant out of thin air. what an idiot.

      5. Get it? says:

        @Sparky–there’s a difference between a father and a sperm donor.

  43. marty says:

    we should withdraw from detroit. there is no strategic reason for us to be there anymore.

  44. Maj Variola says:

    Your Empire is collapsing.

    How them wars treating you? And those illiterate welfare hoardes?

  45. John Yaya says:

    Nothing Wrong With Shooting as Long as the Right People Get Shot.
    Clint Eastwood, Magnum Force, 1973

  46. Mark says:

    Planet of the Apes

    “there is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. Our desire to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so.”

    James D. Watson

  47. Darrell says:

    If you have to have police cruisers escort buses, it’s time to burn the city down and start over.

  48. Craig Eliot says:

    “Teeeens” ….

    It’s the new code word in American journalism.

  49. rufus levin says:

    Instead of Redistributing Wealth from successful white people to “victimized poor black people”…it would be cheaper and more successful to reward the white people for their hard work, and just kill off and deport the poor victimized black people who are clearly incapable of fixing their own plight….they would fit into tribal Muslim 3rd world countries just fine…and with reduced life span, would reduce their population to a feedable and maintainable quantity. Our social costs as a nation would go down, and the benefits could be put into building a sound and powerful economy for those that are prepared to WORK.

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