DETROIT (WWJ) – Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano is cleaning house. Ficano has hired former U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Collins as his top aide. He’ll replace Azzam Elder, who resigned Thursday amid the severance pay scandal surrounding Turkia Mullin, who was fired this week as CEO of Detroit Metro Airport.

Speaking live on WWJ Newsradio 950, Ficano was asked if he’s thought about handing in his resignation as well.

“No not at all, because I’ve done nothing wrong,” said Ficano. “I’ve personally … What we’ve been doing is trying to be stewards of the tax dollars.”

Ficano said he’s going to keep moving forward despite the scandal, which has attracted the attention of the FBI.

“The thing I have learned is that … and I’ve always known a couple things in life. Number one, mistakes are always gonna happen. The key is what do you do once you find out about the mistaken, and how do you correct it,” said Ficano.

Will there be some kind of sex scandal coming out of this?  Ficano says no.

Hear Ficano’s interview with Roberta Jasina and Greg Bowman:

Friday, WWJ’s Mike Campbell was out on the streets, speaking with Wayne County tax payers.

“I think it goes deeper than the severance thing,” said Mark Hoerauf of Detroit.  “It’s discouraging … and, quite frankly, it’s embarrassing.”

“Ficano’s name ain’t cleared by any means by this. He has to hire [Steven] Fishman, a high powered attorney, so he’s protecting his own butt,” Hoerauf said.

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Comments (7)
  1. Wendy Lukianoff says:

    Wow is he trying to spin this his way. Ask why did he give 6 month severances to his appointees earlier this year? Why did he amend his Executive plan to give out severance to his appointees in Dec of 2010 at the same time he stole 20% from one of the lowest paid county employee bargaining groups? Some appointees only took 5% reductions because they gave up the car allowance and I believe most received increases before getting the reduction like Azzam Elders or were given after because they say they were working more than one persons job or through severances. At the Executive and Administrative level there is a culture of entitlement and Special rules.

  2. Jim says:

    Bob has to go! Put your Wayne County taxes in an escrow account until new , honest people take over.

  3. Michael says:

    ” Mistakes are always gonna to happen”? “I’m being a steward of the peoples tax money”? I’m feeling pretty nauseousness right now Bob. The sole premise of the position is that the person is trained not to make mistakes. Lawyers only ask questions they already know the answer to. Either you gave the impression you could handle this job ethically and in the peoples interest and lied or, your training was sub-par, which is it? Either way, your (Actions) revealed one of two things, your incompetence or your complete and utter lack of ethics. You know very well that a Judge would drop the hammer on you for one or the other reasons I just gave or, both. Just step down and stop wasting our time and money.

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