UPDATE: Nickelback To Perform At Thanksgiving Halftime After All

By Christy Strawser
CBS Detroit Managing Editor
DETROIT — Detroit has it tough, with falling home prices, high unemployment, struggling manufacturing, and crime so rampant in the downtown city bus drivers say they’re “scared for their lives.”

Now comes another blow: Nickelback.

The formulaic, faux rock n’ roll band is scheduled to perform the halftime show for the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day, one of the most anticipated home games of the season.

But fans aren’t taking it lying down, with more than 43,000 people signing a petition at change.org that asks show producers to reconsider their choice.

“Detroit is home to so many great musicians and they chose Nickelback?!?!?!” the petition says. “Does anyone even like Nickelback? Is this some sort of ploy to get people to leave their seats during halftime to spend money on alcoholic beverages and concessions?

“This is completely unfair to those of us who purchased tickets to the game. At least the people watching at home can mute their TVs.”

University of Michigan student Dennis Guttman started the petition. Why?

“It’s because they suck,” he told news website MLive. “I’m sure they’re great people, but I can’t stand their music. If people want to see them perform, go buy a ticket to their concert.”

Petition signer Eric Ransom summed it up this way, “Haven’t the good people of Detroit been through enough?”

Guttman, and others, have noted that The Motor City, home of Stevie Wonder, Eminem, Kid Rock and Bob Seger, birthplace of Motown, is not the place for a Nickelback stadium show — especially during the premier game of its football team’s best season in memory.

Robert Jones, who describes himself as a “lifelong Lions’ fan” wrote on the website supporting the petition, “Nickelbacks’ music doesn’t even reflect a musical genre that has ever been popular in the city. It is not rock and roll, its a nasty hybrid of the worst manufactured music on the planet.”

In case the petition is successful, Ann-Arbor based musician Mayer Hawthorne announced his candidacy on RollingStone.com, saying he’s willing and able to step in.

“See ‘ya Thanksgiving Day,” Hawthorne says in the video, urging fans to support him on Facebook and Twitter. “Go Lions!”

Comments (280)
  1. Eric Daugherty says:

    Go to the link and sign the petition, No Nickelback on Thanksgiving.

    1. Islander says:

      Maybe all the Detroit musicians left the city….Like all the other smart people! Detroit is a dump and you should be glad you have a band at all! Its probably charity on behalf of the band because they couldn’t get anyone else!!

      1. John Steele says:

        Who in Hades is he. I’ve never even heard of him

      2. freecheese says:

        I don’t even know who they are, but I think the petition has more to do with WHO they are, but rather: They are ALL WHITE !

      3. ed says:

        Nothing good has come out of Detroitastan since the 60’s.

    2. PC says:

      You know what really sucks Dennis, that for the last 40 years, at every Thanksgiving the nation has had the watch the Lions in one of the 2 games played. Very few if any of these games have meant anything in terms of playoff implications or entertainment.

      1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        True, but in about 95% of those years there were lots of implications for who would nail down the #1 pick by later November.

    3. luke says:

      this is why detroit sucks. they complain about everything. and when they mess up, they want to get bailed out. and i am a fan of the detroit lions.

    4. Roger says:

      Other than Bob Seger the rest of Detroit’s supposedly great musicians are overplayed and under talented. Nickleback is superior to those lamos.

      1. Steve says:

        Love Seger…but also love the Motor City Madman!!!

    5. Big Jim says:

      Funny thing is.. not all 43,000 who have signed it are against.. I’ll bet only a fraction have tickets to the game.. NB should pull out and never play in Detroit ever.. NB would not do that to their fans…

      Detroits biggest claim to fame right now is Hardcore Pawn… Shines a light on those who live there…

  2. JorgeMSU says:

    Please don’t boo or throw things during halftime. If you don’t like Nickelback — do like Karsch and Anderson said, “Go to the can.” Let’s not make a bad situation worse by giving Detroit a black eye on the national stage.

    1. Steve says:

      Too late!!! Detroit has given itself a black eye and then some. Bus drivers afraid for their lives and the people of Detroit are concerned about halftime entertainment? The stupidity in this country is astonishing.

      1. Mike says:

        You’re stupid if you think crime is worse than Nickelback!

      2. sugar says:

        Regardless of if you like the band or not, I hope Detroit Loses the game miserably!. An attitude like expressed by the one who started the petition deserves nothing less than a loss thrown in their face. But then again does it really surprise anyone the trashy behavior of a city who riots and burns cars if their team wins. I think they should just put a huge fence around the whole of Detroit and turn it into one huge penitentiary. Its not like the city is known for its good behavior anyways.

      3. marion carl says:

        Detroit players making fun of Tebo praying says all you need to know about that area! If they had made fun os someone gay or Muslim they would be in danger.

      4. your face says:

        Nickleback will get shot if they even make it into Detroit, so……..let them play:)

    2. deskboy says:

      You mean an even blacker eye

    3. czervik says:

      Give me some a dat “Obama money”!

    4. Ballz2TheWaH? says:

      They want some great Detroit talent like M&M.

  3. AdamB says:

    Who Cares? What a stupid thing to get excited over… Detroit should get that fired up over the mismanagement of their city.

    1. Amen says:

      Agreed. The city is broke. Crime is rampant. It’s like a third world country and they’re worried about a halftime show? Perhaps they should try to mobilize the people of Detriot to address some REAL problems.

      1. Chad Turton says:

        Yeah, the city does have real problems….like making sure Nickelback doesn’t play halftime. You might not think of it as a crime, but if the city is in within earshot of this awful band, they will probably riot.

        Think of the children.

      2. The Foreigner says:

        Actually, I live in a third world country, and Living conditions are so much better than Detroit.

    2. Rob Adkerson says:

      Absolutely, this is insanity.

    3. mrgoodcat7 says:

      The entire city is broke, unemployment is higher there than almost anywhere else in the US, and crime is through the roof.
      What do they worry about? A halftime show?
      They deserve everything that has happened to them!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. matt says:

        It is Suburbanites who are getting riled up over Nickelback, not the actual citizens of Detroit. The actual citizens are too busy hunting and trapping stray dogs for the days sustenance to worry about some trivial halftime show.

      2. T.Wilson says:

        They’re too busy looking for the next Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, a convicted felon.
        And they wonder why the city is in ruins.

      3. BTWILikeNickelback says:

        Doesn’t it figure that having the Thanksgiving Day show in Detroit isn’t enough? Having their team do well this year isn’t enough? They also demand that the halftime show be a band from Detroit? Gimme more, never satisfied.

    4. Jonathan Badgley says:

      You can’t do both at once. Absolutely, right.

    5. CJ says:

      Agreed. Now if they could get 43,000 people to get together to work on some of the issues that would affect Detroit’s future (or THEIRS).

    6. T.Wilson says:

      The Thanksgiving game draws a national audience, most of whom don’t want to listen to some ignorant and obscene rapper.

      1. Flather says:

        Ha ha ha… did you sign the petition? Nickelback is not a rapper., nor obscene. As fas as intelligence goes, I can’t comm ent. I’ve only heard the music, which is emotional and personal – about life expweriences, not politics or ecology or just plain math history science or any of the things that might make one the opposite of ignorant. T.Wilson – you speak from total ignorance. You never heartd them! Ha ha ha … “Listen to me”, said T.Wilson, “I have something to say even though I don’t know what I’m talking about”!

      2. johnm says:

        I think you missed the sarcasm in T. Wilson’s reply. TW was referring to one of the alternatives if Nickelback is turned away, i.e. Eminem mentioned above…

        Stay calm, breath deep.

      3. Shane Horner says:

        Flather, you missed T.Wilsons point and that is to say that all detroit has to offer a relevant world is some ignorant and obscene rapper…ever heard of Eminem? Besides, Nickelback’s photo is at the top of this article so you’d have to be awfully ignorant to think the band is one rapper (note: rapper is singular in T. Wilson’s comment leading the reader to believe T. Wilson’s comment was not in reference to Nickelback as they are clearly four guys). As for being obscene, I’m not sure what you consider obscene but Nickelback definitely fits that bill in my opinion…that said, I think their musicianship is incredible. Their drummer, Daniel Adair is one of the best rock drummers out there in the world.

        Also, you may want to read what you wrote…calling someone ignorant yet writing a comment so full of typos is a bit crazy in a world with spell check.

    7. MarkBench says:

      LOL…..Opinions vary. The Motor City Mad Man might not agree either.

    8. Ian McPherson says:

      My sentiment exactly Adam…I won’t bother to post anything because you just summed it up perfectly. OK-1 point…this was started in A2 by a UofM student. Wasting time on this just shows that they have too much time on their hands on that campus…hehehe. GO SCHOOLCRAFT COLLEGE!!!

    9. deskboy says:

      True, but geez, I never heard of these guys. As a 57 year old white geezer, give me Motown any day, and not the wannabee mnm.

    10. jturning says:

      I could see if the complaint was about their music being about sex and drugs. At least that’s what it was about the last time I heard any of it. But just because you don’t like them seems kind of juvenile. I don’t like most of the musical acts they get for these half time shows.

    11. Popeye Doyle says:

      So, the Fans in Detroit have no right in what the Band is at Halftime?
      Because of mismanagement? Man, you are a moron.

    12. melissatx says:

      Parasites cannot get fired up and agree on anything to persue, they are too busy looking for some freebies and handoults to worry about real problems.

    13. the Dude says:

      Totally, the whole thing is pathetic. I mean do they really feel they have shove more bawitdaba down the viewers throat…. again? People signing the petition must be metro-sexuals living in Royal Oak.

    14. Alan E. Scher says:

      Well said.

      1. Jack says:

        LOLOLOLOLOLO!!! I’m wondering how many people actually understand the reference.

    15. KL says:

      People are pretty excited about all of the problems in Detroit. The difference here is that this is the one protest you are paying attention to.

  4. Amboy Dukes says:

    I’m sure if you took a poll of the people o Detroit proper they would be more interested in having a Rap or R&B group perform at the Thanksgiving day game than some “Detroit” Rock n Roller.

    As far as the populist xenophobia displayed by the people signing the petition, I wouldn’t expect anything less from self ascribed “Detroiters.” I lived in the Detroit area and found many, not all, of the people to be narrow minded and somewhat rooted in the past. It is evident by the fact that the city and state are failing.

    1. Rodney Haines says:

      Your name is Ted, isn’t it???

  5. jake49 says:

    Detroit, you so bad you deserve this group. Take it like a man.

  6. Charlie says:

    Go buy a beer, and the show will be over by the time you get back!

  7. Grow up people says:

    So people don’t like Nickelback and they make a huge scene and start a petition to because they don’t like it?? Man people really are selfish now a days. This is just like the old saying “You can’t please everyone” To those who don’t like this band, SUCK IT UP. Do you have any clue how many other people had to site through a show that they didn’t like during half time? Do you see them starting petitions? There are a lot of people that like the band, if there wasn’t they wouldn’t be as popular as they are.

    1. S Tulip 3 says:

      Amen! As a gen x/yer, I was bored with Springsteen, The Who, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, and Paul McCartney for the previous years: all has-beens that mostly appeal to the 45 and up crowd. So Nickelback may be a “faux” rock n roll band but at least they have current music on the radio! I don’t think they are “faux” anyway, it’s called current rock n roll!! It’s not the 60s or 70s anymore people! I went to a nickelback concert years ago and they put on one of the best shows I had seen in a long time (next to No Doubt). If you don’t like them, fine. But stop with the crybaby whining about not getting what you want and just don’t watch half time when they perform. Besides, isn’t it about the GAME anyway and not the half-time show?

      1. Greg says:

        Umm… what’s wrong with Nickelback? I thought they were OK. :/

        I’m sure you could get Lady Gaga to show up in her meat outfit — if that’s more to your weird liking.

      2. cole says:

        I think the gist of this push is that Nickelback is literally a manufactured group that pumps out thoughtless tracks meant entirely to capture a certain demographic. The tracks are catchy, yes. They can play a few chords, yes. But the music isnt heartfelt. Hell, its not even their music. The label has an army of songwriters that shift their garbage to the performers, who dutifully belt it out per their contracts.

        They arent musicians, theyre performers. Entertainers. Detroit is known for their musicians. LA is known for tired and fake acts like Nickelback (and No Doubt).

      3. deskboy says:

        You are 100% Correct. Let’s get back to the freaking game. In Miami they have an ass-clown billionaire that thinks of the Dolphins as entertainment. They are anything but.

      4. NonDude says:

        Hey Cole, NB is from Canada.

        And the label has an army of songwriters? Who else on NB’s label roster gets songs from this songwriting army? LOL I’d like to hear even a guess.

        But with that out of the way, go to YouTube and search “Nickelback shreds”. ‘Nuff said!

      5. Ace says:

        hahah – some of you folks are clueless about Nickleback. Unlike Bruce Springsteen, The Who, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney — all groups I’m very, very tired of listening to as well — Nickleback is exceptionally lame because they take the same musical track, then speed it up or slow it down, put new lyrics on it and call it a song!

        I’m not making this up, there are a bunch of videos on Youtube showing how this was done. Nickleback is so extremely bad.

        The music producers did studies on which kinds of music tracks appealed to the widest audience, and then just kept remixing it with Nickleback lyrics!

        LOL, they are the modern day version of Milli Vanilli, but WORSE!

  8. Suck me says:

    A city full of union workers, petty and jealous of success? How shocking! But why are you signing a petition? Why not just send your thugs — this *is* Detroit after all.

  9. twellsy says:

    Do enough people still live in detroit to fill a stadium?

    1. MrB says:

      The Lions have sold out every game this season, numbskull.

      1. Ed Stark says:

        That’s only because half the city is living there as a ‘temporary’ shelter.

        Detroit. America’s punchline after the joke of liberalism.

  10. Doug says:

    Can we have Nickelback play halftime at the Superbowl instead of Madonna. She hasn’t been relevant in 20 years.

    1. dbyj says:

      And we wouldn’t have to look at her wrinkled old body. At least Nickelback wears clothes.

  11. GoPAC_HOU says:

    Detroit seriously ………..your Lions are going to get a good ole fashion spanking from the CHEESEHEADS! GO PAC! And you are worried about Nickelback performing at the half time show. The stadium might be half empty at half time due to the rousing score that the PACKERS put on your team..

    1. MrB says:

      How did it work out the last time the Packers were in Detroit, hmmm?

      1. NotSoMuch says:

        How’d it work out when Detroit won the Super Bowl last season? Oh, wait…

  12. Paul says:

    If I were nickelback I would refuse to play in such a sh!+y city. Why don’t these airheads sign a petition to get rid of their corrupt government leaders and get the city on track to survival

    1. sj1ofakind says:

      As a Detroiter, I find this petition embarrassing and rude.

  13. Doug Ragan says:

    Detroit of course is one of the single worst cities in the US, so the fact that they are in an uproar over having real entertainment is not surprising. Perhaps they would feel better about having another gansta rapper sing about drugs and slapping white women.

  14. This_Is_Stupid says:

    So 1 guy starts a petition because he doesn’t like Nickleback and convinces 43,000 other people who happen to agree with him to sign it. Who would he prefer play, and what would keep 1 other guy who doesn’t like HIS choice to start a petition and convince 43,000 other people who would agree with THAT GUY to sign it? This is stupid!

    1. Nickelback_is_terrible says:

      “Who would he rather play?”

      How about keeping it like 99% of the other NFL games and have nobody play? What a concept. The last time I checked it was a football game first and entertainment is optional. However, if I had to make a choice, I’d rather see homegrown talent like DJ Assault play “A&T” or “Yo Relatives” for 15 minutes to a sold out crowd than listen to one chord from Nickelback

      The people of Portugal had it right with Nickelback.

    2. lightlady says:

      no kidding. you can”t please everyone.someone is always going to be unhappy so either enjoy the show or don”t watch it. i didn”t like the black eyed peas at the super bowl but i didn’t start a petition. people need to find better things to do with their time.

  15. Matt says:

    Typical union b.s. state!! You should worry about your sorry state than worrying about a corny half time show

    1. Lyndon says:

      Not making union wages?
      I can’t blame you for being envious.
      Better luck next job.

  16. Jason says:

    Me thinks this is racist! Since Nickelback is NOT BLACK!

    1. melissatx says:

      Yeah, that Eminem is sooooo much better. NOT. The best thing about homeboy’s career is a Superbowl commercial for the auto industry. None of the people mentioned woulld be better, and the really good ones represent a Detroit that doesn’t exist any more. Maybe they are better off with some street rappers instead of a real band. At least they woul d better represent Detroit as it is today.

  17. Sparkle says:

    I would have thought the main complaint would be the fact Nickleback is from Canada. Buy American!

    1. Pete says:

      Nickleback’s drummer quit 3 Doors Down and came to play for them based in Vancouver. that would make them an international band if anything. American musicians have done the half time show before with no comments. Nickleback probably could care less if they paly in a dump like detroit. They are booked all over the world.

  18. deadwrestler says:

    Sly Stone is Homeless And broke can’t you through
    the guy a bone Detroit.

    1. ExDetroiter says:

      @deadwrestler Ummm I hate to break this to you deadwrestler, but the band “Sly and the Family Stone” were from San Fransico, California not Detroit, Michigan. Why would Detroit feel any need to sponser Sly when his own home city doesn’t?

  19. BB says:

    Funny how out of all the good things this person could fight for, he chooses to fight Nickelback! You people should really sit back and think “if we are going to get support of 43000 people, lets use it to get Nickelback out of our crummy, polluted, crime ridden city. ROFLMAO@Detroit. I hope someone flushes that toilet soon.

    1. Jonathan Badgley says:

      Funny how out of all the good things this person could fight for, he chooses [to comment inanely on this website]! You people should really sit back and think “if we are going to get support of 43000 people, lets use it to get [everyone to read my crummy, polluted, crime ridden drivel]. ROFLMAO@Detroit. I hope someone flushes [my] toilet soon.

      1. Nutstuyu says:

        Hi, I [replace] other people’s [words] and think I’m [really funny].

    1. cole says:

      lord, me too. the kind that would make a horse choke

      1. Jerry says:

        I had to break out the plunger

  20. ExDetroiter says:

    sounds like a Detroit style petition to me. Anyone else remember the anti-disco movement in Detroit? At it’s peak a Detroit radio station in set fire to a pile of disco records in Tiger Stadium (the Lions used to share the stadium). There were card carrying disco haters in detroit. Seriously some radio station (I think it was WRIF) had handed out glittery gold plastic cards that said D.R.E.A.D (Detroit Rockers Engaged in the Abolition of Disco). Now what says I hate disco more pointedly than a glittery gold plastic card in your wallet? Ignore it this behaviour is nothing new for Detroiters.

    1. Smart says:

      Nice try moron! The “fire” you are talking about was at Comisky Park (Chicago idiot) between the White Sox and the Tigers. It kills me how misinformed half of the people are on these post. Riots in LA after the Lakers won, murders in Chicago after the Bulls win. Detroit has a couple of burnt cars in 84′ ( I was there that was the worst of it) and the whole country thinks that happens every time we win a championship.

  21. This_Is_Stupid says:

    “Haven’t the good people of Detroit been through enough?”

    This is about the most inane statement I’ve ever heard! Mr. Ransom, if you truly feel this way, you probably ought to go live in a cave somewhere, because if a halftime show damages you this badly, you’re obviously too fragile to live in normal society. This is stupid!

    1. Jonathan Badgley says:

      No, Nickleback is stupid. It’s a matter of principle: they ought not have the right to play that music anywhere.

      1. Nutstuyu says:

        And how many records have you sold for your music? [crickets]

      2. Jonathan Badgley says:

        That’s a very good argument Nutstuyu, and it’s related to the way in which Nickelback sucks in the following ways:


        Good Job!

  22. M says:

    LOL this is too funny!! I signed the petition, Detroit!!

  23. George Plemons says:

    What you expect from a city where everyone with a brain is moving FROM there.

  24. Kim says:

    its a racist thing….we wouldn’t understand

  25. Jeff says:

    For how many years have we had to sit through a horrible Thanksgiving Day GAME played by the LIONS?? Give me a break.

  26. PKD says:

    No wonder Detroit sucks.

  27. Haha says:

    Dont want to hear real, successful musicians in detroit?? Whats the demographic of detroit anyway?? 75% BLACK and 25% I-WISH-I-WAS-BLACK-AND-BORN-IN-THE-GHETTO wiggers? Go get ICP. Theyll be happy.

    1. K. Brown says:

      If I was king i would give you Bieber and you would like it. HAHAHA. Look around your city Detroit. Isn’t livin the thug life grand? You reap the seeds you sow. Maybe you need to get Ted Nugent to move back and clean up your rat nest.

      1. bo says:

        Nugent would be an excellent choice. But he wouldn’t make it through security with his weapons. Come to think about it, I wonder how anyone from Detroit could get through security?

      2. WyattMann says:

        TED NUGENT — now that’s a Half Time Entertainment show!

    2. Drew says:

      What you have to realize is that the VAST majority of those attending this game probably live 20+ miles outside of Detroit. People living in Detroit aren’t buying Lions tickets, it is the suburbs that are buying them.

  28. Kim says:

    it’s a racist thing…we wouldn’t understand…..

    just sayin

  29. Brad says:

    Detroit…I thought you’d appreciate a Canadian band headlining…socialized medicine and all…Nickelback is “manufactured”? They actually play instruments…tell me what instrument Emininem plays again? They have to “manufacture” his tracks. Funny how they failed to mention Ted Nugent as a Detroit musician. He’s not manufactured at all – raw as it gets – would that satisfy you? I say start the petition to have “The Nuge.” play the Superbowl!

    1. cole says:

      they play predictable power chords and the song structure is laid out by their label. eminem would fall into this category as well. and ted nugent was the correct answer. replacing nickelback with anything else that still gets radio play is just swapping garbage with garbage.

  30. Norsky says:

    Good grief, and why is the halftime entertainment SO important?

    I’m sure if you live in Detroit there are much more critical issues to be concerned about.

  31. Paul77 says:

    Sounds like a job for the Motor City Madman himself! Terrible Teddy is the ONLY alternative

    1. saz says:

      Or Alice! Or Grand Funk!

      1. saz says:

        Or Kid Rock! Or best of all, Jack White!

  32. pcp says:

    I say bring in a good high school band from Detroit and skip the p|”Professional Bands that cost $$$ give the money to the needy in detroit.

  33. LanceManly says:

    This is a lie.

    Probably less than 33% are real people; the rest have voted and signed multiple times…


    These are whinners that won’t be happy no matter who you pick; and if you picked another band; another equally large group would disapprove of the next choice. Can’t make 100% of the people happy.

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      LOL, old habits die hard in the inner city I guess.

  34. Rob Adkerson says:

    I wonder how many of the petition signers will show up to voting booths.

    1. Jonathan Badgley says:

      Moral indignation, delicious. Keep posting, ur briliant.

  35. Leni says:

    If things are really so bad in Detroit, why don’t the people living there get more upset by more important things? …maybe they are, and that just isn’t getting reported by the media?

    1. Jonathan Badgley says:

      Thank you.

  36. Uli Kunkel says:

    Just listened to the song “When We Stand Together,” not exactly my style, but was more than listenable and the message was exemplary… And the alternative is grab the crotch, talkin’ about da ho’s! Give me a break, you could have been burdened with Bruce Springsteen or that schmuck with a symbol for a name!!!

    1. Lilly says:

      Oh yeah. And their “burn it down” has such an elightening message, too.

  37. Tommy D says:

    Where do I sign the petition. I hate this band that is ruining rock music.

  38. Paul says:

    I think a crack smoking session by all fans accompanied by a gang banger slug fest at mid field would be a more fitting half time for dirtroit

  39. d.e.kimbrell says:

    what about Grand Funk Railroad? they are from Flint, Mich.

    1. Paul says:

      Grand Funk? I believe they are all about 70 years old and probably couldn’t make it through one set. Get real.

  40. Drew says:

    I love the Lions, but outside of those who have tickets to the game, who listens to the halftime show anyway? What do these complainers want? Kiss? Bob Seger? Alice Cooper? I too grow tired of all these old bands. I’m not in favor of Nickelback, but I definitely don’t want to hear Kiss do another live performance. Unless Led Zepplin is doing a comeback tour, I, and I would believe most people, don’t care who does the halftime show in Detroit for Thanksgiving.

  41. W J says:

    Kid Rock and Bob Seger? Wow, sign me up.

    1. Gaucho says:

      Kid Rock sucks! He’s worse than Nickelback.

  42. Don says:

    With all that is seriously wrong with things in this country and especially Detroit Michigan, people worry about a group of white Canadians playing music at a ball game in a black city.No wonder nearly half the population is on the government dole, you people are not facing reality.Take your IPOD to the game and listen to what you want. Then petition to save your country from the politicians who are spending your grandchildren into poverty.Priorities, people.

    1. Jonathan Badgley says:

      With all that is seriously wrong with things in this country and especially Detroit Michigan, people worry about [ people who worry about a group of white Canadians playing music at a ball game] in a [I’m a racist] city.No wonder nearly half the population is on the government dole, you people are not facing reality [I don’t know how to see events as unconnected]. Take your IPOD to the game and listen to what you want. Then petition to save your country from the politicians who are spending your grandchildren into poverty. Priorities, people [because god knows you can’t spend ten seconds on the internet voting, that’s almost as much time as you could spend complaining about how much time it would take to do that]. Don, you seem really cute, do you want to make out with me and my strawman doll?

      1. Manalishi says:

        You’re a tool, Badgley….

  43. Ben says:

    I’m sure Bob Seger can get time off at his job at Taco Bell to do a concert. Detroit sucks.

  44. J. Wdzenczny says:

    Why not the Rockets?

  45. ontie1 says:

    Awwwww, stop your frigging whining, this isn’t a world changing thought, it’s just entertainment.

  46. get real says:

    lmao nickelback is garbage

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