I don’t understand how you can walk into a shower, watch a grown man rape a 10 year-old boy and just walk away without saying anything.

I don’t understand how you can watch a grown man take advantage of a tiny boy and not run into that shower and beat the living snot out of him.  How can you watch a child be violated and not turn red with rage?

Is keeping your job that important? Is making sure the program at Penn State keeps running that big a deal?

I guess so. 

I agree with those who say Penn State coach Joe Paterno should be fired for not being proactive enough when his former defensive coordinator used young, troubled boys as sexual toys and pets. It is the most heinous crime or scandal I’ve ever heard in sports. This sure beats getting free tattoos or scheduling extra practices.

Read the rest here at Terry Foster’s blog.

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  1. shadyrock says:

    So you run in and beat the guy up and then you go to jail and maybe he says you were the raping the kid. I blame the Parents for not saying something earlier and paying better attention to who was with their child.

  2. Save Ourselves says:

    This scandal is a by-product of the aggressor capitalist mentality that soaks America’s intelligence and ambition today. Americans are trained to hustle for the money. You have to win football games or wipe out employment and local economies to maintain the money flow to the rich. All is fair and all is justified in the name of profit and future growth. In a way Detroit has been abused by the same kind of thinking from automotive managements. Occupy America is the growing disgust

    1. Bob says:

      you’re an idiot..

  3. Tommy Smith says:


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