DETROIT (WWJ) – Are they “spreading the word” — or trying to divide the people?

A group of ministers think it’s the latter, and will hold a march and rally outside of Ford Field on Friday.  That’s where a group dubbed “The CALL: Detroit”  will be holding a pray rally.

Imam Abdullah el Amin from the Muslim Center in Detroit responds to those who suggest that Muslims are somehow linked to the country’s economic crisis.

“I’m very grateful for my brothers who – we know each other – work together for many, many years. They have seen me on the street fighting against hunger, fighting against homelessness, fighting against immorality in the streets and they know that our religion is not what these people that are coming here to this city … or where ever they are coming from to spread this division,” said Abdullah el Amin.

Reverend Edwin Rowe, pastor of Central United Methodist Church in Detroit, takes issue with the message the group is sending.

“The issue is putting yourself in the place of God, and saying these people are in and these people are out, and playing God and telling people if your are really a Christian you are going to come and save these folks who happen to live in a city that’s 85 percent African-American,” said Rowe.

The group of Imams say they want to promote peace, and not division.

People and groups opposing the Ford Field rally will hold their own rally at the Occupy Detroit site in downtown Detroit.

Comments (5)
  1. dieshard says:

    The muzzies are scared>>>GOOD!!!! Their filthy religion should be banned as racist and woman hating, and child raping !!! isslumm is NOT a religion it is the devil’s handywork. muzzslums suck!!!

  2. Walter Harris says:

    These are people coming to this city to fast and pray for 24 or a moving of the holy spirit a revival not only in some ways spiritual but physical. These are mighty men and women of God coming to stand in the gap with us in prayer for this once great city. As far as Rev Rowe is concerned go back and read your new testament. Its not about coming to this city to save but intercessory prayer putting themselves in our place feeling our despair and knowing that it going to take a mighty act of God to save this city and I believe this nation. We have fallen away from our faith as Christians and its time we repent and seek the lord. As for the muslims the only bibically based promise that you have is the promise of Ishmael that he would have many descendants and would be a wild ass of a man his hand against everyone and everyone’s hand against him a prophecy which has come to pass.

    1. Rev. Mr. Mike Chesley says:

      As a Christian and a Catholic cleric I cannot condone hate groups that act in the name of God. This group fuels hatered to another group, and that kind of fruit cannot come from anything good, God dosn’t breed hate. Rev. Edwin Rowe of the Central Methodist Church has said it perfectly, that “We put our selves in the place of God.”
      “Love one another as I have loved you”. Jesus Christ

      Deacon Mike

  3. Marla Rush says:

    Wow, how the news can promote the story they want and not the truth. How many of you watched any of the video’s on The Call? Not one is clamming this event to be about hate. This is about the city repenting of their sins , fasting and praying and crying out to God through worship. Such as the scripture says. Dont believe what the media say, we all know they work for a story. Seek the truth and go to The Call on googles and hear for yourself what their intent truly is. Never in any of the promotions are they saying this is about the muslim religion.. Shame on you Christians!! You know the Devil will get busy on weak minds to try to stop clarity. You know the bible speaks against same sex relation,among other sins…
    . These six things the LORD hates,
    Yes, seven are an abomination to Him:
    17 A proud look,
    A lying tongue,
    Hands that shed innocent blood,
    18 A heart that devises wicked plans,
    Feet that are swift in running to evil,
    19 A false witness who speaks lies,
    And one who sows discord among brethren.
    So before you play judge you need to hear the defense side through their own words which is available on the internet.

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