Good Question: Who Won The GOP Debate In Michigan?

By Christy Strawser
CBS Detroit Managing Editor
Texas Gov. Rick Perry generated the “oops” moment heard — or not heard — around the world at the GOP debate at Oakland University in Rochester when he blanked on the name of a federal department he wants to eliminate.

It created an uncomfortable few minutes in the auditorium according to legal analyst, witness and Talk1270 morning show host Charlie Langton.

Perry turned his gaffe into a joke Thursday, asking supporters on his website to name the federal department they would most like to forget. And he told the national media there was no way his small death in Michigan meant a campaign coffin — He vowed to go on. The cowboy boot-loving Texan jokingly admitted he “stepped in it.”

“Perry response will be on highlight reels for years to come,” business legend Jack Welch tweeted.

As for the other candidates: With help from Michigan native Mitt Romney, Herman Cain skated on questions about women coming forward to claim he sexually harassed them in his past life as a Washington lobbyist. He stuck to his 9-9-9 tax code mantra, no matter which question was asked.

Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul had no major gaffes and stuck to their campaign messages. Newt Gingrich was briefly caught in a “gotcha” moment when he was asked about pay he received from federally backed mortgage giants Fannie and Freddie Mac — entities he opposes. Laughter erupted in the audience when he said the problem was they didn’t listen to him.

Overall, the verdict was unanimous among spinmasters and political pundits: Romney won.

Do you agree?

  • kev07wan

    I completely agree. Romney’s only worry now is a rising Gingrich, but I don’t think Newt sealed the deal on that last night. His flub with the female moderator over the media’s incompetency reminded the nation of the 1990’s recalcitrant Speaker of the House. And Frannie and Freddie reminded everyone of just how much baggage Newt carries..

  • fdgfhf

    Paul is the only one who didn’t give cookie cutter responses fed to him by campaign interns. I can’t believe the trash that we have competing for a position this important. Wake up, America.

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  • RP2012

    We all know that the MSM is now going to PUSH Newt as the so called ‘Front Runner’…now that the Cain Train has come to a grinding halt! Here we go again…

    Ron Paul 2012!!

  • m.r.


    That’s a big negative.
    It’s going to be Romney and Paul. I called it months ago. These two have what is called in politics as a ground game + cash. They have both been here before.
    The others are moving around because of the popularity polls + the media push. The media does not want a Paul vs. Flip Romney because they know that there is an anti establishment fervor among the DISENCHANTED POPULACE and that could be a tipping point they fear.
    You will see a propping up of Newt Gingrich which was also predicted after the Cain scanda

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