TROY (WWJ) – It was another day of presidential politics in Michigan, as three members of this week’s Republican debate at Oakland University stuck around in the state on Thursday.

Among them was native Michigan son and presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who, speaking at the American Polish Cultural Center in Troy, made some unexpected comments related to General Motor’s 2009 bankruptcy.

“Someone said, a long time ago, as goes General Motors, so goes the nation. Boy, I sure hope that’s not the case, alright. Because General Motors went bankrupt, and I don’t want to see the nation following down the path that Detroit’s gone down,” said Romney.

“But the same policies that you’re seeing that were mis-applied in Detroit could well take this country in that kind of direction,” he said, making no mention of GM’s success or profits this year.

Romney also talked about his ride through the city.

“I drove through parts of Detroit. I was over in Grosse Pointe. It breaks my heart, I have to tell you, to see the city the way I see it now,” he said.

Romney talked about how Michigan could benefit from his plan to get the economy going.

“I have a very specific plan that will balance our budget and that’ll cut spending. I’m gonna get it cut by $500 billion a year. I’m gonna make sure that we get spending as a percentage of the economy from 25, that it is today, down to 20,” he said.

Romney, whose father was the governor of Michigan, said President Barack Obama’s policies have not helped the state.

“We can’t keep spending more money than we take in. We’ve got to cut federal spending, cap it, and make sure we balance our budget — and I will get that job done,” he said.

Republican Presidential hopeful Herman Cain also stayed in the Metro area, visiting with members of the Michigan Tea Party at a luncheon in Ypsilanti.  He drew frequent applause during his comments, including sharing his desire to eliminate the current U.S. tax code.

And former House speaker Newt Gingrich held a town hall meeting at Metro Airport Thursday morning with supporters, before heading back out on the campaign trail.

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  1. Dan says:

    Yea Yea….. All of the candidates have Big plans to solve our problems. Look at Obama and how he fell off the wagon on his plans! Of course few remember Romney’s father’s comment about being brain washed about the Vietnam war.

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