By Beth Fisher

DETROIT (WWJ) – Vice President Joe Biden has given U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow’s campaign a verbal and financial boost with an address to contributors at a fundraising event in downtown Detroit.

Biden told Stabenow backers that the Democrat is “an incredible asset” to Michigan and to working people around the country. He says the Obama administration inherited an “awfully deep hole” when it came into office.

WWJ’s Beth Fisher reports that Vice President Joe Biden pledged continued U.S. support of Israel as he spoke at a fundraiser for Yeshiva Beth Yehuda Sunday evening in Detroit.

“It’s in American national security interest that Israel remain free, secure in a democratic state in the Middle East,” said Biden.

Biden, speaking at the Marriott RenCen , says we are witnessing the most sustained effort to de-legitimize Israel and that Israeli’s know they can count on the U.S.



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