AUBURN HILLS (WWJ) – The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus is celebrating its 200th year of daring stunts and animal acts.

To the shouts of “Come one, come all step right up, folks don’t be shy, we’ve got sights your eyes have never seen …”

WWJ’s Mike Campbell reports that the circus appears as popular and spectacular as ever, packing three shows at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Saturday, and continuing through Sunday.

The Circus is celebrating its 200th year — with the same great animal acts, and high-wire and death-defying stunts … plus a lot of electronics, lighting and some pyrotechnics … And the music is still ‘live.’

Still a chance to catch the circus this year, with 2 shows on Sunday.

A few protesters waved signs alleging animal cruelty by the circus as show-goers entered the Palace parking lot.

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  1. Janie's Mom says:

    Let’s teach our children to respect animals by seeing them in their natural states, not as captives forced and beaten into unnatural displays for our entertainment. With the Internet at our fingertips there are no excuses for not educating yourself about the abusive and inhumane lives the exotic animals live. YouTube is full of videos showing the entire circus industry beating their elephants to make them perform.

    1. Heather says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I posted some undeniable video proof of Ringling’s egregious behavior towards animals, but apparently that comment didn’t make the moderator’s cut, because I don’t see it displayed here. Their rap sheet with the USDA consists of over 16 pages of animal welfare violations (and you have to be pretty consistently awful to draw a citation from the USDA). Many other countries and cities have outlawed the use of circus animals, as should any culture that wants to continue to view itself as civilized. There is no justification for subjecting any living thing to these abusive and torturous conditions in the name of “entertainment”. I was one of those protestors, and hope that H.R. 3359 will pass in its original verbiage, so that these kinds of displays of public education will no longer be necessary. Please do your homework before choosing a word like “alleging”.

  2. TIM~ says:

    I started a Circus in Atlanta GA myself ( We dont use animals, but think their needs to be more circus in the world, the color the lights, the sights.. its all quite amazing.

    Thanks for writing up a bit about this show!

  3. HareNirm says:

    you will like mbt suprisely

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