DETROIT (WWJ) – Affirmations, Metro Detroit’s Center for Lesbian and Gay people has expanded its services. In June, the center has named a new executive director; Antonio David Garcia. He says there are many issues to address.

“In the state of Michigan in 2011 we still do not have anti-bullying legislation and if you’ve been paying attention to the news, you know, the conservative controlled house, the Senate passed bullying legislation that actually had in it a religious and moral exemption to bullying,” said Garcia.

Garcia says the state house has taken out the religious exception language which he says was ridiculed throughout the country. But states that the current anti-bullying bill has very weak enforcement measures …”time and time across the country we see when that happens they are virtually ineffective,” he said.

Right now it’s illegal for the gay and lesbian to adopt and that domestic partner benefits are under attack in the state said Garcia.

Garcia says Affirmations is expanding its hours and working on a strategic plan that includes counseling and mental health services.

Comments (2)
  1. Tim Hurley says:

    Garcia distorts the truth. The so-called religious exemption was introduced as part of the language because of a vocal minority of idiots in the LBGT community who refer to Disciples of Christ as haters for loving gays while not co-signing deviant sexual behavior. Because a believer does not accept something contrary to the word of God does not make them “bullies”.

  2. john duffy says:

    Tim – calling people “idiots” and “deviants” is social and emotional bullying. Look it up.

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