Awards And Certifications From November 14

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Software Company Campfire Interactive named to Lead411 Top Tech 200 List: For the second consecutive year, Campfire Interactive, Inc., an Ann Arbor based software company, was named to the Lead411’s Top Technology companies. Rankings were delivered by calculating the highest percentage of growth from 2008 to 2010. The requirements include being a private company located in the United States and having revenues of over $1 million in 2010. Thousands of users in medium-size to Fortune 500 companies use software developed by Campfire ( to identify, plan and develop their product portfolios. Business processes addressed by Campfire include opportunity management, sales forecasting, market share management, competitor intelligence management, cost and price estimation, and change cost management. Customers choose Campfire solutions for its unique and powerful capabilities for making critical business decisions that span across financial, engineering, manufacturing, and timing information.

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