DETROIT (WWJ) – A meeting Monday between Detroit officials and animal rights activists focused on policies on dealing with stray dogs. This comes after ACE, a stray pit bull, was euthanized despite appeals from rescue groups offering to take the animal.

Among those in attendance were city department administrators, a city law department representative and the dog’s owner.

Steve Serkaian with Mayor Dave Bing’s office said the two sides will meet again to review a proposal by the activists.

“To try to deal with the matter of dogs that we have at our animal control shelter, so that their fate would not necessarily be putting them down after being in our custody for four days,” Serkaian, stressing, however, that safety remains their number one priority.

“If we can get these dogs off the street and we can work with groups to make sure that dogs that can be rehabilitated in safe homes and managed homes, and don’t end up back on the streets of Detroit, than we are willing to have that conversation,” he said.

There was no immediate word on when the activists would have their proposal ready.

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