DETROIT (WWJ) – Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has moved into a larger and more expensive home in Texas as he continues to seek lower restitution payments and taxpayer-funded financial support for his legal team.

The 5,000-square-foot home in Grand Prairie, Texas, renews concerns that Kilpatrick is living above his means while making small restitution payments to the city and seeking taxpayer-funded support of his legal defense team against federal racketeering charges.

Kilpatrick ended up in prison in May 2010 after he violated his parole by failing to honestly disclose his assets while owing the city $1 million in restitution.

Kilpatrick is paying the city back little by little as he tries to pay off an $860,000 tab … at the rate of $150 a month.

In response to the media reports, Kilpatrick issued the following statement:

Kwame Kilpatrick Addresses Inaccurate Reporting by Detroit Media Regarding Recently Leased Home

I have been made aware of the media reports, today, that proffer the notions that I have moved into a “much more expensive home,” and that this move may have been done without the knowledge of the Texas Parole authorities.

Both of these assertions are completely false.

Texas Parole authorities’ involvement began the moment that it became a necessity for my family to move from our previous home. Their involvement continued through the process of finding a new home, approving it for a move, to the point of actually moving into the new leased residence. All parole procedures were followed and approval was sought, and received, from the Texas Parole authorities prior to our move. Texas parole has also visited the new home several times according to their policies of supervision.

Our new home is approximately two city blocks from the previous one. By the Grace of God, the compulsory move did not force our children out of their current schools, and neighborhood environment.

Also, the assertion that we moved into a “much more expensive home” is also false. Its true that the home is bigger, but our cost have slightly improved, and we are working to reduce them even further.

Again, I believe that you have reported on these matters, albeit inaccurately, because the privacy of the parole process substantially limits your ability to receive information. Thankfully, that privacy works to protect the parolee and his/her family and promotes and procures a more positive transition back into society.

I have followed EVERY rule, procedure, policy and obligation of my parole requirements. And, I will continue to do so.

I humbly ask that you please stop the false assertions and intimations in your reporting.

Thank you.

Comments (3)
  1. Lets Do the Kwame Hustle says:

    This guy continues to con the powers that be. He’s only paying $160 / month on a $860,000 debt to Detroit. It will take hime 488 years to repay it. Kwame continues to work the fools that run the city.

  2. dieshard says:

    Guess What?? We the people of Detroit want you BACK!! You self-centered useless pig lover!! We want to kick your assets. You are living large on Detroit’s money. Time to come “home” to your very own 12 by 12 room!! AND YES THE PARTY HAPPENED THE JUDGES KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!!!

  3. jack says:

    A damn lying stinkin crook thats what you are , even in prison you had perks …you were able to write a stinkin book you crook , and now your selling a bill of goods to the people of detroit , a book full of lies , and getting a profit so you can wear tailored clothing and drive an expensive suv shame on you , you should be back in prison where you belong , and paying the tab … not the tax payers here !! SHOWER DOWN FOOL !!

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