Pat Caputo: Lions’ Stafford Gives Worst Performance Since Rookie Season

If the Lions had gone to Chicago Sunday, played reasonably well and were beaten, it would have been far from ideal, but at least it would have been somewhat acceptable. Instead, in their most meaningful game in a long time in regard to reaching the playoffs, the Lions beat themselves. They played poor football, and in just about every way, during a 37-13 loss to the Bears.

It begins with quarterback Matthew Stafford. It was easily the third-year QBs worst performance since his rookie season.

It just wasn’t the two passes that were intercepted and returned for touchdowns. Or the four interceptions overall. It was the missed throws. Especially in the scoring zone. Worse than any individual plays, Stafford lost his poise. That’s the worst thing a quarterback can do, and was out of character based on what we’ve come to expect from Stafford.

Read the rest here at The Oakland Press.

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  • mrprimetime313

    The Leos are really taking a beating nationally today. All you hear is how the lions are bullies and finally got what they deserved. Funny…these are the same people who still revere the Jets, who have lost some moxie, and the Pats, who have lost their last 3 playoff games, 2 at home…Do we take serious stock as to what the national media is saying about the lions or is it just a case of it finally being the liions’ turn to get ridiculed. All teams have been at some point this season…
    Dave in Detroit

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