During this time of year, the celebration of Thanksgiving brings to mind those who started the tradition – the Pilgrims.

Here’s a look back at what it was like for these brave settlers.

Their journey started in the fall of 1620 on board the ship, Mayflower.

They set course from England’s Plymouth Harbor and, after 66 days at sea, they landed in what is now known as Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Quarters on the ship were cramped for the 102 Pilgrims. They prepared for their new lives by packing food to last the year, tools for building and farming, and muskets for hunting.

Once they arrived in the New World on November 9, they built timber-framed houses and planted crops such as peas, beans, wheat and corn.

The following fall, grateful for a successful harvest, the Pilgrims feasted for several days with the Native Americans they had learned to trade and farm with – and the holiday we call Thanksgiving was first celebrated.

Find out more from Geneology Today and Scholastic.


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