By Christy Strawser
CBS Detroit Managing Editor
As more retailers try to turn Thanksgiving Thursday into Black Friday — some employees are fighting back.

More than 80,000 people signed an online petition on  asking retail giant Target to reverse its decision to open its doors on Thanksgiving Day — and allow workers to spend the holiday with family and friends.

There are hundreds of comments on the petition supporting retail workers’ rights to Thanksgiving Day off, including this one from Caroline Hemenway: “This is absurd! Corporations are treating their workforce like serfs and fomenting a toxic consumer culture. Pure, unadulterated greed.”

The campaign was launched by Anthony Hardwick, a Target employee from Omaha, Nebraska, following news that the company’s management had moved the standard Black Friday opening time from 5 a.m. on Friday to midnight on Thanksgiving. The new opening time will require employees to arrive at work by 11 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

“All Americans should be able to break bread with loved ones on Thanksgiving,” said Hardwick, who works as a part-time parking attendant at a Target store in Omaha, in a press release from “With the midnight opening, employees like myself will have to leave for work right in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner. We don’t mind hard work, but cutting into our holidays is a step too far.”

“If Target doesn’t reverse its decision and allow associates to spend Thanksgiving holidays with their family, they might suffer from a fast-growing consumer backlash,” Hardwick added.

Will they? After Target, Macy’s, Best Buy and Kohl’s announced plan to open at midnight on Thanksgiving — the biggest fish of them all — Walmart — decided to go even further and open at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills, Mich., will open at 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving and Tanger Outlets in Howell and West Branch, Mich., will open at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

“We’re trying to stay ahead of the curve,” explained Steve Schuknecht, general manager of the Tanger Outlet Center in Howell. “We’ll offer a free premium $10 gift card to the first 250 people in line when we open. We do try to drive traffic that way and create a buzz.”

That may be a bonanza for avid shoppers, but how about all those hard-working retailers who have to leave their families to man the registers? Schuknecht takes it in stride.

“I don’t like the fact I have to come in on Thanskgiving, but when you work in retail it’s the nature of the beast,” Schuknecht said. “I understand the value of it. Our traffic has been tremendous.”

Other major retailers are choosing to remain closed on Thanksgiving Day, citing their employees’ right to a holiday.

“We wanted to give our associates Thanksgiving Day to spend with their families,” said Bill Gentner, senior vice president for marketing at J.C. Penney, in an interview with the New York Times.

Locally, when news first broke about retailers turning Thanksgiving Thursday into Black Friday, Jennifer Hamilton Boisvenue posted on CBS Detroit’s Facebook wall, “No ‘thing’ is worth more than my time whether it’s time relaxing at home or spent with friends for the holiday. Pure insanity all in the name of consumerism.”

Facebook fan Chris Stearns wrote, “And I thought 4 a.m. was too early to get up and go shopping.”

Comments (546)
  1. Pamela Curtis says:

    I have had to work on Thanksgiving Day for many years in retail and in the computer industry. Those that are fortunate enough to have employment in these tough economic times should be thankful for the extra hours on Thanksgiving Day and they may be receiving Holiday Pay over and above their basic salary. The economy could use this boost. The Thanksgiving celebration is able to work around the request by employers to schedule work, Thanksgiving Day is 24 hours. Have a great Thanksgiving and may God Bless everyone on Thanksgiving Day.

    1. Timothy Donner says:

      I am so tired of hearing “Those lucky enough to be employed in tough economic times.” That is the battle cry of greedy corporations. I worked at Best Buy where positions were stripped, hours were minimized all due to the tough economic climate, but turn around and guess what ANOTHER STORE GOES UP. Don’t buy into that BS. THEY ARE LUCKY TO HAVE US TO MAKE THEM MONEY. They should be GIVING US THE 20 gift cards for leaving time with loved ones THAT EVERYONE ELSE HAS OFF.

      There is something else that isn’t being addressed. FULL TIME WORKERS given the bare minimum of hours to bolster their performance. It’s not called un-employed. It’s called UNDER EMPLOYED. Trust me, I’ve seen the tatics. So go on, have fun with your family, while low paid workers are losing time with theirs.

      1. Frank says:

        pssst – ALL CAPS makes you look rather pathetic

        just sayin’

        and don’t forget the cheese on my triple-stack next time

        1. Aj says:

          Psssst- Sentences not structured properly as well as no punctuation make you look even more pathetic than the one you are so ridiculously attempting (in your case, unsuccessfully) to ridicule.
          Oh yeah, >>>>>>>>>>Just sayin

          1. Jerry says:

            Ok, AJ, PSSSST is not a word, and sentences don’t contain >>>>>>>. Just sayin’

          2. Michele says:


      2. Marcus Porcius says:

        Whiners of the world unite! Working Thanksgiving is the worst thing ever! Evil, greedy corporations (without which we wouldn’t have jobs at all) are forcing us to work low paid jobs on a holiday that many of us (liberals, Marxists, etc.) think is racist and offensive to “Native Americans!” Without us they would have nobody to make them money (except the millions of unemployed out there desperate for work)! I promise you that if we refuse to show up, there is no chance that they could find another desperate, unemployed, unskilled worker to replace any of us…in less than five minutes! After not being educated,trained, or ambitious enough to work somewhere that has real career benefits like good pay and benefits, we have earned the right to complain about having to work a job that any trained chimp could do just as well and with less attitude!

        1. Poverty By Design says:

          OK marcus i’m going to give you your perfect world. Everyone now has a degree and i mean everyone (cause that’s all it takes right , everyone making the right choices). So we have a America full of Doctors, Lawyers, CEO…..Oh wait dont really need CEO’s now as there arent any workers. Ok Ok scratch the CEO, well wait a minute a Doctor really cant be up to snuff with out Drivers to transfer organs hmm oh heck and i also forgot about the Billing department so the Doc can make sure he gets paid, and looks like the hospital has gotten filthy since noone does unskilled labor anymore.. Well we still have the Lawyers right, wellll not really because everyone went for higher education and the dream, theres no longer Officers to man the jails, or Cops to arrest the criminals so the Lawyers have no system to function inside of. Well Marcus i tried man, why dont you explain to me how everyone can do the “right” thing in your world.

      3. John says:

        “Greedy corporations” is a stupid term. Corporations exist to make money. They offer voluntary employment. If someone doesn’t want to work for Target, they can choose to work for a different company with different hours.

      4. Steve StClair says:

        I spent 20 years in the miilitary and every year spent at least 1 holiday away from my familiy and I never complained or got free gift cards. If you don’t like the practices of the company you work for then QUIT. Stop complaining and do something about it.

        1. Sherri says:

          God Bless you. Thank you for your service to our country. Most of my family is military, and they don’t get to come home for holidays. Many military do not get a home cooked meal on the holidays. Yet, they do their job and don’t complain one bit.

      5. statesrule says:

        What’s the problem with our youth today?…when I started working in the ’70s, I was making $300/month, going to school, and working 8-10 per day, 6 to 7 per week. It is shameful to here of folks complaining about having to work to earn their way. We were all born into this world naked and the only rights we have are the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness <—these are our only entitlements. Everything other than those rights are privileges that must be earned. It has to be earned not entitled. Just as this, OWS is a leftist facade. America was built upon hard working people fighting for freedom. These folks better be careful…they could become slaves as many are in other countries…Be thankful for all that has been gifted to us.

      6. William Jenkins says:

        Do you know why these practices continue? Because you let them.

        If nobody wanted those jobs, they’d have to change the way they do business. But nope – you empower them and just whine about it.

        You’re the problem, not the solution.

      7. Arun says:

        No one is forcing you to work at Best Buy if you don’t like the company and its policies then leave. I am sick and tired of people complaining about their job conditions. This is a free country and you have a choice. Stop complaining

      8. Educated and I have holidays off says:

        Then go to college and get a real job.

        1. Marie says:

          This is the most ignorant comment I’ve ever seen. I’m sure plenty of these people have gone to college, and this is the best job they can get. Do you pay attention to any of the studies that show more and more college graduates working minimum wage jobs because of the poor economy? Go back to college and read some.

        2. Laura says:

          How much debt did you have. College is not the answer. I know people working McDonald, Target, Kmart,Walmart, all with college degrees and 50000-100000 in debt. That is more than I paid for the home I have. And I do have a real job. And I do not sit on my butt behind a desk.

      9. Sitdown Shutup says:

        Frank–so far I have seen you on this board twice…you ordered CHEESE on your triple stack in one comment and extra fries in at least one more.

        I know where you spend your Thanksgiving…alone taking up a whole booth at McDonalds before which you’ll be proud to be the first in line Wednesday for that $200 laptop.
        You’re not funny. Shut up you idiot.

      10. Joel says:

        So everyone’s argument is essentially, “Let them eat cake.” That always works well…

        The idea of, “You have a job, don’t complain,” or “back in my day,” or “just quit your job,” while nice as a conservative platitude, doesn’t work in reality. Here’s the issue: The ‘free market’ is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t exist. When corporations control the workforce they can treat humans as less than humans. So you argue, “Go start a business,” but I can’t because the corporation has the ear of the local legislature to slap so many regulations on me that I can’t start a viable business. “Get another job!” I would, but I can only get one at a corporation, which has the same rules as the current corporation. I’m simply going from one master to another. “Back in my day…” you had a strong economy, less people to compete with, and lower expenses. You say go to college and get an education, but for many of us mommy and daddy couldn’t pay for our college, and getting loans is too risky considering the current economic climate.

        At the end of the day, what everyone needs to realize is that human beings have innate rights that are to be recognized not just by the government, but by companies as well. While there certainly is a trade-off between the employees and the corporation’s right to make a profit, forcing people to leave their families – which is the basis of our society (how can conservatives talk about family values when they support anti-family business practices?) – goes beyond what is acceptable between the employer-employee ethic.

        Of course, my post won’t change anything because most people – both liberal and conservative – would rather quote bumper stickers than actually think on this issue.

        1. Chris Kelley says:

          Exceptionally well said, Joel.

        2. Mitch Rapp says:

          Let me summarize this post: “I am a hopeless loser who has an excuse for every failure. It is all outside of my control and everyone else’s’ fault when bad things happen so I don’t even try.” Pathetic.

        3. John says:

          No Joel… Sounds like you and other on here just want to blame everyone but yourself. Take some personal responsibility.

          if not working on holidays is important. Don;t work in retail or other industries where it is required.

          College loans aren’t risky, if you seek out affordable collegese, good loan terms, and pursue a career that pays.

          Or you can just keep blaming everyone else…

      11. allhaileris says:

        Everyone else has off?

        Soldiers? Cops? Firefighters? Healthcare workers? Newspaper workers? Convenience store clerks? Cab drivers? Airport workers? etc. etc.

        There are many people working across a great spectrum of jobs. Suck it up. Get a degree in something useful and value-ad yourself. You aren’t making anyone money. You’re unskilled labor. You are easily replaced because it takes like 5 minutes to train your replacement. When it takes 6-8 years and $100,000 + to train your replacement, you’ll have some leverage. Until then, get working…or you WILL be replaced by someone more willing.

      12. Willis says:

        Are they requiring the workers to work a normal shift on the holiday (I.e. 8 hrs.)? Or is everyone supposed to work mandatory overtime and longer hours, such as a 12 hour shift? I agree the former is perfectly fine, this is America and you can find an employer who doesn’t request you to work on holidays. But the latter case of being made to work a longer shift on top of working a holiday, that’s a little far. Is that happened at all here?

      13. Timothy Donner says:

        Seems as though all the hate and insults directed at me is by calling me a low wage worker. Funny.

        So to clarify. I am simply saying retail workers have a right to spend time with their family, yet that makes me an awful person, lazy, etc.

        FYI I was MVP at Best Buy many times. I garnered a BBQ set, a volleyball, and several gift cards. That was when the company was really great to work for. They were also closed Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. The pay was fair for the time and the perks working there were fantastic. Things change. “The economy” excuse is the reason why it’s changing. Workers were given more responsibility and duties, positions stripped, etc.

        I have quit, and have run my own business for 2 years which is doing really well. I learned a lot there. About how to treat people who work for you, how little tokens no matter how small mean a lot in terms of loyalty and appreciation.

        I don’t live in Mom’s basement, I am educated, I floss. Just because I speak out against a corporations tactic doesn’t make me lazy or uneducated. I’m just trying to protect an American Tradition, for the rest of us.

        Hop on and sign the petition, it takes two seconds, and I’m pretty sure it’ll make a lot of fellow American’s happy.

    2. Sikov It says:

      “You’re lucky to have a job” is growing old!.. yes I agree, I am lucky to have a job right now, but for companies to use this as leverage to work us like slaves is deplorable. To exploit your worker’s fear of being jobless creates a horrible psychological stress. Usually the people that you hear say that are salaried employees who you normally don’t see standing shoulder to shoulder with the grunts when they are made to sacrifice time with loved ones.
      Many people are willing to work OT on their own terms for the extra money we all need. But when companies REQUIRE you to do it, it becomes a different environment.

      1. Frank says:

        I suggest you quit your slave job and start your own company.

        yeah, didn’t think so….

        extra fries, please

      2. Stark Reality says:

        God forbid a company require you to do something. Oh America, you are missed.

      3. Where'sTheRealAmerica says:

        Wow, making you work on your company’s schedule constitutes slavery? How about they start breaking out whips and chains, and take away of the paycheck, then we can start discussing slavery.

        You should be lucky you have a job because it sounds like you don’t want to have to work for your paycheck, grow up. If you want to work the hours you want, and get the OT on your own terms, then get off your butt and start your own business. Until then keep in mind you are the employee, they will schedule you around their needs, not yours.

      4. jimmyboy says:

        I agree. This is an exploitation of the workforce and a result of nothing more than organizational greed. I understand you have to stay competitive with Walmart etc, but have some common decency and respect for family. Isn’t it enough that xmas has lost its purpose? now thanksgiving too? take a breath. shop amazon.

      5. M says:

        I was one of those “salaried” people and I do not remember “hourly” people working 20 hours straight when the night crew did not show up. I do not remember “hourly” people not taking a lunch or working 6 days a week. I worked 60-70 hours per week while “hourly” people work part-time to up to 40 hours. Who is missing time with who? ON average, I made less per hour than the “hourly” people.

        Did I complain, No. It was the job and it required the extra work sometimes. What did I do? I got another job M-F weekends off with my college degree that I worked for when I was “hourly”. I also opened my own retail store. (we are closed on Thanksgiving by the way-paid holiday for my employees even though we only have 5 employees)

        So you are not a slave when you can quit and go find another job.

      6. Sammie Jo says:

        SLAVES? cops and firemen work holidays, so do doctors and nurses and a host of other occupations. Hardly slaves.
        While I agree that the stores shouldn’t be open on Thanksgiving, I don’t agree with all the whining. Your boss says you have to work, put on your big girl/boy pants and suck it up or go work for yourself then you can make the rules.
        You work for the company, they don’t work for you, the company gets to REQUIRE anything they want, if you don’t like it, work elsewhere.
        The company is not doing anything illegal or outside of the labor laws.

      7. Michael says:

        Anthony eats Thanksgiving dinner at 11:pm? We usually have our dinner as the midday meal or at latest early afternoon.As for going in to work. We do what needs to be done to survive. Is it wrong ?,Maybe. Will it keep your job to go in early?, Probably.

      8. Adam J. says:

        The same people saying Target is a greedy corporation treating their workers like Slaves by not letting them have Thanksgiving off are the same EXACT liberals who denounce and deride the holiday as the beginning of white oppression in the New World. Its the Holidays man! It is retail, the busiest time of the year. JC Penny’s is closed on Thanksgiving. And guess what-they are struggling to stay solvent. Would you want your Tax Accountant to take off on April 14th-you know, the day you always file your taxes? I worked lame jobs in high school and college. It’s life.

      9. Grant Koven says:

        Can I have your Job? I would gladly work thanksgiving for some extra cash. I applied at Target about a year ago but they said I was overqualified because I have a double major in chemistry and business. :-[ I’m struggling to even find food to eat right now. I’m sitting here drinking a cup of hot water from the coffee shop, stealing wireless on a 7 year old laptop to apply for jobs (but I read the news to decompress in the morning). Anyway you suck sikov. People like you put the country in this situation that is now killing people like me.

      10. Kristen says:

        Perhaps if you had made better life choices you would not work in retail. No one owes you an apology for having to work and I assure you that the store managers at Target who did go to college will be there working right along with you as well. Your bitterness and contempt need to be refocused at yourself. I didn’t get my cush, corner office with a view job by sitting on my ass expecting people to give me time off. Suck it up and deal with it.

      11. ZudZ says:

        Sikov It – So quit. You want to know what REAL psychological stress is??? How about giving 16 years of your life to a company abd then losing your job. How about losing your home and having to file for bankruptcy? How about not having ANY medical coverage for your family. How about your entire savings account used up just to pay reant???? You are a real gem, aren’t you, you crybaby. I hope target fires every single one of you who signed that petition and hire 80,000 of us 14 million who are out of work. You make me want to puke!

        1. Dave says:

          How many retail jobs have you applied to so that wouldn’t happen to you?

      12. Tandemfusion says:

        Silliness. employees of hotels and motels, convenience stores, gas stations, fire departments, police departments, security companies, alarm companies and any number of other businesses work 365 days a year.

      13. Joey says:

        It is absolutely absurd that people are forced to work on thanksgiving!!! Not only should the poor employees of Target have the day off but so should Doctors, Cops and Firefighters. Its just not fair that they not get to spend time with their families on such an important day.
        ***rolls eyes***

      14. JDS says:

        My favorite bumper sticker: STOP GLOBAL WHINING

        The guy that wrote that one had the SIKOVs of the world in mind.

        TO JOEL : My wife & I got sick of our corporate jobs, quit, started our own business, struggled, succeeded & never looked back. After reading your post I would have to agree that you could never do it but not for the reasons you gave.

      15. Jan S says:

        So, just because it’s Thanksgiving, people should not be working because it’s a holiday. Well, with that logic, I hope you don’t start choking on your turkey bone as the EMT and ER docs will be off as well as the nurses and hospital administration. And pray that no one decides to break into your home because the alarm system company and policemen will be eating pumpkin pie. And try to get around a major city to see grandma because the trains and cabs and transportation will be down as well as gas station guys. And pray for your child deployed overseas that when he is eating he isnt hit by a suicide bomber that got on base because the guys and girls on guard duty didn’t have to work.
        When you are offered employment, it is your choice to accept it. It is not forced on you. You are given the terms, vacation time, how to ask (keyword ask) for time off and if someone gets approved before you, it’s your lack of planning. You don’t like the terms of your employment, you can leave. There will be someone happy to take your place.. In fact, they probably have several names in their personnel files to call the minute you walk.

        1. Timothy Donner says:

          You are missing the point. Those are mission critical jobs. I think people can wait a few more hours before they get their hands on some plastic toys.

      16. Margaret Lewis says:

        For all of you people who are complaining because you do not have a job and you would work on Thanksgiving. Migrate down to Alabama they are looking for help now that the illegals have been run out of town. Maybe after you spend 14 hours in the field on Thanksgiving you too can realize shopping should not replace a holiday that should be for family. Also, everyone does not live across the street from relatives some people have to travel quite a distance to hook up with relatives. Oh and before anyone responds to me i have a four day weekend. I am however in favor of family over your shopping addictions.

      17. Lisa says:

        I think it is absolutely rude to tell someone they are lucky to have a job because they do not want to work on Thanksgiving or come in the nbext day at 12am. Black Friday is getting ridiculous. I understand that there are occupations that require someone to work like the medical, fire and police. But retail liife is not is jeopardy, Retail can wait till the next day like 6am to open. I think everyone should stay at home until the next day and show these stores that money is not everything that FAMILY comes first. If they wnat to open up on ridiculous hours then let the CEO’s and the president and VP open the stores. I talso think no one should show up and refuse to work, they can’;t fire everyone. Also why don;t all these stupid Occupy Boycotters show up at t he stores and sit there where they can’t open up the stores. That is a reason to boycott

      18. Ang says:

        I bet Marcus doesn’t have to work….enjoy your dinner with your family, putz.

      19. Mary Hurley says:

        Families are breaking apart, divorce is everywhere. To have one day to encourage families to be together & share a turkey dinner, family games, ball games, etc. Is that asking too much of Target? Target should encourage their employees to stay home on this wonderful day. Not everyone believes in prayer, but we have prayers of thanks to Jesus for all that he has given us. It’s a special day to give thanks. Years ago K-Mart opened its stores on Thanksgiving. Now Target is edging in that direction. For those that agree, and there are many – yes many, I recommend not shopping at Target, K-Mart year round. That’s the only way they will get the message.

      20. LadyMac says:

        I’m with you 100% Walmart went as far as asking us to come in 7am-12noon, then coming back 10pm-7am Thanksgiving into friday,Just sad, and greed., I called our home office about it, all she could say that our hours wasn’t company hours worldwide, then how do our store get away with that,. I put in for vacation and it was denied for 15yrs i’ve been with walmart., I hope and pray this changes for next and on out., we do have families money is not every thing, I’ve never seen a Uhaul truck hitched to a Hearst., can’t take money to the grave, let us enjoy the real value of Life and that’s family and friends.,

      21. tammy says:

        I agree, your lucky to have a job is getting very old. Thanksgiving is an American holiday time for families and friends to get together, a lot of people travel miles to be with family on Thanksgiving and Christmas all stores care about is making money, sad sad many people’s Thanksgivings are going to be ruined because of GREED, next it WILL be Christmas.

    3. Cathy Frenette says:

      Quit your job, your whining and let someone that wants to work have your job, then you can sit at home and every day can be a Thanks Giving Day for you.

      Really it will be like all your Christmases coming at once.

      I am sick of you people and your whining about unemployment, my grandchildren all want jobs and you are busy whining that you have to work.

      1. Larry Cable says:

        your 100% right

      2. Jerry says:

        Your grandchildren like most kids probably expect to start at CEO and be paid accordingly. There are jobs to be had if people will actually WORK.

      3. Mike says:

        You’ve probably never worked a holiday in your entire life!

        I bet you’d be complaining too.

      4. Red Oktober Kommisar says:

        Your hate speech has been noted. Please pack some nice warm clothing and be ready to report to the Gulag. capitalistic pigs like you make good ditch diggers. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!

      5. jimmyboy says:

        shhhh. Don’t be so ridiculous Cathy. Saying that an American company is going too far to request its employees work one of the two days considered a holiday is not whining. People are just saying it is taking our culture too far from its roots. Remember what this holiday is all about? It is not a holiday enacted for you to get the best deals on all of the stuff you don’t need at your local big box store. Relax a little. Focus on that beautiful turkey in the oven. Hug your grandchildren and be thankful they don’t have to excuse themselves (for any reason) during this one dinner per year.

      6. Dolphincat08 says:

        It is amazing that you even have grandchildren since you are definately not “family oriented” or you would not have said these things. Historically, American families have, for the most part, been allowed under their employment, to have this ONE day off to spend with each other. There is something inherently wrong with putting :”great buys” before family.

      7. Mandi says:

        Exactly what I was saying. No one HAS to go into work. I work every year on Thanksgiving and have missed dinners entirely before both Thanksgiving and on Christmas eve due to work.

        If you don’t want the shift, don’t keep a job in retail.

      8. Dave says:

        This is more than just copmplaining about having to work. It is about being able to spend the time with your family like most people. There is no reason why these businesses need to open at midnight or even earlier for some. The same sales they will be having at midnight can still be made at 8 a.m. In what way is this supposed to help the economy? People will make purchases regardless of when the sales start.

      9. IndianOutlaw says:

        The issue is often not the hourly employees who either are locked in at 40 hours or some number below that. Salary retail manager are required to pick up the slack without the addition of extra hours for the extra business. They are pressured to work beyond the scope of what defines salary or be replaced. In California this was so abused the state stepped in and essentially removed retail managers from salary, locking them into a 40 hour type schedule. Many retailers mandate salary manager to work 7 day a week, yes this is standard practice.

        As for me I am a manager above store level and I often have to hire new management right after the holidays to replace those who didn’t fall in line or quit.

      10. Jen says:

        @Cathy Frenette:

        Cathy, since you are so deeply in favor of working on holidays, you should move to Alabama. Because of strict immigration law enforcement, illegals are running to different illegal heaven like California. May be you can go there and take a job working farms, fields, slaughter-houses. I would love to see you give this “lucky to be working” speech after just spending a day doing any of these mediocre, low-wage paying, no health insurance, no benefits job.
        All we do as a society is push human beings to the point of breakdown. Sure productivity of American workers are higher compared to anyother country in NA or Europe. But look at the quality of life in countries like Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France etc. In the name of productivity, we are depriving fellow human beings of just wages, benefits etc. This Walmart mentality of wanting everything for next to nothing is destroying our families and society and our country in general.

      11. ExRetailWorker says:

        @Jen I’m sorry I missed the part where our quality of life is bad. I quote:

        “Eighty percent of poor households have air conditioning. Nearly three-fourths have a car or truck, and 31 percent have two or more. Two-thirds have cable or satellite TV. Half have one or more computers. Forty-two percent own their homes. The average poor American has more living space than the typical non-poor person in Sweden, France or the U.K. Ninety-six percent of poor parents stated that their children were never hungry during the year because they couldn’t afford food.”

        That doesn’t seem to bad to me….

      12. Mac says:

        If you are so concerned about your family maybe you should think about other peoples families as well. Thanksgiving is a holiday to spend with family. Not to be out trying to save 5 bucks on an item. That means everyone’s family NOT JUST YOURS.

      13. Jo Weydemann says:

        Cathy I am sorry but are a twit and do not the meaning of Thanksgiving. If were a
        Hospital staff
        Why does some one need Walmart open on Thatnksgivinhg at all.
        I was hired on Monday of Thatnksgiving week. They told me it was a holiday. Then Wednesday they announced they would be open in Tday. We were offeerd 7-3 or 3-10 I chose 3 to 10. But was told I was needed for 7 to 3. I had ten guests and entire menu to cook see I planned this welll before Idiot mart opened on a holiday. WHEN I WAS HIRED 3 DAYS BEFORE THANKSGIVING I WAS TOLD THAT WAS A HOLIDAY. You are a twit.

    4. daviru says:

      Soon there won’t be holiday’s with the trend – next year someone is going to open earlier, eventually they’ll open ALL DAY – cause we can’t miss those sales. I work in the food industry and each year the stores are opened for more hours than the year before. Many years ago when NOTHING was opened for the holidays – what did people do?? They got by!! Seems the people making the decision to open won’t be working – will they.

      1. jaymarie says:

        Thats Exactly what i am saying…i have to work an 8 hour shift on thanksgiving. Those 8 hours i can be spending with my family, helping my mother prepare the big meal…i bet those higher up in the corporate ladder get to take the whole weekend off to be with their families…

    5. PAT says:

      When customers don’t show up to shop on Thanksgiving is when we in retail employment will finally get this American Family holiday off so if you customers agree with allowing the imployees in retail to enjoy the holidays with our families, that is when you as customers should support us by NOT SHOWING UP TO SHOP ….

      1. Agreed says:

        Exactly! My husband had to work many holidays as a member of the armed services. My mother did, too, as a nurse. Firefighters, police officers, and other emergency personnel know they’ll have to work holidays because they provide essential services. Unless you are a shopaholic, retail is not an essential service. What will it hurt to wait an extra day to buy that toy for your kid? It will probably be broken soon after it’s taken out of the package anyway. Stay home and enjoy some time with your family. Send retailers a message that family time is more important than a bargain.

      2. Sammie Jo says:

        not a problem, you couldn’t drag me out of the house after a Thanksgiving dinner to go shopping even if they were giving away 52″ flat screens for a dollar.
        I bet the stores won’t be busy at all and it will end up costing them in the long run.

      3. Kristen says:

        Wow, Pat. I will support “employees” not “imployees” like you when you are literate. Clearly your lack of education got you where you are today, so enjoy your retail job – you’re lucky to have it. Further, I’m fairly certain you and your family will be done with dinner by 11:00 p.m. – so get to work!

      4. ZudZ says:

        Well, Pat, that means I will make an extra effort to shop on Thanksgiving, before we eat. Being out of work after 16 years with a company is very disheartening and seeing people like you post whiny comments about having to go in to work makes me sick.

    6. Jerry says:

      If its a mission critical job then I can understand that but Target does not have to be open on a major holiday.

      1. ZudZ says:

        They are a private company, Jerry. They can do what they want. If the employees don’t like it, they can quit their jobs or quit whining. I personally hope Target fires every single person who signed that petition. There are plenty of people who want to work. Mission critical. What a joke.

      2. Timothy Donner says:

        Doing what they want and what’s right is what distinguishes between a good company and a greedy one.

    7. Abbey says:

      That is just downright stupid. By keeping stores open on Thanksgiving, you basically negate the holiday. Is nothing sacred in this country, anymore? It is all about the dollar. SICK>

    8. Dan StPeter says:

      Boycott Target and make it hurt…it won’t happen again…

      1. ZudZ says:

        Yeah, right. Then they lay off those people. I say Target FIRES everyone on the petition. I am going to make an extra effort to shop at Target on Thanksgiving, just because of you whiners.

    9. the swami says:

      Don’t wanna work Thanksgiving? Then Don’t work there. Otherwise..STFU.

    10. Patricia Simon Curtis says:

      I will never shop at target again!!!!!

      1. Really? says:

        Do you hear yourself? You are going to boycott Target completely because they won’t give their employees the day off. If we all did that, they’d lose business and the employees would have every day off because they wouldn’t be working. Would that make you feel better?

      2. Sammie Jo says:

        Oh you will too! Idle threats.

      3. ZudZ says:

        You are an idiot, Patricia.

      4. Seriously? says:

        Might as well boycott McDonalds as well since they are open ON THANKSGIVING DAY itself plus they are also open on Christmas eve too.

      5. torchsinger says:

        I haven’t shopped at Target since they drove away the Salvation Army bell ringers several years ago. I wrote to Target and told them that I was going to do it, too! No response from Target. (big surprise) That wasn’t an idle threat from me. I have four children and I have purposely trained them not to be Target shoppers as they have grown into adulthood. Guess I got the last word on that! Ha! Not an idle threat!

        Target should feel lucky that anyone buys from them this holiday season – almost all of us should get out of debt and save every penny we can get our hands on in our current national economic condition.

        Thanksgiving and Christman did not start out as “retail” events. I refuse to buy “stuff” in association with either holiday. I do less spending in November and December than any other months of the year, and we always have wonderful family Thanksgiving and Christmas family celebrations.

        Wake up sheep!

      6. ExRetailWorker says:

        Thank goodness target drove away those annoying salvation army bell ringers. If I want to donate to charity, I’ll seek them out.

    11. Michael Kranyak says:

      Ever since Pres. Clinton push through “free-trade” NAFTA 53,000 American factories have relocated to China all but destroyibg the middle class leaving poor paying service jobs. ie part time, no health benefits. Targets imports most products from Far East and we pay full price. Cheap peasant wages over seas and at home. 55 million on food stamps, 26 million unemployed Obama economics….

    12. kvn says:

      Was with Sears when they test market opened my store on Thanksgiving day. Total sales for the day? $0.00

      1. kvn says:

        Alexis, gotta respect a name caller for their obvious lack of intellect. Your mother must be proud.

      2. ExRetailWorker says:

        You do lie, I worked at a Sears on thanksgiving day and people do shop. Hell, I was one of them, coming in a little early before my shift or staying a little late so I could get the deals (plus my Sears employee discount on top of that).

      3. ExRetailWorker says:

        Oh and KVN, what hypocrisy, calling someone out for name calling by then calling them something worse. I’m sorry your parents taught you such twisted logic.

    13. JB says:

      Agree – a job serving the public means just that. If you don’t want to work on the busiest shopping day of the year for a retailer that serves the public you are in the wrong job. Perhaps you should quit and let other hard working Americans take care of you. We, the working and the unemployed don’t have an ounce of pity for you.

      1. Poverty By Design says:

        If it is a “job serving the public” Then the government needs to take it over and we can refer to them as public servants like we do Officers,Firefighters etc. I beleave its a Job serving the shareholders and the board.

    14. Sandra says:

      Pam, that is old and sad. Just because you are lucky to have a job, doesn’t mean that employers should ever take advantage of you and othe hardworking retailers. You guys already give up tons of family time and other things to serve the retail industry. I was all too happy to sign the change . org petition.

      1. ZudZ says:

        I hope you get fired, too. There are plenty of us who want to work.

      2. Mindi says:

        Yeah, I hope people that sign that petition know that the comapany CAN fire you. I’m not just saying that. It’s policy in most major companies to help stop worker retaliation. Just saying…

    15. borntobepolitical says:

      With all due respect, that is Bravo Sierra.

      The problem our country is facing is lost direction and purpose.

      If a company with 8,970 locations , 15.355 billion in net sales and 2.1 million employees can’t give the employees a national day of thanksgiving off, then we are doomed.

      I would almost start to sympathize with OWS if they don’t.

      1. bobo says:

        You’re a fool. If the shoppers are out there, then the stores should be there to serve them. You have NO RIGHT to tell others when they can shop.

      2. Tila says:

        @bobo – Your statement and general anger about people telling you that you can’t shop for two days of the entire year just shows how much commercialism has taken over.

        The argument that this petition is giving is not about people being lazy and not wanting to work, being ungrateful for their jobs, or forcing people not to shop on a particular day of the year – it’s about keeping tradition and family time during one day of the year that people have come to rely on.

        I don’t know about your family, but having this one day off for all of my whole extended family (excluding a couple who are in the Navy) allows us to all come together when we usually can’t. All work schedules, activities, and obligations can finally be put to the side and the priority becomes oriented towards family. We do this twice a year at Thanksgiving and Christmas. And this new scheduling threatens to take that away.

        Surely, people can wait another 4-5 hours for the stores to open bright and early on Black Friday.

    16. Markus Jackson says:

      Me too! I used to work similar hours. We would have Thanksgiving meal at lunch time and visit until the evening. I’d catch a nap and go into work at 11:30pm. It worked out ok. These whiners will really be upset when Walmart takes away sales and Target has to compensate by trimming their workforce.

      1. Stone says:

        And Wal-Mart is expecting its employees to be at work by 8pm Thanksgiving evening…some earlier then that…Actually Wal-Mart is open ALL day Thanksgiving.

      2. Poverty By Design says:

        Then in your final years you can sit around with all those great memories of work to keep you company. I’ll remember all the holidays.

    17. Tila says:

      I’m sure retail employees are thankful for their jobs especially in this economy. But where will this trend end? My main complaint is that Thanksgiving is a time for family and tradition and that is being lost for the greater cause of what? Commercialism?

      People won’t refuse to purchase Christmas gifts or other products simply because they have to wait until 4am the following morning, instead of 10pm Thanksgiving day. Your reasoning indicates that one should be happy for anything they get. What if the issue becomes 18 hour shifts or working 7 days a week? Should the employee simply be happy and deal with it? It is up to us, consumers to prevent working expectations to exceed unfair working conditions.

  2. Denise says:

    I am in heatlhcare and I have worked Thanksgiving for years! 9pm or 11pm….c’mon, the holiday is over by that time and your family has gone home. You have a job, right? Suck it up!

    1. Timothy Donner says:

      It’s great not being paid enough to make rent then having BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS taken away through corporations. You try enjoying your thanksgiving when you know in a few hours you have to break your back for a corp that doesn’t appreciate you. Done it for the past 10 years. You wanna talk about sucking it up?

      1. LOL@Donner says:

        Uh, I hate to point out that not working a holiday is not a “basic human right”, it’s a want. These evil corporations aren’t taking away their food, they’re wanting to pay them to come in and do their jobs.

        And you sound seriously unhappy with your job. I suggest checking out a new one. There’s quite a bit of anger there… Unless your goal is to work yourself up to a heart attack.

      2. Timothy Donner says:

        I left my job at Best Buy to start my own business. Worked there for about 8 years both full and part time depending on my film jobs. And I left for the better.

        Let’s just look at some of the facts.

        Do they get holiday pay like most other workers? NO.

        Do they get fair wages? NO.

        We have to remember we are in a country that prides itself on the fair treatment of workers. This is going downhill quick and it is just getting noticed. I just want the mentality to shift from us “lucky to have a job” to corporations “lucky to have us working for them.”

      3. Timothy Donner's mom says:

        What’s a fair wage? If you took the job, knowing what you would be paid, and knowing that you might have to work some holidays. Then you agreed that what they were paying was fair! Jeez, you worked at Best Buy for goodness sakes! What did you expect? Why don’t you stop your stupid whining and take some responsibility for your choices! Guess what? I’m a salaried employee, I get paid the same if I work 40 hours or 60 hours. I accepted that possibility when I agreed to take the position.

      4. Observing says:

        Then don’t work. With your rotten attitude you won’t be missed.

      5. LOL@Donner says:

        Lemme guess – with that attitude you’ve never been Employee of the Month, eh?

        whether you realize it or not, the “corp” sees your horrid attitude

        Most likely explains your current job status

      6. Steve StClair says:

        I see a trend here. Target….Best Buy…..May I ask your education Level? As someone stated above I am also salaried and get paid the same when they call me in on my days off. May want to look somewhere other than retail. Just food for thought.

      7. Timothy Donner's mom says:

        …Oh, and I think you’ve saved enough money now to move out of our basement Timmy.

      8. Joel says:

        Having time with your family is a basic human right. Families are the basis for society – without them, you lose the entire purpose for society.

        What was this myth about “conservative family values?”

      9. Really? says:

        @Joel–Since when is having time with family a “basic human right”? While a agree it’s dumb of Target to be open on Thanksgiving (and even dumber to go shopping on Thanksgiving), there are a lot of people who cannot spend time with their family due to work obligations or because they live too far away. To say that they are being deprived of a “basic human right” is a bit melodramatic.

      10. Kristen says:

        Oh, Timothy. Where to begin? When was a holiday a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT? Again, I’ll say it, if you had made different life choices, perhaps you wouldn’t have to “break your back for a corporation that doesn’t appreciate you” and barely make rent. Who got you where you are today, Tim? Did I choose your job for you? Did Target (or whatever other retail establishment you work in)? Is someone making you work there? I think not. So yeah, I expect you to suck it up and get to work. Going in at 11:00 for a midnight opening is essentially working the next day!

      11. ZudZ says:

        What the hell are you talking about? Basic human rights? Are you twelve? Quit the job and let someone who wants to work have it. You sound like a fleabagger.

    2. bmc1701b says:

      I am sorry that you have to work on Thanksgiving for years but there is a difference between a healthcare worker which people require 24/7/365 and a retail worker, nobody has to shop on thanksgiving to survive but you may provide a service that people may require to stay alive.

      1. ExRetailWorker says:

        So complain to the people that shop on a holiday, they’re the ones that make it so Target can stay open on a Holiday. If there were no demand for it, Target wouldn’t do it. Oh but I bet that would be those target workers, they want to shop just like everyone else in the town… Too bad it’s retail, it’s what you got yourself into when you signed the paperwork.

    3. ken says:

      This goes to show our values. Leave your family to go buy them something on sale to show them how much you love them. Instill that great american value of needless consumerism.

    4. pat says:

      OK, then how about we get Christmas eve with our families

    5. Red October Kommisar says:

      Denise we cannot wait hate filled capitalists like you will no longer dole out healthcare. You can retract your comments or you can say hello to the gulags from whence ye shall dig latrines and rub the feet of the party bosses.

      1. Joe Schmoe says:

        So you’re saying you only work so that you can have healthcare coverage? You sound like a winner.

      2. ZudZ says:

        So you hate capitalism and then use communist gulags as a negative reference? Excellent demonstration of your knowledge. I really hope you don’t vote.

      3. ExRetailWorker says:

        I think this is someone being satirical.

  3. Bob Saget says:

    I have always worked on Thanksgiving every year… I do not see a problem with this.

  4. TD says:

    I have worked on Thanksgiving before and it SUCKED! I said I wouldn’t ever have a job again that kept me away from my family on holidays. Besides hospitals, airports and business like that, I think everything else should be closed. “Be happy you have a job” is a cowardly way of taking a stand. I bet these CEO’s of these companies will be sitting on their couches with their families while everyone in their company works. Ridiculous that we are just accepting these changes that companies are making. I understand that they wouldn’t open theirs doors if the demand wasn’t there but the devaluation of family time and holidays is a real contributor to the issues that we are seeing with the younger generation today.

    1. Orange says:

      Target is a business like that…

    2. Cathy Frenette says:

      Don’t want to pee on your parade, and not your thanksgiving parade, but really you should think of it as another work day ad e thankful you are employed!

      Of course if you are not happy then QUIT and let someone else have a job, I am sure that your replacement will be glad to work on thanksgiving.

    3. wantmoreworkharder says:

      TD, if you want the perks of a CEO earn it. Otherwise keep doing what you do and quit whining about people who make more of themselves. Coming in 8 hours to justify getting a paycheck is not earning you anything but that paycheck. Take the risk, work what it takes to get ahead, get educated and for crying out loud grow up. You earn your place in life.

    4. ZudZ says:

      TD – Target is a private company. They can do what they like. If you really want the government to regulate their business, you are invoking fascism by definition. Let your fascist flag fly, TD! As for the younger generation… LACK of responsibility and discipline is the problem, not the other way around. I sincerely doubt that you are religious, anyway. Working holidays is a part of life. Get over it.

  5. Jasmine Howell says:

    This is an excellent example of how regulation can help corporations, consumers, and employees alike.

    If Target doesn’t open its doors at 10:00 PM, it will be at a competitive disadvantage with Wal-mart. Both corporations have to agree to stay closed that night. It’s not like people won’t then come in and shop the following day.

    1. BayouKiki says:

      And when they’re done agreeing what time they will open, they can start agreeing on how much they’ll charge for their products.

    2. Really? says:

      You want government to regulate when stores can open and close? How about letting the market (aka the consumer) decide. Don’t like the stores being open on Thanksgiving? Don’t go. Simple.

    3. Gary says:

      Spoken like a true socialist. Regulate free enterprise. Yeah how well did that work out for the Soviet Union? How well is that working for Europe and South American countries right now? If you don’t want to work, then quit. If you don’t want the stores to be open, the don’t shop there. The demand is why these stores open.

      1. Dawn says:

        Stores used to be closed on Sunday’s, then not until noon on Sunday’s it didn’t kill anyone or stop life from moving forward – it actaully made family spend time together. So many people say they miss the good old days of the 1950s and 1960s, yet they hate anything that brings families together.

        I am a salaried employee, but I think that having Thanksgiving off is a good idea. No one should be that desperate to shop on that Thursday, nothing should be more important than family, that it can’t wait one day.

      2. ExRetailWorker says:

        Yeah I miss the 50s and 60s when women had no rights and you could smoke in the work place. Those were the days…. When the world was like the show Mad Men and guys cheated on their wives when they went to their big jobs in the cities… The good old days dawn….

        Oh wait, those weren’t the good days in retail were they. It was a man’s world.

        On a side note. If family was important, you wouldn’t wait till thanksgiving to spend time with them. It’s that simple.

    4. ZudZ says:

      And you fools wonder why all our companies are moving over seas. LESS REGULATIONS! Look up the definition of fascism, Jasmine. Read a little history or something.

  6. lrklrklrk says:

    This is crazy. Seriously.

    Why do people need to go shopping on Thanksgiving evening? I mean, those plastic toys poorly manufactured in China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh will still be there at 5 am on the day after Thanksgiving.

    This literally makes me want to vomit my turkey dinner, and I haven’t even eaten it yet.

    1. Dave Turner says:

      So don’t go shopping on Thanksgiving then. Seems pretty simple to me.

    2. ZudZ says:

      So don’t shop then. Why should you impose YOUR will upon the rest of us?

  7. Christy says:

    I would like to start off by saying, I worked Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years for years. I agree that it sucked. But, if I really wanted to spend time with my family for the holiday we found a way. I arrived before or after my shift or we celebrated a day early/late. With that being said, 10 PM – midnight openings DO NOT stop anyone from spending time with their families. No one’s eating their Thanksgiving dinner that late. And lets be honest, the day and that the holiday is celebrated is really what’s important; it’s the spirit of the holiday that should be. So anyone working at one of those stores will have to suck it up or find a new job.

    1. ken says:

      I think it is more the symbolism of what the day is supposed to mean. It is just another way at eroding our sense of family and community and instilling consumerism as our most important value.

      1. Virginia says:

        Overly simplistic there, Ken. “Consumerism” as you put it creates the “jobs” we need.

        Unfortunately, since most of the stuff is not made here, we have to consume more to have the same level of jobs. No revenue from the raw materials, assembly, printing, packaging,, etc. We now only get the port offloading, distribution, and retail revenue streams of the supply chain.

        Buy more product made here with our raw materials and we’d get by “consuming” less.

        Until then, well, join in or add to the unemployment.

      2. Isabella Cruz says:

        Exactly Ken. This has noting to do with being lucky you have employment and everything to do with disrespecting our cultural traditions. There will be plenty of time on Friday for mobs to run over and kill someone as they sprint for those latest toys and electronics. Hey, by not opening until Friday a.m. these stores may actually save somebody’s life.

      3. ExRetailWorker says:

        Do you think people even know what Thanksgiving stands for anymore? Or any holiday for that matter? It’s just a day off to relax and drink or do whatever it is people do on their days off. The meaning of the holidays was lost years ago.

    2. Dave says:

      “10 PM – midnight openings DO NOT stop anyone from spending time with their families.”

      Really? How much time do you get with your family when you need to sleep most of the day away so that you can serve the greedy needs of the glassy-eyed bargain hunters until 10 a.m. the next day with a smile? Why even have a national holiday in the first place? It was enacted to give most people a day to spend with their families and give thanks. Time that isn’t usually available, especially for those in retail. Again, no one has explained to me how opening before 6 a.m. is supposed to drive more sales?

      1. Michele says:

        To Dave – “Why even have a national holiday in the first place?” EXACTLY! You are so right! We need to remember what Thanksgiving is for – To give Thanks for all we have in this country, for all the people we cherish, for our freedom, health and family! Thanksgiving and Christmas have become lost in the mass marketing frenzy of “things”! No wonder everyone is sniping and carping at each other. The stress is palpable – as shown by some of the comments on this site! JC Penney’s said they’ll give their employees off for Thanksgiving… well then that’s a store I will frequent! PUBLIX is another company that cares about their employees over the almighty $. Those management groups have their priorities straight – and the best interest of their employees at heart! NONE of us is helpless here. Take your business to companies that care about their employees. There are plenty of them out there! No need for hostilities – you’ll get further by just being civil and letting management know WHY you are frequenting their competitors!

  8. Lindsay says:

    It’s sick to make people “yes, masstah! Of course, masstah! I can dance the jig for you, mastah!” and then say they should be glad for the crumbs they’re getting. That’s what actually used to be said about the slaves as well – ‘at least someone is taking care of them. The least they can do is work hard for it.’ Ignore the harm, the demeaning nature of the attitudes, but doing this now to people, in this day and age, is shameful.

    It is killing our society. Not divorce, not liberal or conservative values, not too much or too little religion, but instead the slow eroding of the people’s right to have a civic and social society. The only holidays left where almost everyone will be there are Christmas day and Easter, but I imagine those will be gone soon too. Better to have a society built on a shared tendency to watch the same TV shows, vote the same way (without time to research the records), and shop at the same stores for the same brands. None of this requires deep thought or time with others, and allows for the easy manipulation of the individuals.

    It is one thing to work holidays because it’s your own store or your business and you need to do it, but another to be asked to do it to keep your job for below living wages. The decision makers will be at home or on a holiday with their families while their workers are in at 11pm on Thanksgiving. It’s sick – and sick to think it’s right to pay slave wages and ask workers to give up society to earn them.

    1. Stark Reality says:

      Hmmmm. What if you are not Christian and do not celebrate Christmas or Easter? Your reasoning for the erosion of society is that people cannot spend 11pm on Thanksgiving night together? Ladies and gentlemen, society is falling indeed and it is because of people like Lindsay. Enjoy that Turkey dear lady while others actually do the work you are unwilling to do.

      1. Grateful says:

        Exactly. In fact, I know some families that actually love going shopping together at midnight. It is a family bonding time as much as the meal earlier in the day. I used to work retail. Many Thanksgivings we did not spend out of town with family because I had to work the next day. And, no real celebrating on Christmas Eve because I was working. But, guess what. When I took a RETAIL position, I knew that was part of the job. Growing up, my dad had a part time job working as a security guard to provide for our family. There were holidays where he was scheduled to work. It didn’t ruin the holiday for us, we just adjusted to his schedule and took the actual holiday to thank God that he had the opportunity to provide for his family. You know we have become a messed up, entitled society when we correlate working undesirable hours to slavery. Unbelievable.

    2. wantmoreworkharder says:

      Lindsey, you obviously didn’t come from a family farm. Work needs to get done and the calendar date makes no difference.

      1. Where'sTheRealAmerica says:

        Thank you – its nice to see there is still some common sense in this world.

    3. Gary says:

      Then don’t work retail. That’s the nature of the business. Like some cheese with that whine?

    4. ZudZ says:

      Verbal diarreah. I WISH I had to go to work on Thanksgiving.

      1. ExRetailWorker says:

        Yeah I wish I could get the overtime on Thanksgiving, unfortunately I’m salary, but I get the day off and still get paid anyways, the advantages of moving on up past the retail world.

  9. Marvin says:

    Would you like some cheese with that whine?

  10. Mog says:

    @ Timothy Donner
    What are you talking about? I worked at Best Buy also as a Full-time employee and I received holiday pay for Thanksgiving. The wages the employee is paid, was agreed to by the employee. Don’t you remember that part of the interview process where they say, “The job pays “this” amount. Are you ok with that?” And if you said yes, then you agreed it was a fair wage. Companies are not forcing people to work for that wage. If it was not a fair wage, no one would work there. There is always a choice.

    So the store wants to open at midnight. Fine. What person is still “breaking bread” with their family at eleven at night? Seriously?

    1. Timothy Donner says:

      I mean it’s cool if people want to live in shells and stuff.

      I’ll give you a scenario. I lived in LA and my family was in SD. Cause you know, I like to travel to see my relatives on tentpole days. When I worked at 4am, I would have to eat dinner and run out the door so I can grab some sleep. So if you think the people working at 10 are going to just put in a couple of hours and call it a day, they will be working until 2am if not later. So does that mean they sleep all of Thanksgiving?

      And when did you work thanksgiving at bb? I worked there for 8 years and never had to log in a single thanksgiving or xmas.

      1. Steve StClair says:

        I am seeing alot of Me’s and I’s which usually implies selfishness. Don’t like the job then QUIT.

  11. alfuso says:

    It means that the employee now has to work all night. In order to prepare for that, they have to sleep part of their Holiday. Earlier dinner I guess. But no time to spend after the meal to commiserate with family. No time to *relax.*

    It’s “retail”, not a hospital or fire department or Police.

    1. Gary says:

      Right, it’s retail and the nature of the retail business is to generate sales. The Christmas shopping season is the busiest, most profitable of the retail business and those businesses have to do what is best for them to make the sales. And since demand says give me the best sale and open as early as possible the business will comply. Also realize you signed up to work for a retail business, not the other way around. You have the right not to work there.

    2. ZudZ says:

      That’s right. It’s retail. A private company that can set hours whenever they want. Stop acting like a fascist government thug.

  12. Litenin says:

    This just goes to show you how greedy these big chain stores are. If people are upset with these early openings-don’t shop. Its as simple as that!!!!

  13. Amber says:

    There are always people who have to work on holidays. Doctors, nurses, police, gas station attendants, zookeepers, toll booth employees, etc. etc. I myself have at various times worked every single major holiday. It really isn’t that big a deal. If there’s a will, there’s sure to be a way to arrange a family holiday celebration a day or two early or late. The problem, as I see it, is that we’ve entered an age of entitlement,

    1. Jerry says:

      Dont forget the people that keep your power on, your natural gas flowing, shift workers, etc. I have worked plenty of holidays. Deal with it. The difference between me and the Target/Wal-Mart retail workers is that I have years of training to do my job. They can be replaced by someone with a pulse and one weeks training (if that). Thats why retail workers dont have a leg to stand on. Work when asked or find a new job. Simple.

  14. Anton says:

    It’s very odd there are so many people leaving replies that claim to work every Thanksgiving and have “no problem” with it. The only way a person has no problem with working Thanksgiving is, they have no family, no friends, and no life outside of work. I find it hard to believe this is the case with these posters. It’s obvious that Target management has made an effort to convince their workers that they should be “thankful” for the opportunity to work for them by posting repeatedly in comments. These posters very well could be the lonely bitter people they claim to be, but I seriously doubt it. Work to live, don’t live to work. Unionize and show Target that you call the shots, not them.

    1. Thomas says:

      Why, no, we do have families, friends, and a life. We don’t need a calendar to tell us “today is the day to spend with your family.”

      I mean really? You get that bent because a calendar tells you to stuff your piehole with turkey? ha

      Celebrate every day with your family.

      1. ZudZ says:

        Thank you, Thomas.

    2. Stark Reality says:

      What a foolish posting. There is a full day of Thanksgiving available before 11pm at night. What about those people in countries that do not celebrate Thanksgiving! Oh my God, what do they do! Your concept of family and friends is purely infantile if your only way of acknowledging them is to spend 11pm on a Thursday night with them.

      1. Poverty By Design says:

        Remember this line from from Scrooge? “I suppose you’ll be wanting the entire day?” So are you off to make sure the work houses are running properly next?

    3. ExRetailWorker says:

      Umm, when I was retail, I wasn’t working 7 days a week. In fact most jobs don’t make you work 7 days a week, I think there’s some laws about that. No over 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week without some sort of overtime (depending on state). So most people in most industries work 8 hours days 5 days a week, max 40 hours a week… That gives quite a bit of time still to spend with your family. If you cared about your family, you wouldn’t just spend time with them on Thanksgiving. Don’t unionize that only shows target you give your power to other people. If you’re a good employee, you can talk to your managers and negotiate better terms (salary, time off, etc). And if they don’t bite and you’re actually a good employee, you can take your experience elsewhere and easily get a job… That assumes your a good employee though.

      1. Dawn says:

        Actually, in many families today all members, with the exception of the children work. In many cases they have to stagger the hours so that they have child care. So this was the one day that everyone had the day off and could spend together. So you are wrong that there is a lot of time to spend time with family otherwise and to imply that they are just not doing it.

        Are so many of you really willing to just say that capitalism should win over families? Jobs are scare these days, people can’t just quit because they don’t like the hours, but all they are asking, as non-essential to life workers, one day off, is that too much to ask? Is shopping really all that important?

        You are letting corpprations that have no loyalty to you run your life and telling others they have to or else. What is funny is that if these people didn’t have jobs you would be screaming about that too and telling them to go work retail. Shopping can wait a day.

      2. ExRetailWorker says:

        Hmm yes all families work and yes Thanksgiving is a nice day that most people can get off, but that being said, since most people want thanksgiving off, it’s much easier to ask for another day off to spend time with your family and then work on Thanksgiving and get the double time. Again, if your family were important, you’d make time for them, not wait around for someone else to tell you when to spend time with your family.

        You know what day is still important that always comes once a year that you can spend time with your family, it’s called your birthday. And then you can still be thankful and eat the same things, plus you can open the presents someone bought for you on Thanksgiving day when they were on sale.

        And you know who runs my life… me, because I need to survive, because I want my needs and my wants and all the frivolous and materialistic things that my salary has allowed me to afford. When I was working retail, I also worked full time at a call center, and part time at a help desk at a university as well as going to school full time, and still found time to be able to travel several hours on thanksgiving or other random holidays, to spend time with my parents. And now, because of my hard work and working many holidays and finishing school, I can work a job where I can take holidays off if I want and get paid for it.

        I bet they procrastinated too long, notice how thanksgiving is only a week away and the petition only went up 18 days ago? For holiday work, companies generally tell you weeks or months in advance that they will be open. So yeah, no sympathy from me, next time they don’t want to work thanksgiving they should plan ahead of time.

        Jobs are not scarce, not for those people that have experience and skills. Perhaps if people had chosen a science, math or engineering major they wouldn’t be stuck working in retail for so long. Check out,,, etc… plenty of jobs out there… Even where I work we have at least a dozen open positions to be filled, but no qualified people applying.

        And corporations do have loyalty to their employees, they have a vested interest in keeping you if you do well. It’s a lot less costly to keep any employee then hire a new one.

    4. Steve StClair says:

      Wow. I have been deployed 4 times and spent most of those holidays away from my familiy. There are many Soldier fighting for your right to post this garbage online. Bottom Line don’t like your Job QUIT. I would venture to say that those that are complaining do nothave a degree and Retail is all that they are qualified for.

      1. Liberty Jane says:

        Thanks for your service and your family’s sacrifice.

    5. Frank says:

      Wow. Reality check here. Did you know the emergency rooms of most hospitals are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by emergency department physicians? Hmm, I have family, I have friends, and I enjoy my job outside of work. I suggest if you happen to find yourself on a holiday, any holiday hit by a bus, shot, stabbed, or otherwise incapicitated by crushing chest pain that you please wait until the next business day for treatment. If you have to see one of the other excellent physicians that work on holidays or the day after since you have declared we should unionize, the pathologist will be happy to see you. Please apologize and I’ll appreciate that you spoke out of school without thinking. I certainly respect our military as well for protecting me on holidays and while I sleep.

      1. Poverty By Design says:

        Glad you informed me of this, i had no clue that retail workers were in the life saving business, guess we really need to see about getting them benefits and maybe something better then minimum wage.

  15. melody says:

    cause target just like walmart is greedy i worked at walmart till i recentlky quit we have to come in at 7pm only after leaving 7 am that morning..they dont care about employees or there personal lives just making a buck…

    1. Sad melody says:

      And by “quit” she means “fired”

      There, I fixed it for you. No need to thank me.

    2. Stark Reality says:

      Wow. Really? This is a genuine post? Wow. There you go people. The future of the American worker.

      1. ExRetailWorker says:

        I know right, we’re doomed.

    3. Chuck says:

      Wow, Walmart was making you work 12 hours a day 7 days a week? Let me at that store.. My wife works at Walmart and she has to repeatedly ask for work hours – full timers barely get “full time” and part timers get whatever is left. She would almost literally kill to have been in your shoes to get the extra money and benefits. Something doesn’t quite smell right about your “story”.

    4. ZudZ says:

      Spelling… fail. Grammar… fail. Punctuation… fail. And yet Melody was hired. She should be thanking Walmart whole-heartedly and be begging for her job back. That post was at the third grade level.

    5. Jeff says:

      Feel free to quit those horrible conditions.

  16. heatfan says:

    Midnight is not so bad, ToysRus is opening a 10PM Thanksgiving day.

  17. Edward Black says:

    My son works for K Mart. They are open every year. he always has to work and miss out on family time. They are also open late on Christmas Eve. Most years, he gets off at 11:00 pm on Christmas Eve. He has been with K Mart for 6 years. They have no respect for family. The employees are paid little more than minimum wage and get no benefits. K mart can’t allow their workers to be off
    for family time? Midnight is not as bad as working all day until 10 p.m. and missing the holdiay all together. Needs to be more respect shown to employees.

    1. dave says:

      well been with them 6 years can not be all that bad
      i see your complaining an not him

    2. Jerry says:

      Maybe your son needs to get an education! Have you thought that as long as there is a line of people saying “Quit griping, I would take your job!” K-mart knows that these people are cheaply and easily replaced. If EVERYONE upped their standards and didn’t work for beans this wouldnt happen. But you can forget about that.

      1. Poverty By Design says:

        Your right if everyone took the “right”path our entire society would fail. There would be no franchises because everyone did the “right thing” NO janitors, NO trashmen, NO police, NO teachers. Your right we just need to all choose the right path in life to make this allllll better. So before you go simplyfing what all our society needs to run the way it runs now, you may wanna think about what “right” really is.

    3. Stark Reality says:

      Your son is welcome to look for another job Edward.

    4. ExRetailWorker says:

      Does your son still live at home and let you make his decisions for him? No respect for individuality. Or maybe your son just doesn’t want to come home on holidays. If he’s been there 6 years he should have learned by now that you can actually swap shifts with people, and if you ask for the time off in advance, they will generally give it… Time to reflect edward.

    5. Waaaah says:

      Then tell your son to quit and let someone else have that job.

    6. Mike says:

      American corporations abuse pesant workforce overseas and at home to max their profits.

      1. ExRetailWorker says:

        Nah, the peasants are at home, the hard workers are overseas, let’s send these peasants overseas and bring the hardworkers here.

    7. Gary says:

      Wow six years at K-Mart….must be proud. I worked kmart once – for two years while I was in school. Yep had to work Thanksgiving too and so did everyone that worked there including the store managers and district managers. Guess what? I got an education and now work in the technology business. I still have to work Thanksgiving at times, but I still get to spend time with my family and have success. Your son can do the same Edward. Quit whining for him.

  18. Osamas Pajamas says:

    I swear I’m going to shoot the next bloodsucker I hear complaining about “greedy corporations.” These malcontents are what novelist Ayn Rand called “greedy for the unearned.” When I was young I looked for every opportunity to work, whatever days were available, from driving taxi to bartending to snowplowing. I have no sympathy whaetever for these bawling rats.

  19. Jim Nicastro says:

    Give them all a boot onto unemployment. What a bunch of lazy good for nothing a-holes.

    1. ExRetailWorker says:

      Nah, then they’ll just sit on unemployment for years at a time while it keeps getting extended… I say ship them to a third world country, then they can really know what slave driving and poverty are like.

  20. Sophia says:

    Working in retail is hardly the same as working in healthcare. Corporate entities actually hate their employees. Retail salespeople have some of the lowest salaries and now they are counted so low that they apparently no longer need holidays, sleep, or family time.

    1. Osamas Pajamas says:

      “Corporate entities actually hate their employees,” you say? Get your head out of your oh-so-entitled bum, sister. Manages and supervisors have the worst jobs — they have to deal with clowns like you — and with shoplifters and people who wreck products and then return them while claiming innocence and victimhood. Here’s an idea — if you don’t like your job, then get the hell out of it — someone, somwhere, wants to do it.

  21. Joel says:

    To those of you who think that companies being open on Thanksgiving is horrible, stand up, and don’t shop there on Thursday or Friday. Write them and tell them your complaints and what you think, speak with your $$$. My wife works retail (at one of the stores opening on midnight this year), and she is pumped for it (even though it does mean cutting Thanksgiving Day short with family – since we have to travel 4.5 hours). I personally don’t have a problem with it. I use to work for a movie theater when minimum wage was $5.15/hr, and we were required to work Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day (well 4 out of the 5) with no holiday pay. Yet no one said boo about that. What about other employees like gas station attendants – when you run out of gas on Thanksgiving, be thankful they are open. Let’s stop whining and complaining on message boards, and if you really have a problem with it – let the company know by writing them or better yet, speak with the almighty $$$ and not shop there.

  22. Barb in Florida says:

    Many industires are “open” on Thanksgiving-Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Police, Fire, Airport, Hotels and the list goes on. No one has a “right” to have the Holiday off! The retailers are responding to DEMAND of the consumers. If there was no DEMAND we would still have Blue laws-Closed on Sundays. You want to celebrate Thanksgiving? PLAN a day and do it!
    I have a novel idea………….If you hate the low paying, entry level, minimum wage retail jobs, hate the hours, hate the work enviroment, get educated in a field you prefer, higher pay, better perks and move UP! These jobs are not designed to be careers unless you have an eye on management!
    Better yet! Start your own business- you cannot be laid off or fired, you call the shots. With greater responsibility comes higher pay.

  23. Miss Jena says:

    Do you have any idea how many military personnel will be working on the holidays – including Thanksgiving and Christmas???? Not just deployed, but on US bases. Some deployed soldiers will not even get a hot meal that day. They won’t get to spend time with their families at all

    1. TACP says:

      Nobody made them sign their name. They enlisted on their own freewill.

      1. ExRetailWorker says:

        As the target employees chose of their own free will to work for target..

      2. Gary says:

        As did retail employees. No one is forcing them to work. They have the right to quit.

  24. JOE says:


    1. ZudZ says:

      Why are you shouting?

      1. ExRetailWorker says:

        I’m sorry, I can’t hear you Zudz, you were whispering or Joe’s shouting made me deaf.

  25. Sarah says:

    My mom wants thanksgiving off also. She’s a nurse and is gathering all her coworkers and union members to strike if they do not get off at least thanksgiving off. I think everyone in the world should have that day off to spend with their family.

    1. SuzanneL says:

      Gee Sarah, I’m sure all the sick people in the hospital would like the day off, too.

      This is ~not~ the same thing.

    2. Edward Black says:

      Please tell us you’re adopted and her genes aren’t getting passed along to another loafer.

    3. dave says:

      the world, do you even know why we have thanksgiven?
      strike at a hospital, guess like mother like daughter

    4. Jerry says:

      Stupid (probably made up) comments like these make all union members look bad. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows there must be doctors and nurses in a hospital around the clock.

    5. ZudZ says:

      I smell a troll. Nobody is this stupid – not even Obama supporters.

  26. Spread the wealth says:

    I have to work 5 days a week! that sucks. i should be able to retire at 28. The taxpayers should pay for my reitrement! what the hell did i vote for Obama for then!!!!!!!!!!

  27. b.woody says:

    Do what other people do, have your gathering on a different day or have it at different time. If you do not want to work on national holidays you should of gone to school and maybe done something more with your life. Being a checker or stocker at Target is not a career, it is supposed to be a transition job or a second income job for a family.

  28. Larry Cable says:


    1. Osamas Pajamas says:

      Uh, want fries with that? ~:<)

    2. rvaldez5987 says:

      It’s too bad we can’t make the border with Mexico a DMZ with guard towers and marksman. Other countries take a tough stance on border control and no one cares. We even threaten to deport and the whole world is complaining. Our government under either party does nothing or doesn’t do enough. Sickening.

      1. ZudZ says:

        We’re too busy enforcing South Korea’s, Columbia’s, Iraq’s and Afghanistan’s borders right now. How about we round up all the illegals, let them build a big ol’ electric fence, plant a buttload of land mines and then leave them there on the other side?

  29. Liz says:

    Thanksgiving is ruined, just to buy a bunch of juck from China, which
    uses slave labor.

    1. Stark Reality says:

      Liz, question. How often do you have a sit down Thanksgiving dinner with your family at 11pm at night? As far as anyone is concerned, if someone is not willing to do this, they can leave their job to someone who does. Lots of people looking for actual work. Not entitlements.

      1. Dawn says:

        No one is asking for any entitlements, they are not saying they do not want to work hard, they are asking for one day off that has historically been a national holiday in the USA with the exception of essential workers. What is so wrong with that? No one is going to quit their job or should be asked to because they would like one day off that has been historically a day off. Do any of you that keep telling people they are selfish, should quit their job, want entitlements, etc., even know what Thanksgiving is about? We are becoming a selfish society, no society with that kind of attitude ever survivied.

  30. SuzanneL says:

    Hey Target, Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Best Buy, & Kohl’s –

    Maybe you get away with treading your employees like serfs, but you won’t get away with treating THIS CONSUMER like a serf. I refuse to shop on Thanksgiving OR “Black Friday”. And I think I’ll shop local and online this year, specifically avoiding ~your~ web sites.

    1. Edward Black says:

      Oh, snap! Wal-mart’s gonna miss your $50.

    2. Stark Reality says:

      Yeah. This really bothers them.

    3. Bored says:

      Fair enough, everyone should do that.

      Then when your local Target, Wal-mart etc. closes and those working for slave wages can go out and get a high paying corporate job or end up on welfare which ever requires them to work less.

      The best way to stop them from opening early is to not shop there early. Go on Friday or Saturday instead.

      If noone shops their early hours, they won’t open early!

    4. ExRetailWorker says:

      So you’ll support other online retailers, ones that may or may not also treat their employees like serfs…. Way to go.

  31. Northlander says:

    I’m betting the guy who complained isn’t even a Target employee. I worked in the Target computer room on holidays starting at 7pm. Married to someone who worked at the power plant on holidays. I smell a bunch of whiny OWS bedbugs in here.

    1. ZudZ says:

      Fleabaggers, for sure!

  32. Glad to be retired says:

    The corporations like Target , Walmart, and Kmart know that their workers will put up with horrible hours and starvation wages because there is no union to protect them. I worked I retail for years for a corporation that could not have cared less if I had a family life. Thank God for my husband, who worked days, and could always be there with our children when I had to work.

  33. Tired of whiners says:

    I work in an emergency room and haven’t had a Thanksgiving off in 4 years. This year I work Christmas Day as well. I suppose you “holiday advocates” are going to all the hospitals to demand that workers be off to spend time with their families. Please extend your demands to police and fire departments as well. Like you said, “All Americans should be able to break bread with loved ones on Thanksgiving”

    1. Trotsky's Pet Chicken says:

      This holiday is capitalist hegemony. It should be stopped. Only the blessed May Day shall be our day off.

  34. Logical? says:

    Maybe someone already said this, but what if our soldiers had this attitude? Getting 23 hours of Thanksgiving with the family is 23 hours more than the people keeping your family safe are getting.

    1. Dawn says:

      There is not even a comparison there. Ridiculous. There is no need for retail to be open on Thanksgiving other than greed. Essential workers knew they signed up to be away for the holidays when they signed up, that includes firemen, soldiers, nurses, doctor’s, etc. Retail is not essential one one day of the year other than for greed.

      1. ZudZ says:

        Retail is a private industry. They can set hours any way they want in a free society. You sound like a big government fleabagger.

  35. Mary Wright says:

    My daughter and son in law will gladly take the job of anyone who wants to quit! Gee, if all the employees quit, there will be that many more job openings. What part of modern retail do people not understand? Target: Let em go and please know you wil have parking lots full of people ready to sign up for a job!

    1. rvaldez5987 says:

      Yes, please have them go work for Target and see just how much they hate it just like everyone else. You probably haven’t worked for a “modern retailer” if you will let your daughter or son in law work for one. Maybe it’s good for a temporary part time gig through college but it’s a soul draining experience where you deal with ungrateful, self entitled, bigots that are nothing more than a spin on the liberal entitlement diehards that don’t want to work for their share of the pie.

      Instead of having your children waste their time with companies that don’t care about them, why not have them focus on finishing a degree or working for a temp agency, maybe learning a few trade skills or picking up some professional certifications. You know, doing something useful that pays more in the long run?

    2. DaffyDuck says:

      Believe me, nobody wants to work at Target much less Walmart . Why don’t you go see what’s so great about working there since you know so much?

      1. wantmoreworkharder says:

        My daughter started with Target as an intern during college and now earns over 6 figures after working 60+ hours a week to earn her position, she has no problem working for Target.

    3. Dawn says:

      Maybe we should start putting children to work next, right?

      1. ExRetailWorker says:

        Children in the US don’t even know what work is. With their indulgent parents never punishing them and always trying to be the “good guy”. US children will grow up to complain about having to work on days that end in Y.

        1. Michele says:

          LOL – maybe you should go on the Obama apology tour? Then you can talk about how “lazy” we are as a nation… ;)
          There are a LOT of hard working kids out there! Don’t condemn an entire group with a blanket statement – just because you haven’t run into any of them, yet!

  36. Drew says:

    Who the heck has Thanksgiving dinner at 11 p.m.? If I worked for Target I’d certainly rather go to work at 11 p.m. than get out of bed at 3 a.m. Anthony hardwick’s argument makes no sense.

  37. IndianOutlaw says:

    The issue is not corporate greed, but Senior management apathy. Will the CEO or President or any VP be working on Thanksgiving. Nope. After years in retail they may put in a token appearance, but nothing more. Then when an outlet does not do good numbers because a community does not support holiday shopping days, the local manager and employees are blamed.

    Any Retail CEO or President who does not work as a stock person or cashier on those “special” days is a coward. Or most likely on vacation during the time.

    Just a few Thoughts.

    1. Northlander says:

      I always loved working on days when the suits weren’t hovering around. Enjoy. If you are a good employee with a great work record, you will be promoted. If you’re not qualified, get qualified. This is America! The sky is the limit!

    2. wantmoreworkharder says:

      IndianOutlaw, you have no idea what Sr. Management is like obviously. VP’s will be working, the CEO’s will be getting updated probably hourly on the trending, and will be doing just what they do everyday, make decisions. How anyone would think on the biggest shopping day of the year when so much of the profitability of the organization rests on the Christmas holidays it’s not all hands on deck is ignorant of how the real world works other than their 8 hour work for my paycheck job.

      1. indianOutlaw says:

        You make a good comment, however, my organizations President and CEO have both announced they will be on vacation for both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday. This is actually the norm for the industry. As a manager, above store level myself, this makes it difficult for me to justify their actions to my teams. Of course they will make a few phone calls but not from the office.

        In the past it was a requirement of All salary managers, including Senior partners to work at store level on Black Friday Weekend and the Christmas Week. Unfortunately the current Senior teams in my industry have little or no experience at store level. PR works for both customers and employees. If they do not make a better show….well, look at the last years of Circuit City and how they lost so much business by their mistreatment of employees. There is a balance and now they are missing it.

      2. ExRetailWorker says:

        Weird, my brother worked at circuit city and he never complained about how they treated him. He actually did quite well there, even being able to pull in side jobs to help people install their home audio equipment. The problem he had was with fellow employees that didn’t work near as hard as he did and never got fired.

        They didn’t lose business because of their mistreatment of employees, they lost business because they couldn’t compete, just like CompUSA. Stores like bestbuy and Fry’s blew them out of the water.

  38. dave says:

    midnight, starts another day, thanksgiven is over
    be glade you have a job

  39. Great Pay Less Filling says:

    Holidays with family is great. But it’s not like the employees are working for free. I for one enjoyed my holiday/time and a half pay. If you don’t want to work thanksgiving find a corp. that is closed on that day. many are. If you have a good work record you should not have a problem moving. Besides in retail working holidays are not uncommon.

    1. Dawn says:

      Yes, quit, find another job because they are so many out there. Ridiculous. Do you not realize that employers are using this to abuse employees? I work in a salaried position, in a well recognized company, we have let so many people go that I work about 60-70 hours a week. I am glad to have a job, I am not glad to have not seen a pay increase of any sort for 4 years, despite my performance being rated in the top 5%, or to lose vacation time because there is no one to cover for me while the company continues to hire more VPs and management, but not the worker bees. While the CEO and management continue to get pay increases and hige bonuses. I am not going to quit, I need the job to pay my bills, so I keep working more and more. When I fall on my keyboard dead, the company won’t care, they will hire someone else, at a lower salary and the ywill keep that worker down until they fall on their keyboard and the cycle starts again. This is all about greed. If you don’t start standing for something now pretty soon you will have absolutely no leverage.

  40. Dennis M says:

    I worked in Retail over 40 years ago. I worked Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. I had a job, did well and always gave my employer 100 %. If I did not like working for a particular company I went somewhere else. I learned to do many things so I could move around. Eventually I did not like working for others so I became the boss. Quit whining. The young folks today are spoiled rotten and expect instant gratification. Our country is decking FAST. I am glad I won’t be here much longer. God has prepared a Mansion for me in Heaven and I am at PEACE.

  41. MD says:

    hospital staff, nurses and doctors, pilots, attendents and ground crew, police and fire, restaurants, grocery stores, NFL games, prison guards, gas stations, parking lot attendants, radio and news and media personel,,etc.,etc.,etc. Life is tough. Adjust.

  42. Stark Reality says:

    I am sure there are plenty of unemployed individuals who will not be eating Thanksgiving dinner at 11pm that night who will gladly take their jobs from them. How horrifyingly entitled and sad this is.

  43. Jark says:

    How about acting like adults and realizing its a JOB. They wouldn’t pay you for it if it were convenient and fun. If you really object to working on holidays, here’s an idea. Get an education and find a better job that won’t force you to do that.

  44. rvaldez5987 says:

    So many hateful people on here, mostly republicans. Newsflash, your time will come. You will lose your job. If you are over 30, good luck. The people you hate that work retail right now are mostly in their 20s and juggling retail, college, and family. They will be the ones replacing you. You cost more to employ and you are less productive; and per recent studies; less intelligent.

    To those of you that work in retail, I feel your pain. I worked in retail for a while for extra cash. They pay you what they can get away with and make you work 10 times as hard for it. You are better off working for yourself. Learn a trade, or a skill that not many people know in your area, become self employed. Or better yet look at retail as what it should be, temporary, and finish your education. Just don’t expect handouts. Nothing is free nor will it ever be. You have to earn your right to live.

    1. crymeariver says:

      Probably not, us Republicans are the ones employing your sorry ass.

    2. CppThis says:

      If it helps I’m in the financially strapped twentysomething demographic and I assure you I harbor far more hate and rage than the “republicans” you speak of. I await the coming fires of purgation with the sort of glee that can only be felt by emotional burnouts whose tenuous connection to society manifests chiefly through Internet drama. Being a bitter, nihilist engineer will do that to you; don’t recommend it honestly.

      You sort of answer your own question of why a lot of people are angry, though. Lots of people *do* want handouts, and since there’s no shortage of weasel slimeball policitians willing to provide for a cut of the action those of us who actually do stuff are being told we have to subsidize sloth in addition to our own problems. And we grow very, very tired of it. Sure some of it’s just rich hoohoos who don’t want to face reality but issues like this speak to growing societal dissonance. I recently moved away from California because there’s just no jobs there anymore, and the primary reason for that is the locals have enacted so many stupid regulations and labor entitlements there’s just no point in doing business there anymore when nearby states, Mexico, and China are more than happy to do more for much less. They’re doing it Greek style, no question, and they’re probably going to take the rest of the US down with them because that sort of arrangement just isn’t sustainable.

    3. Amy says:

      You do not have to “earn your right to live,” you must earn the standard of living you desire. If you desire less, find a job that will provide less, if you desire more, work for more.

  45. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Now the employees are tell management when the store should be open for business. Can you say unemployment?

  46. 7yearretailer says:

    To all those who are using words like “consumerism” and “greed,” let me just explain something to you. I have worked in retail for over seven years. The hours I work are linked to the business we do. If business is not good my hours can be cut.
    In other words, to all you geniuses out there, if we don’t sell stuff I do not work. You can scream “consumerism” and “greed” all you like. When you are dependent on other people reaching into their pockets for your livelihood, then you do everything you can, especially around the Christmas season which dictates much of your entire sales year. If anybody worked in retail they would know that too.
    Oh, and there is nothing cowardly about saying “at least you have a job.” Cowardly is demanding you are entitled to someones wealth when you refuse to do anything to help yourself.

    1. advice accepted says:

      Hey! No applying common sense in a business model here Sir/Ma’am.

      Retailers opening their doors early on the biggest shopping day of the year is crazy – who thought of that? Employees complaining about having to work it – that is kind of like a dairy farmer complaining about having to milk the cows every morning. Glad someone here has the courage to admit we live in a capitalist society.

      BTW – Consumerism and Greed are code for, “I want that but can’t afford it, give me what you earned.”

      Cows are demanding and thankless – I would never work for them.

      1. 7yearretailer says:

        Thank you! Oh, and it is sir BTW!

  47. James Andrews says:

    It’s OK to keep them closed on Thanksgiving but don’t ask to close them on Christmas. That would be honoring a Christian tradition and we can’t have any of that.

  48. JayJay123 says:

    We’ve been through this so many times in human history. Revolution takes over and back to square one where there are rich people and poor people. At least you have the chance to be rich here where there are not so many opportunities in many other places around the world.

  49. Part time recent grad says:

    As an employee of one of the above-mentioned retailers, I always found it more absurd that I had to be at work at 3am when that simply meant I wouldn’t be getting sleep anyway. At least opening at midnight I get a four hour jump on my shift and get back to my home at 10am instead of 2pm.

  50. Elihu says:

    Hey, if you don’t want to work on Thanksgiving step aside; there are at least 500 other folks who would love to have your job…

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