DETROIT (WWJ) – Would-be thieves smash into an east side Detroit BP gas station and try to steal an entire cash machine.

WWJ’s Ron Dewey reports from the scene that this was an “epic fail” for the bad guys. Four of them in a pickup rammed through the front of that gas station — at the intersection of I-75 and Warren — on a mission to knock over the ATM and drag it away. But, the truck only made a glancing blow to the side of the money machine, which stayed screwed into the floor. Station attendant Obi Muhammad Obi says it wasn’t for a lack of trying — at least on the part of the would-be thieves.

“Look, it can’t move, it’s down into the ground,” Obi told Ron. “If it … got loose, they would’ve took it.”

The four were armed to the teeth, says Obi, but he was behind that bulletproof glass and prepared, but the attempted robbers decided to cut their losses and scram while that was still an option.

Police are now on the lookout for the quartet. The gas station is open for business — minus the front door.


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