DETROIT (WWJ) – Kid Rock, talking with CBS Radio about his free and charity concerts in Detroit and elsewhere across the country, said he does it because he can.

The singer said with his son now in college, he admits to having empty nest syndrome — so he decided to embark on his current club tour as a way to give back to those who have supported him.

“Just to go back and play clubs. Who cares about the money? We’re actually giving money away, almost as much as we’re making if not more, some nights than what we’re making, putting it right back in that community to people. And it’s just getting the band back together before we go in and finish another record, kind of go back to what we got into this for, to play music and really to play it for people who have supported us most,” he said.

Kid Rock just finished wrapping up this weekend’s Orlando Calling concert, which also featured one of his heroes — Bob Seger.

“He’s probably one of my biggest musical heroes and just personally too, just how he’s lived his life and the things that I’ve been able to study and learn about him. He uses my rehearsal hall now, so I’ve got some cars in there and I’ll just mill around, act like I’m polishing up the cars and ‘What do you think Bobby,’ and I’ll be like ‘Sounds good Bob, a little more kick drum on Fire Below but it’s right there man,'” he said.

When asked why he and Sheryl Crow seem to mesh so well in the studio, Kid Rock was at a loss for words.

“For some reason we’re just really into a lot of the same things musically, personally, being midwestern people, and uh… man I wish I had an answer for you on that one. It’s kind of like why are there so many white rappers in Detroit, you know, I’ve been trying to answer that for years, I don’t know,” he said laughing.

Kid Rock says after his current club tour, he’ll be back in the studio working on a new album.


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