DETROIT (WWJ) – Bullying is now a crime in the city of Detroit. The Detroit City Council passed the new ordinance on Tuesday.

Councilwoman Saunteel Jenkins said she herself was a victim of bullying at a young age.

“My mother actually had to change my elementary school in third grade because I was bullied so much,” she said.

Jenkins said Detroit’s new law goes further than the anti-bullying legislation under consideration in Lansing.

“Ours is city-wide … Whether you’re in school, at a recreation center, at a bus stop, you’re covered by this ordinance,” said Jenkins. “Also, the state legislation does not cover cyber bullying. This ordinance covers cyber bullying, which I think is important.”

Jenkins, however, said the goal is not to lock up young bullies.

“We want counseling and community service to be the first thing the youth have to do if they’re found guilty of bullying before we criminalize it and talk about fine or jail time,” she said.

The new ordinance passed unanimously.


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