LANSING — IDV Solutions’ Visual Fusion for iPad is now available in the iTunes App Store. Visual Fusion for iPad is a free client application that enables on-the-go professionals to view and interact with their organization’s Visual Fusion 5.5 or third-party data, whether it’s in, Oracle, SQL Server, ESRI, SharePoint, or another source.

The new, native iOS app lets Visual Fusion 5.5 users see their data in the context of location and time, filter based on underlying attributes, and add Web search results on the fly to augment their organizational content.

Field personnel in sales, marketing, security, supply chain management, asset management, and other key functions are increasingly mobile, and need up-to-the-minute access to enterprise data. Visual Fusion for iPad meets this need while freeing them from their desktop or laptop. It utilizes
swipes, pinches, and other natural iOS gestures to navigate maps, timelines, and data sets. With its easy-to-use interface, Visual Fusion for iPad lets users be immediately productive and gain insights from their data instead of spending time learning an interface.

Business analysts, business intelligence professionals, and database administrators can easily develop and publish applications for Visual Fusion — no coding experience necessary — using Microsoft SharePoint and Visual Fusion 5.5’s drag-and-drop Composer tool set. Custom applications can also be crafted and published by developers in Visual Fusions’ SDK environment.

The client application includes three free demonstration data sets that enable users to explore the power and interactive capabilities of Visual Fusion. American Enclaves is a novel analysis of United States Department of Census data presented in a stunning visual application. Disaster Awareness lets users visualize recent and currently occurring earthquakes, fires, volcanoes, and hurricanes globally. Wonders of The World lets users interactively explore the wonders around the world — ancient, medieval, modern, natural and underwater.

The free Visual Fusion for iPad app can be found on the iTunes App Store at

IDV Solutions is a business intelligence software company committed to helping organizations gains more insight from data. By repeatedly solving key problems for customers in the Global 2000 and government, IDV and its products have earned a reputation for innovation, speed, and the highest quality user experience. For more information, visit

  1. Eneil says:

    I am very good friends with the doleveper of this app. Kurt Daradics , Excellent speaker and very cutting edge in the social media world. Would be an excellent presenter at a Davenport Institute event. Let me know if I can make an introduction for you. Scott Leese 805 551-8784

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