ROMULUS (WWJ) – The varsity football coach and athletic director at Summit Academy North in Romulus has been fired after officials say he used racial slurs in front of team members.

School Director Alison Cancilliari said Rob Beaudrie used the N-word before the game against Redford.

“This is not acceptable language for teachers or coaches under any circumstances, that’s for sure, by anyone, in our opinion,” Cancilliari told WWJ Newsradio 950.

Cancilliari said an investigation showed Beaudrie was also in violation of state high school athletic policies, including practice violations. However, opinion is split about the coach.

“There are a lot of parents who absolutely love the coach. He’s done a lot of great things. And then there’s parents who were not happy with the situation, you know, the terminology that was used,” she said.

The school is now separating the job of athletic director and football coach, posts that Beaudrie held simultaneously, for a simple reason: What if a parent had a complaint about the coach?

“Where would the parents go? They’re supposed to go to the athletic director and we were in a situation where that didn’t occur, or that couldn’t occur, because they were the same person,” said Cancilliari.

Beaudrie worked for the school for about two years.

Comments (3)
  1. Pochahantus says:

    There where a lot of people that couldn’t stand Him as a coach, nor a person. He was ugly inside and out. A huge hypocrite! I’m glad to see his tittle was stripped from him, and not once but twice!
    He above all Was a horrible coach, he had favoritisms, and sometimes would even tell people they would never get to play! Wow, what a coach…

  2. H. Lewis Smith says:

    Since the subject is about the n-word, there is a petition campaign going on denouncing the use of the n-word…no not by non-blacks…but denouncing use of it by black users.

  3. t45ht says:

    hes actually a really good coach…
    football coaches are not supposed to be calm… it was his way of pumping the team up, no not the right way of doing it and he could of said it in a different term. But he did it and it happens….

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