LIVONIA  (WWJ) – Clothing and other items that may have once belonged to Aretha Franklin are being sold in Livonia Saturday.

In a statement, Franklin said they’re things she didn’t want and left in storage … and that’s where Al Parham found the stuff– in a friend’s storage unit.

“We worked through it and looked through the stuff – that’s how we discovered it was Aretha Franklin’s stuff; through reciepts she had in there, every bag had AF on it – for Aretha Franklin. Differents things – items in there with her name on it as well,” said Parham.

Parham was laid off from a sales job this year and says he’s been buying and selling storange units.

“Everything is for sale,” said Parham when asked what would happen if Aretha Franklin came through the door and asked for her stuff back.

Denise Macham of Detroit says ” I just wanted to get something from Aretha Franklin, I wanted to have something to remember her by that I could own and treasure.”

Macham says that Franklin was a big part of her growing up and listening to her music – Franklin means a lot to the city.

Betty Harris of Romulus bought a few things: “Three hats, two turbins and one gorgeous hat.”

Harris spent about $200 and said it was worth it.

Collector Morris Wilson was looking for items that Franklin had worn on stage or Tv.

Parham says some of Aretha’s items will be sold at a later auction.

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