NORTHVILLE (WWJ) – On a 10-acre farm in Northville, Cayce Kelly watches over her “brood” — 30 heritage turkeys, each fed by hand since they hatched.  The breeds, Royal Palms, Narragansetts, Burbon Reds, were nearly extinct just a few years ago.

The heritage turkeys roam freely and grow naturally — two important things that make them tastier birds, according to Kelly. “These birds produce leaner, tastier, richer meat than the turkey you buy at the grocery store,” said Kelly.

Kelly was totally unprepared for the friendliness and curiosity of these animals who covered the ATV where WWJ’s Marie Osborne sat while visiting their pen.

heritage turkeys2 Heritage Turkeys Thrive On Northville Farm

Cayce Kelly

Kelly, who grew up on a cattle farm in Oklahoma, said the turkeys are unlike any animals she’s ever farmed. “I did not anticipate that these guys would be quite so social!”

Kelly said they’re the same turkeys our founding fathers ate, and she’s devoted to raising the animals in an effort to retain a piece of our national heritage.


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