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10:29 AM  Stoney971: Hello all..tons to talk about..Lions Spartans Wolverines…Verlander MVP??? chat away

10:31 AM  chris: I noticed the same thing as you did Saturday Stoney when the Michigan announcer didn’t say the MSU score.  Where they avoiding a negative reaction?

10:31 AM  David: Is today the vote?

10:32 AM  DJ: Hey Stoney

10:32 AM  Matt Dery: stoney!!!!

10:32 AM  DJ: I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

10:32 AM  chris: Dery!

10:32 AM  Matt Dery: Just want to say I am a big fan of yours and HAPPY NEW YEAR

10:32 AM  Stoney971: From what I understand they did not want the players to get deflated that they could not win the division

10:32 AM  Stoney971: that is weak if you ask me

10:33 AM  David: so will JV winthe MVP?

10:33 AM  Chad: i went to atlanta for an affair

10:33 AM  chris: very weak, it was pretty much a given that MSU would win.  But a great season for my Wolverines.  BCS bound I hope.

10:33 AM  Stoney971: My guess he wins..but it depends if the voters are anti pitcher mvp peeps

10:33 AM  DJ: I think JV will win the MVP and Stoney remember my guarantee the Lions will beat the Packers both games this season. I will be on next Monday no matter what

10:33 AM  David: does he have bonus in contract if he wins MVP?

10:34 AM  Stoney971: jeff..I honestly think you and a few others are the only ones obsessed with that type of stuff..but the commish stuff is a joke

10:34 AM  Chad: whos the big free agent the tigers get this winter?

10:34 AM  Stoney971 ban: hi mr. dery  how are you

10:35 AM  David ban: I say lets make an offer to CJ Wilson….

10:36 AM  Stoney971 ban: my guess is no big free agent..i guess a trade..what that trade would be i dont know

10:36 AM  Matt Dery ban: Tigers have a charmed life.  Even national writer Pope John Paul gets his “COPA” on daily

10:37 AM  David ban: Playoff injuries really hust us…

10:37 AM  Matt Dery ban: With that being said.. it would be wrong if JV loses Cy Young

10:37 AM  David ban: JV won the Cy Young

10:38 AM  Stoney971 ban: i dont want CJ Wilson for the money he will get

10:38 AM  David ban: how much is too much for wilson?

10:38 AM  Stoney971 ban: I agree we have problems with the sports point is the majority of people here dont care..

10:39 AM  David ban: morons?   wow

10:39 AM  Stoney971 ban: i laugh more at the teams reactions to sports radio ..they have no idea what hard tough media is

10:40 AM  DJ ban: Stoney remember my guarantee for the Lions

10:40 AM  Stoney971 ban: i do DJ..

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10:40 AM  David ban: Stoney… or Matt…so what needs do you think the Tigers MUST address?

10:41 AM  Stoney971 ban: 2B   3B  5th starter  one more speed..

10:41 AM  David ban: Are Maggs and inge done with Tigers?

10:41 AM  Matt Dery ban: stoney is right.  speed, a leadoff man.  another arm in pen too

10:41 AM  David ban: the pen? really?

10:42 AM  Matt Dery ban: yes david.. did you watch the ALCS?

10:42 AM  Matt Dery ban: Texas had the better pen

10:42 AM  Brian ban: did you guys already talk about G money?

10:42 AM  David ban: lol…yes….

10:42 AM  Stoney971 ban: no we did not talk about G Money

10:42 AM  Brian ban: i would much rather have Doumit for 2million more

10:42 AM  Stoney971 ban: not my favorite choice, but for 100 at bats..its not that big a deal

10:43 AM  David ban: So did the relief guys just get used too much during season?

10:43 AM  Stoney971 ban: albequerquew was not the same since concussion..perry and schlereth inconsistent

10:43 AM  DJ ban: Perry needs to go

10:43 AM  David ban: agreed

10:44 AM  Chad ban: but zumaya will be throwing good in january

10:44 AM  Brian ban: hes a AAA guy

10:44 AM  Stoney971 ban: i dont want to here about zoom zoom

10:44 AM  David ban: anyone know how many more years cabby is signed for?

10:44 AM  Stoney971 ban: 4 or 5 is my guess

10:45 AM  David ban: he’s been here 4 or 5 years now I think…

10:45 AM  David ban: what are chances of him going to 3rd?

10:45 AM  Matt Dery ban: Watch for the Tigers to be in on this cuban OF

10:45 AM  Drew ban: Stoney –

10:46 AM  Brian ban: though 2015

10:46 AM  Drew ban: I noticed the no MSU score both times during the game as well…

10:46 AM  DJ ban: I would love us to get that Cuban CF

10:46 AM  firefred ban: stoney, have you heard anything about aramis?

10:46 AM  Drew ban: I thought that had to be a Brady Hoke thing – not a Brandon thing.

10:46 AM  Drew ban: Can’t believe  you caught that much flack for mentioning it on Twitter…

10:47 AM  Stoney971 ban: he is signed through 2016 i believe

10:48 AM  firefred ban: i really hope we make a run after 2nd and 3rd base… i don’t think the 2nd base platoon is a stellar idea…

10:48 AM  Stoney971 ban: you  know Drew people are very sensitive, but in fairness as Matt knows I am obsessed with little piddly things

10:48 AM  Stoney971 ban: not heard anything about ARAM..i would not count on him

10:48 AM  Brian ban: no way there paying 30 million for Cespedes

10:49 AM  DJ ban: Stoney is amazing…Wojo is a goof…lol. Just kidding. Love u both

10:49 AM  Stoney971 ban: you dont have to apologize..Wojo is a goof

10:49 AM  firefred ban: is it fair to say that illitch will open the check book a little more to try to finalize a better team?

10:49 AM  Drew ban: Wojo had his 50th B-day party – and I got no invite…

10:49 AM  David ban: Thanks everyone… this is great!….Go LIONS! Happy Thanksgiving!

10:49 AM  Drew ban: Must have gotten lost in the mail…

10:49 AM  Stoney971 ban: he will spend the money

10:50 AM  firefred ban: who do you think is on the radar?

10:50 AM  Brian ban: just seems risky

10:52 AM  Stoney971 ban: 30 million for an unkown is risky..

10:52 AM  DJ ban: But u and wojo are like peanut butter and jelly…lol

10:53 AM  firefred ban: is prado still being talked about ?

10:53 AM  Brian ban: i believe so

10:53 AM  Stoney971 ban: who knows what is really talked about.;.allegedly the Braves want more than Delmon

10:53 AM  DJ ban: I hate to give up Delmon’s bat anyways

10:53 AM  Stoney971 ban: I actually think Delmon will be good this season cause its a contract year…

10:54 AM  DJ ban: I agree and Delmon proved his value to us

10:54 AM  firefred ban: delmon preformed… little slow in left, maybe switch him and BB

10:54 AM  Stoney971 ban: but i would not sign him long term right now

10:55 AM  firefred ban: but his bat shored up the line-up and having him before miggy i think helped him get some great stuff to hit

10:55 AM  DJ ban: any truth to the rumor that they may be looking at grady sizemore?

10:55 AM  firefred ban: i hope not

10:56 AM  Brian ban: sizemore is real close to resigning with CLE

10:56 AM  Stoney971 ban: he will be back with the tribe

10:57 AM  Matt Dery ban: ugh

10:57 AM  Stoney971 ban: 4 minute Warning

10:57 AM  Stoney971 ban: come on Deeze if he is healthy isn’t he worth a shot

10:57 AM  firefred ban: will the lions draft secondary in the first round next year?

10:58 AM  Matt Dery ban: tired of grady

10:58 AM  Stoney971 ban: either that or OLINEMAN

10:58 AM  DJ ban: i was hoping we would not get grady i was just asking

10:58 AM  Matt Dery ban: even healthy… he is broken.

10:58 AM  DJ ban: i would go an olineman in first round next year

10:59 AM  firefred ban: for backus

10:59 AM  firefred ban: ?

10:59 AM  DJ ban: even though we all have to give the oline credit as they have been good lately

10:59 AM  Stoney971 ban: good pt DJ..they were certainly good yesterday

10:59 AM  firefred ban: agreed but think if it was just that much better

11:00 AM  firefred ban: think of the time that STAFFFOOOORRRDD would have

11:00 AM  Stoney971 ban: so fred..are you a fireman or what Fred do you want fired

11:00 AM  firefred ban: fireman

11:00 AM  firefred ban: wyandotte

11:01 AM  Stoney971 ban: cool..keep up the good work

11:01 AM  firefred ban: you too i listen every morning i head to work… it makes the ride great… i live in SCS

11:01 AM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: Thanks to everyone for joining the chat Mike Valenti will be joining us tomorrow at 12:30pm

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