DETROIT (WWJ) – Two corrections officers at a Detroit prison are charged with smuggling marijuana and tobacco to inmates.

Michigan State Police and Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette say the two men, former officer, 37-year-old Corey Young, and current officer, 27-year-old Joseph Jordan, accepted money from friends and relatives of inmates at the Ryan Correctional Facility. In exchange, the officers allegedly smuggled marijuana and tobacco into the inmates’ cells.

“Corruption of those we pay and trust to protect us is simply unacceptable,” said Schuette, in a statement. “Prisoners are there for justice not enjoyment.”

Young is charged separately for allegedly bringing a hand gun onto prison property in his car. A inmate, 29-year-old Carolos Neely, has also been charged in connection with the case.

Young and Jordan were arrested by State Police on November 22 and are in custody at Detroit’s 6th Precinct. Both were Wednesday afternoon via video by Magistrate Renee McDuffee of Detroit’s 36th District Court.

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